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WWE: Jim Ross’ Contract Expiring In Ten Days!

WWE Hall of Famer and former commentator Jim Ross announced on his blog that he’s expecting to hear what – if any – plans WWE have for him within the next few days as his contract extension ends on April 30. "Contrary to what is being carelessly reported, WWE is still my top priority as it relates to wrestling gigs," Ross wrote. In previous blog updates, Ross said that WWE is not looking to have him back calling matches and want him to take care of something else, something which they didn’t notify him what it consists of. Several reports are floating online that JR met with TNA officials including TNA President Dixie Carter earlier this month to discuss a potential move to the company if the WWE deal doesn’t work out. Another rumor is that he met with HDNet to do commentary for mixed martial arts and football. "Many projects that the internet are reporting are completely false," he added. In a previous blog, Ross wrote that he believes that he will be broadcasting other events but they might well not be in pro-wrestling. "Yes, my contract is up April 30. No, I have not broadcast my last event."