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WWE: Cody Rhodes Discusses Legacy, His Father, & Being Drafted To SmackDown!

Slam Wrestling conducted an interview with Cody Rhodes this weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

Cody on being a second generation star: “(Being a second-generation wrestler) can be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult. I didn’t want to be my dad. I don’t want to be Dusty Rhodes Jr. I want to be Cody Rhodes.”

Cody on going to SmackDown: “RAW was more of a variety show. Smackdown is more of a wrestling-based show. That’s my area. It gives me a chance to showcase myself. I feel I’ll do really well between the ropes. I think things are going to be changing for me along with the brand change. As a fan, I like to see the talent evolve and I need to evolve. I really wasn’t a character on RAW. It was ‘here we have our second- and third-generation superstars.’ Now, fans will have the opportunity to see who Cody Rhodes is.”

Cody on Legacy: “The point was to introduce us, as The Legacy, the same as when Randy Orton and Batista were brought in with Evolution. I don’t think it’d be totally bizarre if three, five or seven years down the road from now, you saw a Wrestlemania match with me and on the other side, Ted DiBiase.”