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Big WWE News: Beth Phoenix To Have Surgery To Repair Recent Injury!

Layla is your new WWE Women’s Champion after defeating Beth Phoenix on last night’s SmackDown. Michelle McCool’s rematch clause was used but Vickie Guerrero made it a 2-on-1 Handicap match with Layla and McCool vs. Phoenix for the belt. Layla ended up winning the match and the title.

The title change came after Beth was injured at last week’s WWE Superstars tapings in a match against Rosa Mendes. Beth wrote the following on her WWE blog about the injury:

“Two weeks ago on Superstars, I had a match against new SmackDown Diva, Rosa Mendes. During the course of the match I was able to reverse an Irish Whip into the corner and counter Rosa with an Up and Over maneuver where I jump out of the turnbuckle, over her and show her what The Glamazon is made of. However, when I landed, feet side by side, as I have thousands of times over the course of my career, my left knee buckled to the side and I heard a very distinctive, “Crunch.”"

Beth revealed she suffered a bruised bone, torn & displaced Meniscus, a sprained MCL and a torn ACL. She was advised by doctors to get surgery and will be going under the knife this coming Tuesday in Alabama with Dr. James Andrews.

This marks Layla’s first title win in WWE since debuting in 2006. Layla is the first British Women’s Champion.