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WWE: Ted DiBiase, Sr. & Ted DiBiase, Jr. Discuss WrestleMania 26!

Dot Net reader Darren Gutteridge filed the following report on Ted DiBiase Sr. and son Ted DiBiase Jr.‘s appearance on Sky Sports News on Thursday.

Ted DiBiase Sr. and Ted Jr. appeared on Sky Sports News (on Thursday) to promote Wrestlemania 26. Ted Sr. talked about being a minister, saying that his character "The Million Dollar Man" has made it easier for people to come and listen to him. Ted Jr. said he is proud of his dad for "preaching it and living it," more so than he is proud of his dad’s career.

Ted Jr. said it was difficult constantly being compared to his father, making it harder than being just another person. Ted Sr. said he is more proud of his son’s career than his own. When asked about picking between films and wrestling, Ted Jr. said he wanted to carry on with both career paths. He played his cards close to his chest when questioned about what he will be doing at Wrestlemania, only that he would be on the card.

Ted Sr. said he would of liked to have been WWE Champion, but praised the Million Dollar Belt for making him "more hated than anybody." One funny moment came when a presenter asked Ted Sr. how he was fairing as the Million Dollar Man in a global recession. He said he was more like the "Ten Cent Kid" now. A good informal interview from the pair, whom came off as charming and friendly. Ted Sr. closed the interview with his laugh, and then botched his own catchphrase when he said, "Everybody’s got a man . . . a price for The Million Dollar Man."