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SSP#25: WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

Hello my SSP peeps, it’s time once again for those monthly PPV Predictions. This time I shall be tackling WWE Extreme Rules, formerly known as Backlash at this time of year. We say goodbye to yet another famous PPV after 11 years. I may just speak for myself on this one, but I regarded Backlash as the only In Your House turned PPV to actually stand out from the big four. Those being, The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series. It was always the PPV that followed Wrestlemania with a different spin on some matches from the big one. The name was very fitting also; it was called Backlash because it was for superstars who didn’t get their way at Wrestlemania to get some payback. At this stage I’m just going to have to adapt to these new PPV changes. The WWE seem to think its going to help their PPV buyrates and PG persona etc etc…so we’ll just have to wait and see.

*** WWE Extreme Rules ***

The 2nd Annual from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.


Sunday April 25th 2010

Featured Theme Songs:

Time to Shine by Saliva

CM Punk’s hair on the line
CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio
This type of stipulation has been rumoured for quite a while, I actually called a hair vs mask match for Wrestlemania which never went ahead, instead we get half the stipulation at Extreme Rules. It wouldn’t surprise me that by the time this has been written, that the Mask stipulation has also been added. In which case I believe the outcome will go Rey’s way. If the stipulation stays the way it is then I have to give it to Punk. This would be Punks “BACKLASH”… See what I did there? I also expect them to get more time to do more of the spots they probably wanted to do at Wrestlemania.
Winner: CM Punk

Street Fight
Triple H Vs Sheamus
Triple H is meant to be suffering from some injuries,  if he does require time off this could be the perfect opportunity for Sheamus to shine and give Trips some time off. Whilst Sheamus has been picking up victories over Superstars like Evan Bourne he has struggled beating the likes of Cena and Orton as he was getting silly DQ/Countdown/Dodgy finishes. He needs to get some clean victories over the bigger guys if they want the fans to start taking him seriously as a heel. I think Sheamus is going to get some “BACKLASH” on Triple H at Extreme Rules.
Winner: Sheamus

Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho Vs Edge
Last month I predicted against my boy and put Edge down for the win. Much to my surprise Chris Jericho defeated Edge and retained the World Heavyweight Championship. This time around however I think Edge will get the victory as Jericho is rumoured to be heading for some time off. If this were true then it would be good storyline progression for Edge to pretend he injured Jericho. I can’t see either of these two switching brands this year which may indicate a return feud when Jericho makes his return.
Winner: Edge

Extreme Rules Match
Randy Orton Vs Jack Swagger (C)
Jack Swagger as the World Heavyweight Champion has a lot of people wondering, but as I mentioned previously, with so many talent taking time off or gone (Batista, Jericho, Taker, Shawn) and others possibly needing a few weeks due to injuries (Rey, Triple H) then someone needed to step up. I would of rathered the likes of Christian but I think Swagger is fitting quiet well into the role. He’s so versatile that he can have a decent match with anybody. His matches with Randy Orton on Raw have been second to none. The match scheduled for the PPV is sure to be no exception. I would expect Swagger to get the win, pushing Swagger so soon and then taking the belt off him seems kinda pointless. With Swagger retaining and the draft about to shake things up, it’s a prime opportunity for the WWE to position some up and comers likes Swagger, Sheamus and Kofi and put them in a position where they will be able to present themselves as big players. I find it very poetic that following the speech at the Hall of Fame from Ted DiBiase towards the young guns of the WWE that now his words are coming into light and the younger talent have the opportunity to grab that brass ring.
Winner: Jack Swagger

WWE Championship – Last Man Standing
Batista Vs John Cena (C)
The Unstoppable Force vs the Immovable Object… I’ll let you ponder over which is which… but for now I expect a Wrestlemania repeat with some added weapons. John Cena is Mr. Never quit and never give up etc etc…so adding that Batista is on holiday list… John Cena will continue to be the figurehead following the draft this year…. If only there was another Money in the Bank this year…..hmmmmmm.
Winner: John Cena

“Don’t suck up to me because you know I’m the only one here!”

Triple H  – WWE Raw 19th April 2010

Good Idea

* Using Bret Hart to Push the Hart Dynasty.

Bad Idea

* RAW guest host segments…. They are really starting to get on my nerves… I hope Kozlov kills all of them…..

SSP Top Ten

A lot of things into consideration; overness (both as a heel and face), backstage goings on and general performances both in the ring and on the mic. Basically I’m ranking them on the current card position, what they are doing for the company and how entertaining they are.  Previous positions are in brackets…





1. John Cena (WWE Champion) [3]

1. Chris Jericho [1]

1. Eve (Diva’s Champion) [4]

1. David Otunga (R-Truth) [2]

2. Randy Orton [6]

2. Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Champion) [New]

2.Vickie Gurerreo [New]

2. Heath Slater (R-Truth) [1]

3. Triple H [4]

3. Edge [2]

3. Beth Phoenix [3]

3. Justin Gabriel (Matt Hardy) [3]

4. Batista [1]

4. Undertaker [3]

4. Michelle McCool (Womens Champion) [2]

4. Wade Barrett (Chris Jericho) [4]

5. ShowMiz (Unified Tag Champions/ US) [5]

5. Rey Mysterio [4]

5. Layla [5]

5. Daniel Bryan (The Miz) [5]

6. Sheamus [New]

6. CM Punk [5]

6. Natalya [New]

6. Darren Young (CM Punk) [6]

7.Christian [8]

7. Drew McIntyre (Intercontinental Champion) [7]

7. Mickie James [6]

7. Skip Sheffield (William Regal) [7]

8. Kofi Kingston [New]

8. Dolph Ziggler [10]

8. Serena [New]

8. Michael Tarver (Carlito) [8]

9. Ted DiBiase [7]

9. Kane [6]

9. Gail Kim [7]

10. Evan Bourne [10]

10. John Morrison [9]

10. Tiffany [9]

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Until next time peeps..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.



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I think john cena will have a great match with Batista because they both are very wrestlers and have many wins and are also great title defenders. JOHN CENA ROCKS!!

Hmmmm, I actually think Randy Ortons gonna take the title , for one specific reason, I’m gonna quote Michael Cole “He’s in the zone” and what a hell of an entertaining zone it is! He is getting such an immense crowd reaction from this. No doubt Cenas gonna retain the title and HHH being on the injury list sets him up for an awesome November return ( I would say Survivor Series but Vince has got rid of that!!).

I agree with most of them, except for Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger, I think Orton should win that match, so that WWE can then start building Swagger as a credible main event wrestler after his run with the title is done.

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