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SSP#23: WWE Wrestlemania 26 Predictions

Hello my SSP peeps, its time for those ever-controversial predictions and this time I will be tackling the biggest wrestling event of the year Wrestlemania. This is going to be my last blog until I come back from Phoenix, upon my return I shall be blogging about my experience at this years Wrestlemania (click here to read my WrestleMania 25 Experience), I know the card isn’t complete so I have added the matches that I believe will take place as I will not have the opportunity to blog prior to leaving for Phoenix.
In this blog I shall also be updating the SSP Top Ten, the quote of the week and the latest “Good Idea! Bad Idea!” For my predictions I am going to list the matches in the order I think they are going to appear on the card.


*** WWE Wrestlemania 26 ***

The 26th Annual from the University of Phoenix in Glendale, Phoenix Arizona.


“Destruction in the desert” – History will be made, Will you be there?

Featured Theme Songs:

I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) – Kevin Rudolf

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Be Yourself – Audioslave

Before I begin I just want to point out that at the time of writing this blog several Wrestlemania matches haven’t been completed. I am going under the assumption that Kofi Kingston is going to be the last superstar entered into the Money in the Bank. Additionally I am also going to go under the assumption that CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio has been announced. In the event that any of these assumptions are incorrect then I apologise in advance. Enjoy…

Unified Tag Team Championship
ShowMiz (C) Vs John Morrison and R-Truth
Similar to last year; I expect the Unified Tag Team Titles to be defended as a dark match at Wrestlemania. In relation to this match I would like to point out that I strongly disagree with several elements surrounding the Unified Tag Team Titles. The Big Show and The Miz have been involved with several brands and storylines, they have also been involved in most of the main events on both Raw and Smackdown and additionally been involved in the more entertaining segments on both brands as well as NXT in Miz’s case than any other superstars on the roster. The fact that I can’t see this being anymore than a Dark match with little or no rivalry behind it is terrible. Nothing against Truth and Morrison, I’m sure they’ll put on a good showing, but they should have been put together as a tag team months ago if this was going to be the outcome. ShowMiz should be getting not only a payday for Wrestlemania but should also be getting their fair share of airtime. The result can only go one way.
Winner: ShowMiz

Money In the Bank
Drew McIntyre Vs Kane Vs Christian Vs Evan Bourne Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs MVP Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Matt Hardy Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Jack Swagger.
In my previous blog (SSP#22), I spoke in detail about the participants in this year’s MITB. At that time it was assumed by everyone that the Money in the Bank was going to have eight participants. Now the MITB match has ten, making it the biggest MITB to date with last years match only having seven participants. Now despite the WWE’s comments that every winner of the MITB match have cashed in and won, this is in-fact untrue. The 2007 MITB match winner was Mr. Kennedy who lost his opportunity to cash-in to Edge who then later cashed in to win.

There have been whispers of the winner of this year’s MITB cashing in during the show, in which case it could end up being Christian cashing it in against Edge or Jericho, but I wouldn’t hold my breath; especially not with the MITB PPV that’s constantly being talked about. With that said I think this year is going to be all about the peeps…
Winner: Christian

Hair Vs Mask
CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio
This is only an assumption as the match hasn’t been made official but I think it’s pretty much set in stone. The stipulation I’ve added is just in relation to the rumours surrounding this feud, I think it will add to the interest and story of the match but also spoils the potential winner. Rey is making too much money for the WWE to be unmasked and as such would have to win if this stipulation goes ahead.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Ted DiBiase
I don’t actually think that this storyline has worked out quite the way the WWE has intended. Randy Orton is being treated very much like the face in this situation; crowds are calling for RKO’s all over the place. I would have expected this storyline to of elevated DiBiase as a major face by taken Orton out, but the reaction seems to say otherwise. To be honest I think this is a tough one to call, Randy was on the losing end of his Wrestlemania match last year and a win here would solidify his spot and prove that his understudies aren’t up to his standard. On the other hand, a win for either Rhodes or DiBiase would turn them into a major player coming out of Wrestlemania and a loss could potentially damage the credibility they created with their DX feud. Maybe seeing the two boys disagree and have Orton pick up the pieces will set up a feud between the Legacy duo which would see one of them go to the other side of the tracks. For now I’m going to have to go with a Wrestlemania win for Randy.
Winner: Randy Orton

Triple H Vs Sheamus
An interesting one…It’s been well documented around the Internet world that Triple H and Sheamus are friends and because of this I expect Sheamus to get just as much heat at Wrestlemania as he has been ever since he won the WWE Championship. With that said however I will also be expecting Trips to get the best out of Sheamus and show the world what he can do, Triple H obviously has a lot of faith in Sheamus if he’s willing to go up against him at Wrestlemania.
Being Irish I will be rooting for Sheamus but I don’t even think the Irish contingence in attendance will be enough to see Sheamus get the win on the night.
Winner: Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho (C) Vs Edge
As far as Chris Jericho goes I am one of his biggest fans, I couldn’t be happier that Chris is back in the main event where he belongs; he is the best in the world at what he does after all. With that said though I can’t see Jericho getting the win with Edge receiving the push that he has been and I’m ok with that, I think Edge is one of the top players in the WWE and will continue to be on top when the Takers and HBK’s are gone.
Edge winning will allow the feud to continue onto Backlash (well, Extreme Rules now thanks to the updated PPV schedule) for a return match and maybe even for the summer. These two could have a great program together. This match has the potential to be a show stealer even with HBK and Taker on the card, they might not be able to get the recognition that they deserve with them on the card but this match should still leave people going home with something to talk about.
Winner: Edge

