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Big WWE News: Backstage News On The Recent WWE Releases!

The feeling is that the WWE releases came because several stars from NXT and WWE developmental are scheduled to be brought to the main roster soon. The recent releases aren’t a budget-cutting move as much as just WWE making way for new members on the roster.

Shelton Benjamin’s contract was expiring soon and there was always frustration internally with him. Shelton had the reputation of being one who coasted through the job and that his promos were never as good as his in-ring work.

Mickie James’ release from WWE didn’t surprise many within the company. Apparently there was talk of cutting her before WrestleMania. Word is that while on the SmackDown brand, Mickie had a few run-ins with Batista and when things became heated, he threatened to quit if she wasn’t fired and Undertaker had to step in and calm things down. It’s said that Mickie’s recent behavior on the European tour was the deciding factor in letting her go.

It’s said that Mike Knox didn’t carry himself like a main eventer backstage but he still had his share of supporters within WWE. At one point, Shawn Michaels and Triple H were among those in favor of pushing Knox.

There was speculation online that Jimmy Wang Yang’s release came after a Wellness violation because he Tweeted “three strikes and your out” after being released. Yang was referring to his third time being fired from the company.

Katie Lea’s release was not something planned in advance because the WWE creative team had her booked to move to SmackDown in the Draft.

It’s said that Slam Master J, son of the late Terry Gordy, mainly had a job because SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes considered him almost like a son. His release came as a bit of a surprise to some because Hayes had always protected him.