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WWE Monday Night RAW May 24, 2010 Detailed Results

The 887th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Lucas County Arena in Toledo, OH. One night after an unforgettable and controversial WWE Over The Limit, legendary actor and comedian Jon Lovitz will serve as the Guest Host of RAW. Last week on RAW, after being on the job for just under two hours, Vickie Guerrero resigned as the RAW General Manager after being confronted by “The Viper” Randy Orton and, now on RAW, a new General Manager of RAW will be announced!

Match Results

  • Fatal 4-Way Qualifying Match: Randy Orton def. Batista by forfeit to qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way.
  • Fatal 4-Way Qualifying Match: Sheamus def. Mark Henry by pin following the pump kick to qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way.
  • Maryse & Alicia Fox def. Eve Torres & Gail Kim by Maryse pinning Eve Torres following the French Kiss DDT.
  • United States Championship: R-Truth def. The Miz by pin following the Lie Detector to win the vacant United States Title.
  • Non-Title: The Hart Dynasty def. William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov by Tyson Kidd pinning William Regal following the Hart Attack.
  • Triple Threat Fatal 4-Way Qualifying Match: Non-Title: Edge def. John Cena & Chris Jericho by pinning Chris Jericho following the Spear to qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way.

Detailed Results

One night after a brutal “I Quit” Match against WWE Champion John Cena at WWE Over The Limit that ended with him getting sent through the stage with an Attitude Adjustment, RAW shockingly kicked off with “The Animal” Batista, who was sporting the wounds of war with taped ribs and his arm in a sling! After referees helped him into the ring and placed him in a wheelchair in the center of the ring, Batista admits that there is no dispute that he said “I Quit” last night, but he did it because his “life was being threatened” and reveals that he is contemplating “filing suit” against John Cena, the WWE, and every fan that supported his destruction at the hands of John Cena! Batista continues that he could of done what Cena did, but he believes in “honor” and that, now, he will be out of action indefinitely, but when he returns, he will get a rematch with John Cena for the WWE Title! Batista is interrupted by RAW Ring Announcer Justin Roberts, who reveals that he has been asked to introduce the new General Manager of RAW, which is revealed as WWE Hall of Famer and new United States Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart! The new RAW GM comes out and proclaims that there is a “new sheriff in town” and cuts right to the chase by announcing that John Cena will defend his WWE Title in a Fatal 4-Way match at the debut edition of the WWE Fatal 4-Way event on June 20! Bret continues that the qualifying matches to determine John Cena’s three opponents will take place on RAW and that, if Batista wants his rematch with John Cena, he will have to earn it in a qualifying match! Batista responds by protesting that he is hurt and can not compete, which Bret responds too by saying that Batista’s opponent is also injured as he would face off with “The Viper” Randy Orton! Batista continues to refuse to compete, which leads to Bret telling Batista to “take it or forfeit”! Batista responds by saying that, if Bret makes him forfeit, then he will “quit” the WWE! The new GM ignores the threat and announces Randy Orton the winner of the Fatal 4-Way Qualifying Match over Batista by forfeit! A disgruntled and distraught Batista then solidly proclaims that he “quits”! Has Batista really walked away from the WWE? Could this have been the last appearance of Batista in a WWE ring?

With Randy Orton qualifying by forfeit and WWE Champion John Cena already in the match by default, that left two spots open for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way and one of those spots would be filled as former WWE Champion “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus would go one-on-one with “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry! In the end, Sheamus was able to take advantage of the shoulder injury of Mark Henry that was dealt to him by Batista to get out of the grasp of Mark Henry and deliver the pump kick en route to picking up the win and qualifying for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way! Who will be the final Superstar to qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match?

The announcements just kept coming from the new General Manager of RAW Bret “The Hitman” Hart as it was revealed that Bret has given up and vacated the United States Championship and that a one-on-one match will take place on RAW to determine the new champion as former United States Champion The Miz squares off with R-Truth! Who will become the new United States Champion? Will The Miz regain the gold just one week after losing it or will R-Truth rise to a new level as the new United States Champion?

