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WWE Spoilers: Top RAW Superstar Injured at WWE Over The Limit!

While it has not been confirmed by or any other source, RAW Superstar Randy Orton has apparently suffered some sort of injury at last night’s WWE Over The Limit where he went one-on-one with Edge. Again, nothing is confirmed, but it looks as though Orton has either re-injured his previously broken collarbone or, more likely, has separated his shoulder. During the match last night, Orton was slapping and pounding the mat with his hands as he typically does when he is set to hit the RKO, which looked like it was going to be the match-ending move, but during the pounding on the mat, Orton stopped abruptly and began holding his shoulder as his right arm had gone completely limp and his shoulder had a purple discoloration to it. Edge got to his feet and the plan seemed to be for Orton to catch him with the RKO, but the referee was heard telling Edge "he’s hurt", which led to Edge kneeling back down near the ropes and the referee then gave the "X" symbol with his arms that signifies an injury and informs the EMT’s on hand. Orton then delivered a kick to Edge and Edge rolled to the outside, where Orton followed. Orton still tried to get his right arm to work even slightly to no avail, so Edge and Orton seemingly whispered to each other a plan to end the match quickly. This led to Edge knocking Orton back and setting up for a Spear. Edge then went for the Spear and Orton got out of the way, which led to Edge colliding with the barricade. The referee then executed his ten count, ending the match on a double count-out. After the match, an EMT came out and checked on Orton. As Orton walked away from ringside, a clear disfigurement and discoloration was shown in Orton’s shoulder area.

Another possible injury coming out of WWE Over The Limit is World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger as a spot after the World Heavyweight Title match against Big Show saw Big Show chokeslam Swagger onto a steel chair, but the "lip" of the chair was bent upwards and Swagger’s back was slammed onto the bent spot. Swagger was then assisted by an EMT and helped to the back by several referees.

Also at WWE Over The Limit, WWE Champion John Cena was busted open after he was put through the Spanish announce table by Batista. EMT’s tended to Cena and did their best to "patch" Cena up for the rest of the match. CM Punk was also badly busted open during his match with Rey Mysterio and EMT’s also did their best to "patch" Punk up, but the bleeding never fully stopped and the cut was opened up more after the match as Punk had his head forcefully shaved.

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