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WWE: Jim Ross Comments On Goldberg Potentially Returning To The WWE!

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at In this entry, Ross responds to a Twitter post made by former WWE & WCW Champion Bill Goldberg about negotiating with WWE and TNA “dropping the ball” on not signing him first. JR writes:

“Bill Goldberg reports that he is negotiating with WWE but my best guess is that it’s not about a return to the ring. Bill is a smart entrepreneur and the former Tulsa Edison and University of Georgia football star likely is looking at doing a marketing deal with WWE that might include video games, possible WWE HOF Induction next year in Atlanta, and merchandise sales.”

Despite the fact that Ross doesn’t believe Goldberg is negotiating to return to the ring on a full-time basis, he could see Goldberg getting back in the ring one more time if the right situation presented itself.

“After being involved in several of these type deals, I can see where both parties can benefit from an arrangement. Goldberg gets the opportunity to earn additional cash without putting his body through hell and he gets some nice exposure for his various TV vehicles. The WWE could monetize Goldberg’s likeness in a variety of ways. Is it possible for Goldberg to come back and perform in a ‘farewell bout’ in the Georgia Dome next year at WM27? It’s possible one has to assume.”