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SSP#21: WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Predictions

Hello loyal SSP followers, I’m back with those ever controversial predictions, this time for the Elimination Chamber. I shall be updating the SSP Top Ten and also the quote of the week and the latest “Good Idea! Bad Idea!”
To get things started I first want to get something off my chest. The WWE have for some bizarre reason started renaming certain PPV’s with match titles, “Hell in a Cell”, “TLC” and now the “Elimination Chamber”. In my opinion this is one of the worst things the WWE have done over the last year. I’m not sure if there’s some sort of marketing genius behind this or not but I don’t see the point in renaming already established PPV’s and calling them after match types. Personally I think naming it after match types of all things totally takes away from the excitement you would normally get of having a match type announced that you didn’t know you were going to see. Some of the Mickey Mouse PPV’s during the year is one thing, but No Way Out for the past 11 years has been the bridge between The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Especially as the Elimination Chamber matches pretty much set the stage for WM, but that’s no reason to name it after them.
With my rant over I shall begin with my predictions.

It would have been the 12th annual No Way Out had the WWE kept its original title.

WWE Elimination Chamber

*** WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 ***

The 1st Annual from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis Missouri

Featured Theme Songs: Rise Up by Cypress Hill

Diva Championship
Maryse Vs Gail Kim
The final of the tournament for the WWE Diva’s Championship and to be honest there hasn’t been much hype for this match besides the odd bit of slagging from Maryse and for that reason I believe she’s going to win. Gail has had a fair few matches on Raw over the last few months but as a character the WWE haven’t done anything with her. It’s possible for them to put the title on her, in which case she may develop her character but for the most part I can’t see it going anywhere, especially as a face. I can see Maryse reclaiming the title and continuing from where she left off before she had to drop it due to injury.
Winner:  Maryse
Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre(C) Vs Kane
I’m a big fan of both participants but I’m more of fan of the push Drew has been getting since debuting, it’s more than deserved. Drew in my opinion will be in the main event sooner rather than later and Kane and the IC Championship are only stepping-stones. Hopefully this will spark off some sort of storyline for Drew leading into Wrestlemania involving the IC title. It’s about time the title got some spotlight at the big one and Drew is more than capable of carrying it. I think it would be a shame for the IC Champion to be thrown into Money in the Bank when the potential is there for a great match and storyline involving the Championship. Last year the IC Championship match was between Rey and JBL, which had entrances longer than the match itself. Drew is the person to bring this title forward before moving onto better things, if only the WWE will let him.
Winner: Drew McIntyre
WWE Championship
Elimination Chamber

Sheamus(C) Vs Randy Orton Vs Triple H Vs John Cena Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Ted DiBiase
I know a lot of people are going to look at the result of this match and wonder “WTF” , but let me explain to you where I am coming from with this one. When I first seen this match and the line-up I thought, “ahh, Sheamus is going to drop”, but then I looked at the way all the storylines are forming and I thought differently. Let’s break them down….
Randy Orton/Ted DiBiase: Rumoured to be fighting at WM and the current storylines would certainly point to this happening. I can’t see them fighting for the title, but with Ted’s dad finally going into the Hall of Fame, this is an ideal chance for Ted to become a major face and really get himself over.
Kofi Kingston: Although Kofi doesn’t have any storyline’s currently going, I think the Money in the Bank match has Kofi’s name written all over it for this year.
John Cena: Too involved with Vince/Bret/Batista at present, I can see Batista screwing him somehow leading to an encounter between the two at WM without the WWE Championship. This will be the Summerslam rematch and the only match possible involving John Cena that would have me rooting for him.
Triple H: Now, I’m not sure about this one, if anyone takes the title I think it’s going to be Trips, and possibly feud with Sheamus or Shawn going to WM, but I see Sheamus holding onto it to establish himself and then have Trips take it off him on the grandest stage of them all. To be honest though, as much as I like Sheamus, I would much rather he wasn’t involved in a main event WM match just yet.
Winner: Sheamus
World Heavyweight Championship
Elimination Chamber
The Undertaker (C) Vs Rey Mysterio Vs CM Punk Vs John Morrison Vs Chris Jericho Vs R-Truth
Fans of the SSP are going to look at the result of this one and think that there’s no surprise there, being the Jericho fan that I am, but let me explain this one so you can see my reasoning.
I’m not going to break this down one by one as for me, John Morrison and R-Truth are never going to win the match. So I hear you saying “What about Rey and Punk”. Well I answer; Rey and Punk are going to be involved in a match at WM and I don’t see it for the World Title. I’m not sure if a Hair Vs Mask match is indeed on the cards like many say it is, but a storyline definitely seems to be forming and I reckon they could tear the house down.
Chris Jericho on the other hand, is rumoured to be feuding with both The Undertaker and Edge at WM. Jericho could easily win and defend against Taker at WM, but that could involve Taker yet again beating his opponent at WM and winning the title. It’s kinda been done to death, no pun intended, and wouldn’t be taken very seriously and adding to that the fact that Edge is the holder of the Royal Rumble opportunity  I have to lean towards Edge Vs Jericho at WM for the World Title, and if that goes a head, I will be over the moon.
Winner: Chris Jericho

