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WWE NXT May 18, 2010 Detailed Results

The 13th edition of WWE NXT came to you from the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. After the shocking trio of eliminations last week that saw “The Cornfed Meathead” Skip Sheffield, “The Pitbull Fighter” Michael Tarver, & “The American Dragon” Daniel Bryan all eliminated from the NXT competition, a third WWE Pros’ Poll will result in a fourth NXT Rookie being eliminated as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young, or Heath Slater will be sent home as the remaining four will come one step closer to achieving their dream of becoming a WWE Superstar!

Match Results

  • Wade Barrett def. Darren Young by pin following the Barrett Wasteland.
  • Justin Gabriel def. Heath Slater by pin with the 450 Splash.

Detailed Results

The show kicks off with NXT Host Matt Striker who, instead of bringing out the five NXT Rookies, brings out the six WWE Pros as Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Christian, CM Punk, William Regal, & The Miz come out and take a seat on the stage! When asked what he is looking for in the new WWE Superstar, The Miz says that the “it factor” is the ability to make WWE more “popular than it already is”! William Regal says he is looking for “adaptability” because he has made a career out of it and a WWE Superstar has to have in-ring skills, interview skills, and personality! CM Punk states that his “moral compass” dictates that he does not “need” to speak to the crowd because he has “lost his will” to be in front of the crowd! Ontario’s own Christian states that he is looking for someone who is going to “take” the NXT competition and is also looking for “it” and there is one Rookie that is still in the competition that he does not see that in, which William Regal butts in and says that he is still waiting to see Christian’s “it”! Matt Hardy then states that they are all looking for someone to be the “complete package”; being able to talk, compete, and have the “it factor”, as well as being able to survive in the locker room with the other competitors! Chris Jericho then states that he is looking for a competitor who wants to make him pay money to see and there is one Rookie he has not seen that from! How will the WWE Pros vote in the third WWE Pros’ Poll? Who will be the fourth NXT Rookie to be eliminated?

With the fourth NXT elimination looming, the six WWE Pros remained seated on the stage, the number five Rookie, “The South Beach Party Boy” Darren Young, without his WWE Pro CM Punk at ringside, went one-on-one with the number one Rookie, “The Bare Knuckle Brit” Wade Barrett, who had the support of his WWE Pro, Chris Jericho, at ringside! In the end, it was Barrett proving why he is the top ranked Rookie by picking up the win over Darren Young! With Darren Young already at the bottom of the list, how will this loss sway the decision of the WWE Pros? Could Darren Young be eliminated?

After their shocking eliminations last week, Daniel Bryan & Michael Tarver made a special appearance on NXT! Michael Tarver stated that, like the other Rookies, he was told that he would be “judged” by a WWE Pros’ Poll, but that he was eliminated WWE Management, who he calls “easily intimidated pencil pushers” who are “threatened” by someone like him, which is why they did not have the “decency or professionalism” to eliminate him “personally”! Tarver then says that he was “intriguing” and he gave NXT “fire power” and reveals that he knew what he was doing the entire time by refusing to participate in the weekly contests! Daniel Bryan then states that, when he came to NXT, he heard about the “politics” and the “nightmares” and how Vince McMahon likes the “big guys” and prefers their home-grown talent, regardless of how the talent “engage” the crowd! Bryan boldly proclaims that he was a “self-made man” and was not a product of the “WWE machine” and that the WWE need to pick the “best people for this job” and that he is the “best person for this job”! Bryan then says that he does not need to tell people how “good” he is and that WWE Pros like Chris Jericho & William Regal know how “good” he is and that he is “better” than The Miz! Miz responds by calling Bryan an “indie star” and proclaims that he is the first Superstar in the WWE to hold both the United States and Unified WWE Tag Team Titles and Bryan has done nothing in the WWE! Bryan then challenges Miz to come to the ring and “prove” how good he is”! NXT Host Matt Striker then steps in and reminds Daniel Bryan that he has been eliminated! Bryan then turns his attention to antagonist Michael Cole and says that Cole “refuses to acknowledge” how good he is and calls the commentator a “parrot” because he has Vince McMahon in his ear telling him to tell the people that he don’t have “it”! Bryan then gets in the face of Cole and proclaims that he has more “personality” in his “little finger” than Cole has in his “whole body”! Bryan then starts to shove Cole and calls Cole a “poor man’s replacement” for Hall of Famer Jim Ross before Bryan starts pummeling the commentator! Referees and Matt Striker quickly intervene and pull an impassioned Daniel Bryan off of Michael Cole! What will be the repercussions of Daniel Bryan’s bold statements and his attack on Michael Cole?

With the fourth NXT elimination rapidly approaching, the number three NXT Rookie, Justin Gabriel, who is accompanied by his WWE Pro, Matt Hardy, went one-on-one with the number four NXT Rookie, Heath Slater, who was accompanied by his WWE Pro, Christian! Shortly after the match began, Michael Cole, frustrated over his treatment at the hands of eliminated NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan, opted to leave the announce table and head backstage! Still, the match continued and, in the end, it was Justin Gabriel hitting the awe-inspiring 450 Splash en route to picking up the win over Heath Slater! How will Justin Gabriel’s win and Heath Slater’s loss weigh in with the WWE Pros’ Poll? Who will be eliminated from competition?

After being eliminated last week, Skip Sheffield commented on his elimination by saying that the WWE Pros viewed him as a “threat” and were “intimidated” by him! Skip then says that the Pros took out the “biggest, baddest threat” and “took him out first”!

Michael Cole then returns to the announce table and states that he is not going to let a “creep” like Daniel Bryan keep him from doing his job!

Then it was time for the third WWE Pros’ Poll to take place as a fourth NXT Rookie would be eliminated! The five NXT Rookies take their spots at ringside as six of the WWE Pros are seated at ringside! The third WWE Pros’ Poll revealed that Wade Barrett retained his number one spot and David Otunga retained his number two spot and Heath Slater moved up to number three! This meant that either Justin Gabriel or Darren Young would be eliminated from the NXT competition! The Pros’ Poll then reveals that Justin Gabriel secured the number four spot, meaning that Darren Young is eliminated from the NXT competition! Darren Young takes the mic and confronts the WWE Pros and says that he respects all of the WWE Pros and respects all of the fans before proclaiming that they have not seen the “last” of Darren Young! Only four NXT Rookies as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Slater, or Justin Gabriel will become the next breakout WWE Superstar! Who will survive the competition and who will join Darren Young, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, & Daniel Bryan in being sent home?