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WWE: John Morrison Discusses The Miz Mentoring Bryan Danielson, His DVD, & The End of ECW! has a new interview up with John Morrison. Here are a few highlights:

On his new DVD: “The usual Superstars DVD release is a 3-disc career retrospective and they wanted to try a new format. It’s a one-disc engaging thing that someone can watch all in one sitting. I think they decided to have me be the experiment/prototype for it to see how the format would do. To see if it could be interesting or if it’s going to sell. I think that was the thought behind it.”

On ECW ending: “I think it’s the end of an era. But the ECW that people fell in love with in the late ’90s has been gone for a while already. What I think ECW presented was a big opportunity for a lot of WWE superstars. Definitely me. It revitalized my entire career when I moved to ECW. I became the ECW champion, and it’s when I started tagging with The Miz. CM Punk debuted on ECW. That’s where he started also. So I think it’s going to be sad to see it go. But the show that’s replacing it, the NXT show – I think hopefully it’s going to do the same thing for a lot of people. It’s going to give a lot of people an opportunity. I can’t remember everyone on there, but I know that Bryan Danielson is on there. He’s going to be one of the new guys on the show. So I hope it will give people the chance to make it big in WWE just like ECW did.”

On The Miz mentoring Daniel Bryan: “Yeah, when I saw that, I was at the ECW taping, and I actually saw Miz. He didn’t know either until he saw the graphic on the screen. That he was the “Pro” and Bryan Danielson was the student. I walked by and said, “Pssh, he knows more than you do.” And that’s pretty much what everyone thinks. It’s gonna be interesting and I think that’s the point of it.”