Career Vs Streak (No Count Out/DQ)
The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels
Will it be as good as last year?? I think it will…. the added stipulations are to ensure that this contest is better than the previous encounter. There’s no doubt that the (No Count Out/ DQ) stipulation will see Shawn and Taker beating the living crap out of each other with a few major bumps in to boot. The question on everyone’s lips though is will Taker’s streak finally end or will HBK’s career be over? If Shawn does indeed lose, then who’s to say that he won’t return in a non-wrestling role? The fact has to be noted that the Streak itself has become quite boring to watch, seeing Taker vs anyone at this stage at Wrestlemania regardless of how strong the storyline is nearly always see’s Taker winning with very little in the way of anyone defeating him.

This year may be different; if Taker is on his last legs then let’s have the last few Wrestlemania matches mean something by not having us know the outcome before the opening bell rings. In my opinion if he’s able; to let him try and reach the 20 matches mark and have him lose one or two. If Shawn win’s this year it will give us back that element of surprise to his matches at Wrestlemania. I know Taker fans will disagree as they never want the streak to end…. but let me ask you why you fell in love with Taker in the first place, it wasn’t because you thought he was going to win every single match, it was not knowing if he could overcome it or not and then being delighted when he did…having him lose isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Undertaker’s record as it stands now is never going to be duplicated and I don’t think it ever should be, but putting one or two losses on it at this stage isn’t going to damage The Undertaker legacy.
Winner: Shawn Michaels (That’s a Big Call)

Bret Hart Vs Vince McMahon
I have enjoyed some of the segments involved in this storylines but others have been lacking for me. Bret appearing on Raw and the first segments between Shawn and Vince made for great television but the whole broken leg thing and Vince avoiding Bret hasn’t really grabbed my attention. I am interested in how much Bret is actually going to be able to do, I was of the opinion that Bret couldn’t take any big bumps or any hits to the head at all, it makes me wonder how much this match is actually going to offer. With that said, I am looking forward in seeing Bret put on the boots and have one more match at Wrestlemania. So long as he gets in some of his trademarks and finishes with the sharpshooter I’ll be happy.
Winner: Bret Hart

WWE Championship
Batista(C) Vs John Cena
I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest John Cena fan in the world, but when it comes to John Cena Vs Batista I am a John Cena fan. …At Summerslam 2008 it was probably the only time I was actually rooting for Cena and he lost…. Both Cena’s and Batista’s mic work is second to none and the program between the two is working. The build up has been quiet entertaining and a long storied rivalry between the two could very well be on the cards. With the Summerslam result going Batista way the last time they met, I can see this one going the way of John Cena, leading to a rematch at Extreme Rules, similar to the other title match up.
Winner: John Cena

Did Matt Hardy dress like an astronaut when he was younger?” – Michael Cole referring to Justin Gabriel on NXT.

Michael Cole  – WWE NXT 2nd March 2010

Good Idea

* Putting Evan Bourne into Money in the Bank.

Bad Idea

* Putting R-Truth and John Morrison in a Tag Team title match against ShowMiz at Wrestlemania.

A lot of things into consideration; overness (both as a heel and face), backstage goings on and general performances both in the ring and on the mic. Basically I’m ranking them on the current card position, what they are doing for the company and how entertaining they are.  Previous positions are in brackets…





1. Batista (WWE Champion) [3]

1. Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Champion) [1]

1. Maryse (Diva’s Champion) [1]

1. Health Slater (Christian) [3]

2. Shawn Michaels [2]

2. Edge [3]

2. Michelle McCool (Womens Champion) [3]

2. David Otunga (R-Truth) [2]

3. John Cena [1]

3. The Undertaker [2]

3. Beth Phoenix [5]

3. Justin Gabriel (Matt Hardy) [7]

4. Triple H [5]

4. Rey Mysterio [4]

4. Eve [8]

4. Wade Barrett (Chris Jericho) [5]

5. ShowMiz (Unified Tag Champions/ US) [4]

5. CM Punk [5]

5. Layla [7]

5. Daniel Bryan (The Miz) [1]

6. Randy Orton [5]

6. Kane [8]

6. Mickie James [2]

6. Darren Young (CM Punk) [6]

7. Legacy [New]

7. Drew McIntyre (Intercontinental Champion) [6]

7. Gail Kim [4]

7. Skip Sheffield (William Regal) [5]

8. Christian [10]

8. R-Truth [9]

8. Kelly Kelly [9]

8. Michael Tarver (Carlito) [4]

9. Jack Swagger [New]

9. John Morrison [New]

9. Tiffany [New]

10. Evan Bourne [New]

10. Dolph Ziggler [10]

10. Alicia Fox  [New]

Until next time peeps..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.



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