After engaging in a confrontation with both Edge & Chris Jericho in his office, new RAW General Manager Bret Hart announced that Edge & Jericho will compete with WWE Champion John Cena in a non-title Triple Threat Match and if either Edge or Jericho win, then that Superstar will qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way, but if Cena wins, then they get “nothing”! Can Edge or Chris Jericho qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match or will John Cena ensure that another Superstar gets the final spot?

One night after successfully defending the Divas Title against Maryse at WWE Over The Limit, Divas Champion Eve Torres would team with Gail Kim to face the team of Maryse & Alicia Fox. In the end, it was Maryse hitting the French Kiss DDT en route to picking up the win by pinning the Divas Champion! Has Maryse earned another opportunity at the Divas Title?

Then it was time to determine the new United States Champion as former United States Champion The Miz would go one-on-one with R-Truth! At the end of a hard-fought, back-and-forth match, it was R-Truth finally putting The Miz down with the Lie Detector en route to pinning Miz and winning the United States Title for the first time in his career! How will R-Truth fare as the new United States Champion?

The Guest Host of RAW then made an appearance as legendary actor, comedian, and owner of the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Jon Lovitz came to the ring, with The Bella Twins, to host and judge the “Jon Lovitz’s Superstar Search”! The first contestants were The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh, who did their rendition of the musical number from the classic movie, “Young Frankenstein”, but Lovitz was not impressed and hit the buzzer on Khali & Singh! “The Sour Songstress” Jillian then came out and, before Jillian even opened her mouth, Lovitz hit the buzzer to send Jillian packing! Quickly fed up with the Superstar Search, Lovitz turned to the fans and brought a fan out of the crowd by the name of Joe, who pulled his fake eye out of his head! This brings out Ted DiBiase, along with his “personal assistant”, Virgil, as DiBiase tried to by Joe’s fake eye! This brings out Santino Marella, who threatens to use a unique hold that was taught to him by Jon Lovitz! Santino then uses the technique Virgil, rendering Virgil unconscious! Santino then tries it on DiBiase, but to no avail as “The Fortunate Son” grabs Santino and leaves Marella laid out with Dream Street!

One night after successfully defending the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles against The Miz & Chris Jericho at WWE Over The Limit, Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty were in action on RAW as they squared off with William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov in a non-title bout! In a quick bout, it was The Hart Dynasty hitting the Hart Attack on William Regal en route to picking up the dominant win! Immediately after the match, a never-before-seen tag team and Diva assaulted The Hart Dynasty and hit a triple Frog Splash as all three members of this new trio hit a Frog Splash on Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, & Natalya! Who is this mysterious new trio? How will The Hart Dynasty respond these strangers attacking them after their match?

After being attacked by eliminated NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan on last week’s NXT, commentator Michael Cole revealed that he is going to call Bryan out on NXT and “demand” that Bryan “apologize” for the attack last week or he will sue Bryan for “everything he’s worth”! Will Cole get his apology from Daniel Bryan?

Then it was time for the main event as, one night after a brutal “I Quit” Match against Batista, WWE Champion John Cena would face “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat Match where, if Edge or Jericho win, then that Superstar will qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way, but if Cena wins, then neither man will qualify! In the end, it was Chris Jericho hitting the Codebreaker on John Cena, followed by Edge hitting the Spear on Jericho that led to Edge pinning Jericho at the end of a unique and hard-fought match to qualify for the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way! After the match, both Sheamus and Randy Orton came out as Orton, Sheamus, Edge, & WWE Champion John Cena all stared each other down, knowing the stakes of the upcoming Fatal 4-Way Match! Can John Cena survive “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge, “The Viper” Randy Orton, & “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus in an every man for himself Fatal 4-Way Match to retain the WWE Title or will one of these former champions regain the gold?