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TNA: More Big Names To Be Featured In Future Live Events?

By the end of 2010, TNA will likely begin to feature more big-name stars on their house show tours to better reflect the stars on TV.

As the company has developed a regular schedule of house show tours, TNA has limited the number of stars appearing on the tours to keep costs in check while running smaller venues in small-to-mid-sized towns that WWE doesn’t reach.

TNA founder/wrestler Jeff Jarrett told Scott Sloan of the Lexington Herald-Leader that TNA’s next progression with the house shows is taking more top-names on the road to draw larger houses.

“The issue you’re talking about of the (Kevin) Nashes of the world not making it, we are graduating or progressing so that won’t be the case by the end of the year,” Jarrett said. “What you see on TV will match the live events.”

Jarrett said TNA currently isn’t in a financial position to “load up a card with up to 20 superstars.” He said the goal is the tried-and-true formula of slow, steady growth to make sure the tours continue to be money-makers.

“You’ve got to be smart and strategic about it and build your base and make sure the shows aren’t money-losers,” he said. “All of our shows are financial winners.”