What could have been? Plus current thoughts on WWE and TNA Shows

Yo yo yo yo yo! YYYYYYOOOOO! The Artist formerly known as Kiz-mutha-f**kin’-Zarny— The Warlord of Weird SiNN Bodhi iz back with my 4th yesssss 4th Blog for the peeps & thugs & nerds & birds (that’s British for girls) of the rasslin’ universe!!!Okidoki guyz ‘n galz… I would first like to tell y’all about some of the great super stars that the WWE let slip through their billion dollar grip—robbing YOU the great fanz of Rasslin’ of truck loads of entertainment… Sometimes the entertainment biz is filled with politics and shadiness that I am too stupid to explain but only smart enough to know that it happens. Decisions are made strange bedfellows conspire blah blah blah that’s just how the cookie greizumblez!

As you all may or may not know for several years the WWE has implemented various development farm team systems to homegrow their own talent—OVW, Deep South, FCW… Sometimes they cultivate great success; sometimes they drop the ball BUT I’m sure that at the end of every day the carrot of dreams is dangled in front of the hungry rasslers following without question— tax right offs are made and soulless businessmen sleep at night!

OVW had a great tag team in the James Gang (Cassidy Reilly former TNA Raven henchman) + KC James… They were a very mid-South style of tag team that could walk n talk with long bleach blond locks and sparkly robes…  Jacob Duncan— A 6ft 10 masked monster that would have given Kane or Taker a run for their money any day of the week! OVW-FCW-ECW Ricky Ortiz aka Atlas DaBone—A former pro football player from NFL, CFL & XFL with endless charisma & athletisism his only  crime was that of greeness and over excitement—how dare you love what you do! Mike Kruel & Gavin Spears coulda been the next Brainbusters… Mike was the second coming of Tully Blanchard & Spears is flawless and helped birth Cody Rhodes in the son of a son of a plumber’s early OVW days… Afa Junior aka Manu apparently had heat for his mouth but is a good person from a loving family and he has skills that truly make him yet another Samoan wrestling machine… There are plenty of other stars but the last one I will leave you with is Colt Cabana (formerly WWE SMackdown’s Scotty Goldman)… Colt was my favourite opponent and tag partner at FCW because he was fun & well versed in unique & innovative rasslin’ of various styles… Dusty Rhodes joked saying that he never knew what was gonna happen when the two of us got into the ring and I take that as a compliment ’cause if you can keep the American Dream on his toes you’re doing something right! Before FCW & WWE Colt was and still is a cult favourite ROH star and is currently doing stand-up comedy! “Down the Draidle without a paidle!” (Inside joke!) Stay tuned for my Blog #5 and I will tell that story…..

Q/… Jen 316 writes, “Sinn, you can take crazy amounts of pain who is the opponent that hurt you the worst?”
A/… Well Jen 316 (if that is your REAL name…) Jack Swagger ran me into a turnbuckle one time and it felt like my kidneys got lodged in my throat…
Ricky Ortiz pulled me up off the mat once by my hair while he was accidentally stepping on my hair and he pulled a clump out by the root not unlike pulling a radish outta the garden! Vlad Coslov punched me so hard in OVW I couldn’t chew for 3 weeks–eating was like trying to put food through a mail slot in the front door! But the nastiest thing ever was my own stupid fault… I was laying on the mat freshly D.D.T.’d by Jake the Snake Roberts… He shoved the snake he had brought to the ring down the front of my spandex and Spot (that was the snake’s name) bit me inches away from my peepee! That sucked!!! Pardon the pun!!!
Stand out steizuff from my lil pea brain about RAW, Smackdown, ECW & TNA…

When I saw Capt. Charisma step into the ring at RAW I didn’t need to have a phone chat with Miss Cleo to know that Christian was getting fed to the lions (I mean Sheamus!)…

DX vs CM Punk & Luke Gallows vs Big Show & Miz was AWESOME!!! New unified tag champs… that’s ShowMiz! The only thing that woulda made it better was if Jarred from Subway was the special guest ref and maybe Pearl Harbored Gallows with a $5 Footlong!! Instead he just sat at ringside counting his lucky stars and his carbs! Then HBK Rodney King’d the sh*t outta Teddy Long!!! Good gravy playa!!!Ricky Bobby setting up matches on the road to Rasslemainia! If you’re not first you’re last!!! Tough love ‘n purple socks—Randy vs Cody! A meanass Cross-Rhodes sprinkled with Sheamus’ lucky charms fellah!