SSP Quote of the Week

It’s time to play the game…
Time to play the game! hahaha

It’s all about the game and how you play it.
All about control and if you can take it.
All about your debt and if you can pay it.
It’s all about pain and who’s gonna make it.

William Shatner  – WWE Raw 1st February 2010

SSP Good Idea; Bad Idea

Good Idea

* Putting the comedy spin on William Shatner on RAW, I couldn’t stop laughing – Match Negotiator!!

Bad Idea

* The guest hosts of Raw for next week….!

SSP Top Ten

A lot of things into consideration; overness (both as a heel and face), backstage goings on and general performances both in the ring and on the mic.
This is the break-down of how I see things at the moment. As I said in the previous blog, I am taking a lot of things into consideration; overness (both as a heel and face), backstage goings on and general performances both in the ring and on the mic. I have removed ECW from the list as not much has changed and I don’t expect much more will. I will be added NXT to the list once it’s up and running.Previous positions are in brackets…




1. Sheamus (WWE Champion) [-]

1. The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Champion) [-]

1. Mickie James (Womens Champion) [3]

2. Triple H [3]

2. Chris Jericho [3]

2. Beth Phoenix [-]

3. ShowMiz [8/6]

3. Rey Mysterio [2]

3. Maryse [5]

4. John Cena [-]

4. Edge [New]

4. Gail Kim [New]

5. Randy Orton [2]

5. Batista [-]

5. Michelle McCool [1]

6. Shawn Michaels [3]

6. CM Punk [4]

6. Maria [4]

7. Kofi Kingston [5]

7. Drew McIntyre [6]

7. Layla [10]

8. Ted DiBiase [-]

8. Kane [New]

8. Natalya [9]

9. Cody Rhodes (8)

9. John Morrison [7]

9. Kelly Kelly [8]

10. MVP [-]

10. R-Truth [-]

10. Alica Fox [7]

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Until next time peeps..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.

5 replies on “SSP#21: WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Predictions”

I agree with you on all four of those predictions, with HHH possibly winning the Raw Chamber. I’d add that the Smackdown Chamber holds the setup for Shawn Michaels to get involved and cost Taker the title, since John Morrison re-injured his ankle on Smackdown. Seems to be leading in that sort of direction…

Good top 10 lists also, except no Eve Torres on the divas 10? I think she at least outranks Layla, and maybe Kelly Kelly due to the fact she made the WWE Divas final four for the tournament…not a huge deal though.

I thought ever since John Morrison started having injury problems Shawn might replace him in the elimination chamber for the title. I don’t think Sheamus has the potential to go to Wrestlemania with the gold, so maybe Triple H is going to win it. It could be HHH(c) vs Sheamus vs Orton vs Dibiase for the WWE Championship, Edge vs Jericho(c), Shawn vs Undertaker and Bret/Cena vs Vince/Batista at Wrestlemania.

I think Jerico will win and face Edge at Wrestlemania. I believe Cena will win and Batista will tell the world on Monday that his attack was for a Wrestlemaina championship match. So Cena and Batista at wrestlemania. That will open up the Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels for Wrestlemania. Maryse will win and face Beth Pheonix {Mickie James will lose in the next couple weeks to Beth Pheonix}.

Okay. I know the Chamber is already over but Sheamus???? Did you really think the WWE would let Shemus Headline WM?

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