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WWE: Jim Ross Discusses His Future In The WWE!

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his official website ( with some more insight into his future – how long he’ll be with WWE, whether he’ll announce again and if he’d consider a General Manager role on television. Some highlights:

Jim Ross: General Manager? JR makes it clear he’s not interested in being a regular General Manager, noting that the gimmick has run its course and it’s not worth the travel required. “I am not interested in traveling to Raw each week and becoming a character,” Ross said. “The GM role feels tired to me and I don’t want to attempt to resurrect a broken down horse. I personally think that, by and large, the GM biz/role has started to run its course. I’m talking full time or Guest General Managers, especially guest GM’s who have not the first clue about the product and engage others in lame skits featuring poor acting.”

Will He Return to announcing? “WWE has moved on in another direction and I am not in their broadcasting plans,” Ross said. “It is not my call to not call WWE bouts any longer but I am fine with it nonetheless.”

His WWE Contract Status: “There are no guarantees that I will be staying in WWE when my contract expires at the end of April. That’s simply the nature of negotiations. Both sides have to win to make it a successful deal.”