FCW standout in my meizind: The Rotundos & Wes Brisco win over the the Ouso Bros & Donnie Marlow (Haku Jr)… Hakunamintata beizitchez! ECW’s/ FCW’s commentator Byron Saxton is sooooo white sounding he makes Brian Gumble sound like a thug!!! Johnny Morrison layeth the 3 wayeth Smacketh Down against Kane and the Euro-Disney-Triple-H Drew McIntyre… Great false finish with the big Scott hitting Kane with ‘MY’ gd finisher on his Intercontinental title belt…

Speaking on stolen finishers… I love you Sheamus BUT Ayy-yo Razor Ramon called and wants his Celtic Cross back (I mean the Razor’s Edge!)… Maybe just find a different way to call it your own— there are enough great legends coaching you backstage (Arn Anderson, Mike Rotundo, Dean Malenko, Ricky Steamboat etc…)—bug one of them if you can’t think of something original by yourself… Oh yeah I love you too Beth my sweet Glamizon HOWEVER… The Muscle Buster belongs to another certain scary beast….Samoa Joe!

I reeeeally enjoy Knox he has the stealth and size of a Samoan and the scariness of Snitsky or a uhhhh Samoan! (Maybe sprinkled with a dash of Hill Billy Jim)—and I enjoyed his Elimination Qualifying match with Truth even though he lost… What’s up Knox?! What’s up?! Hey speaking of Snitsky doesn’t that name remind you of a booger? As in—I picked my nose and pulled out a big Snitsky! Rey Rey vs Dolf Zigger Elimination Chamber qualifying match was awesome…Sweet powerslam outta thin air Dolf-a-doodler! I think Dolf shoulda stole it gettin a rub from such a great star like Mysterio… That coulda been the start of a great fued… ‘Cause Dolf is a fast moving X-Division version of Mr. Perfect that could be a very different style of villain for Rey Rey to play with… Mysterio is used to the David and Goliath situation soooo—in my heizumble opinion— Dolf vs Rey Rey would be a nice change of pace!

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio scufflin’ on Smackdown was nothing short of tremendous… Punk’s Straight Edge Manson Family came close to helping their saviour get the win but a beat down nonetheless… Punk you fiendishly fiendy fiend!!!

Ohhhh Fat Edgeward… Brutus Beefcake + Charlie Manson = CM Punk… Tee hee, you’re silly…

Smackdown mainevent Taker vs Jericho with Edge at the commentator’s table was a great ride… Just no last ride! Well one last ride—followed by a spear—then a code breaker… Deadman: Zero… Filthy Canadian: One!
Million Dollar man in the Hall of Fame! Money, money, money, moneeeEEEEEEYYY!!!

Jerry Jerry Jerry!!! WTF?!?!?! Allz I gotza ta say iz Bree iz a man!… I checked! GoldDust! Yoshi Totsu! Nobody makes Kaylan Croft bleed his own blood!!! Especially when WWE is PG for f**k sakes!!!! P.S. Trent Baaaaaretttaaaa!!!!!!

Christian losing to Big Zeek has a silver lining… If Ezekiel Jackson is the last ECW champ… And Ecw is ka-putsky… Then Big Zeek killed the town not the man of Peeps for the Peeps!… NXT, eh? Well I think the general consensus is that what can Miz possibly teach Brian Daneilson aka The American Dragon aka Daniel Bryan? Danielson is one of the most talented wrestlers I have ever witnessed and he is truly AWESOME!!! Soooo kiddiez let’s see whats NXT???…

Elimination Chamber… I think Sheamus’ title reign was prematurely cut short… Cena doesn’t need the strap to get over with the fans however Sheamus is still building momentum… I did like Teddy steeling a pin onRandy early in the Chamber… I think sort sort of 3-way with Randy, Teddy & Cody at Mania would be interesting or since Good ol’ Shaemo ain’t the champ now he would make an unlikely yet cool tag partner for Randy at Mania against Teddy & Cody… Jericho winning his Chamber match sets him up for Mania against Edge… I can’t wait to see the two filthy Canadians kick the Tim Hortons outta eathother!

Impact: The Hulkster showin’ 6 Pac n’ Hall who’s da man BROTHER!!! Against all odds Mr. Anderson—ANDERSON delivered three matches of pure rasslin’ entertainment ripe with bleach blond goodness and Pope— You had me at Whoopie!!! The Pope and AJ ‘Stylin’ & profilin’ Styles proves to be the start of an exciting feud! Wooooo!!! Daffeny muging Tara reeeeally turned me on! She’s soooo evil me likey! Nice to see Beer Money back on tv! The promo between Anderson, ANDERSON & Angle was awesomely intense it’s real! It’s damn real!

Shameless Plug:

CCW Friday Feb 26!!!
Featuring: Eric Escobar Perez vs Bam Bam Nealy (former body guard to Chavo Guerrero)!… The Original Cuban Assassin + the NWA FL Champ the Sheik in tag action! Former ECW Star Ricky ‘Atlas’ Ortiz & TNA’s Jesse Neal vs Shawn Gavin Spears & SiNN Bodhi The Atrist formerly known as Kizarny! Texas Bull-rope match! The CCW debut of Former FCW Star Vic Adams! The Dynamite Death Monkiez open challenge! PLUS much much more!!!

