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WWE: Jim Ross Discusses Book Deals, ECW, & Rob Van Dam!

Here are some highlights from Jim Ross’ Tuesday blog on

I am told that I have at least four viable book deals that people want to discuss. No discussions have taken place as of yet but I am interested to hear the pitches and proposals. Once those meetings take place then I will better be able to decide if and when I want to assume this major undertaking. I can’t see it happening in 2010 but I assume stranger things could occur.

ECW made unique and significant contributions to the pro wrestling world and their alumni should feel a source of pride for their accumulative accomplishments. I will enjoy watching old episodes of the “Original” for years to come when the opportunity presents itself. No one can tell the ECW story in today’s marketplace better than their one and only voice, Joey Styles.

Speaking of ECW, of the many top hands that made their mark in ECW, none were more uniquely talented than Rob Van Dam who is one of the hottest “free agents” available right now. It would seem to me that RVD would be a high priority to any wrestling organization and that facilitating a travel schedule to his liking should be attainable. RVD is a one of a kind talent who connects with his fan base and Rob’s in ring work is singularly his which would be a breath of fresh air to many TV broadcasts.