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WWE Spoilers: Who Will Be The Faces & Heels In WWE NXT?

WWE confirmed in a new press release today that the winner of the first NXT season will “receive a WWE contract” putting them on the main roster.

Here’s how the NXT roster is going to be broke down by heels and faces:

R-Truth (face) and David Otunga (heel)

Chris Jericho (heel) and Wade Barrett (heel)

Carlito (heel) and Michael Tarver (heel)

Christian (face) and Heath Slater (heel)

CM Punk (heel) and Darren Young (face)

William Regal (heel) and Skip Sheffield (face)

Matt Hardy (face) and Justin Gabriel (face)

The Miz (heel) and Daniel Bryan (face)

WWE NXT debuts tonight at 10/9c on Syfy.