Please send me comments, questionz & hate mail! I just thought I’d let you know what was on my meizind!!!…

SiNN Bodhi ‘The Kizarnival freak’
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Sinn you rock! Colt Cabana you rock! Ricky Ortiz you sorta rock lol WWE has let go lots of great wrestlers. It is a shame and I miss Joey Mercury and Eugene! lol I would like to see you vs Eugene!

I think the way you talk about Raw, Smackdown and TNA is interesting and funny. You definately have a unique insight and I like it. I like how you focus on the positive things unlike other people who just are judgemental. I am a fan and have never been in a ring but i am sure it is way harder then people think. Keep up the good work.

People said lots of cruel things about you when you before you even debuted on Smackdown. How do you feel about that? I personally thing WWE didn’t give you a chance and people didn’t get to see how great and unique you are.

I would love to see you tag with Boogeyman! I think you guys would be like Road Warriors on acid! ohhhhhhhh what a trip! Good characters is a lost art in wrestling now everyone is so boring and afraid to take chances! Hats off to you for daring to be different.

CCW was awesome tonight! Jesse Neal and Ricky Ortiz are so hot! Sinn you really are enteraining and I really liked all the matches! It was a great show and Bam Nealy vs Eric Perez Escobar was awesome! Why did WWE ever not see how great you all are? I can’t wait to see the next show!

Yeah CCW was really awesome last night dude I liked the Banditos tagteam was great. You are crazy and show was great from top to bottom. Tyrone Jackson’s debut was really good.

I hate the name Kizarny but you are awesome please go to TNA! Sinn Bodhi fan for life! Great blog I always read it!

Sinn Bodhi you are hot and I need to see you every week on TNA!!! You are like Jack Sparrow and Raven and the Joker in one! I am willing to share you with Dixie Carter lol You deserve to be on TNA!
Luv Joni

So let me get this straight… You’re claiming that Edge said that if you combine Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake with Charles Manson you get CM Punk?

Edge said it on Cutting Edge promo! hahahahahahah Beefcake had way cooler tights then Punk! Kizarny Fan!

What do you think about NXT? Did you wrestle any of those guys at FCW? Who do you think will be the next big star? I hated the guy in the space suit! I am glad Brian Daneilson ooops I mean Daniel Brian is on tv!

to see sinn and the dynamite death monkies on tna tweet @tna dixie on or for more info on the dynamite death monkiez check out our

Please go to TNA! You are so unique and would be great at TNA because they need to pull out all the big guns going to Monday nites! You belong there!

New to the site but been a faithful fan for 28 years. WWE is the best but they are slipping don’t get me wrong I never miss Raw or Smackdown lol but you are right. They have let talent go, I mean why would they waste all that money on you if they were just going to show you the door? To really get a person over as a heel or face you need to give it a few months man! Well keep up the work and keep making money! lol

Dude, you rock. 🙂 Like your writing style. Very sincere 🙂 Keep up the good work 🙂

I agree with what your saying Cena doesn’t need the belt to get over with te fans , Cena has that natural ability to just connect with the audience cause hell you wanna be honest he is one of us. Not to long ago he was sitting in the stands like the WWE universe and here he is living the dream and he still remains so humble which is awesome and that’s why I respect him. As far as TNA goes I’m on the fence about them to be honest if your a wwe fan and you also watch TNA you’ll notice that most of the story lines TNA does have already been done by WWE I get so sick of Eric f**ckin’ Bishoff making stupid references or cheap shots toward WWE it’s petty and just flat out retarded. He doesn’t seem to understand that by mentioning the WWE that he’s actually giving them “props” to me TNA their copy cats. I honestly wouldv’e never even turned over if Jeff Hardy wasn’t there but no matter what I will always be a WWE fan and I will never cross the line.!!!

Hey dude it”s Keisha again and I just wanted to say thank you for your blogs. I think WWE couldv’e have done alot with you. I wouldv’e have loved to see you in some cool storylines.I could see you freakin’ out someone like CM punk now especially with this new straight edge shit he’s doing. So here’s a topic I want to throw out there. MATT HARDY. I think he desrves to be the MITB winner this year he kid has been in the WWE for going about 11 years now he’s never had a world title shot and if you ask me based off experience and popularity Matt deserves it so much so i’m rooting for him. Despite of what people say about him Matt is an awesome wrestler and performer he has always been one of my faves and he deserves better than what he’s getting. In my oppinion there is no reason for Matt to be in between the top and mid card. He should be at the top cause he’s good. If WWE higher up are smart since Jeff has made the journey over to TNA(which was a mstake) they would build up Matt’s star and that would really pump blood into the war between WWE and TNA. I’m just sayin’…

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