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TNA: Mick Foley Makes An Appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

TNA’s Mick Foley appeared on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart in a skit with "senior political analyst" for the show Wyatt Cenac and Stewart himself. Introduced as the Daily Show’s "senior @ss kicker," Foley sported a TNA shirt however just before he showed up, Cenac was explaining how Congressional leaders keep their feuds going by using the Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker feud as an example. One would think that if a TNA personality was going to be on they would use a TNA example! Eventually Foley showed up, did his talk and then Stewart said the whole thing is fake like professional wrestling which prompted Foley to flip, chasing Stewart out of the studio showing him his ear, or actually, the lack of the right ear and asking him if that is fake. Funny stuff. You can check it out at the following link:—fatcats

The whole wrestling thing starts around the five minute mark.