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WWE NXT May 25, 2010 Detailed Results

The fourteenth edition of WWE NXT came to you from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH. With only Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Slater, & Justin Gabriel remaining, the fourth WWE Pros’ Poll will be revealed and yet another NXT Rookie will be eliminated from the competition! After being verbally and physically attacked by eliminated NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan last week, commentator Michael Cole will call out Daniel Bryan and demand an apology and, if Bryan refuses, Cole has vowed to sue Bryan for “everything he’s worth”!

Match Results

  • R-Truth & David Otunga def. Christian & Heath Slater by David Otunga pinning Heath Slater by rolling through a high cross body attempt.
  • Justin Gabriel def. Wade Barrett by pin with the 450 Splash.

Detailed Results

The show kicks off with NXT Host Matt Striker as Striker brings out six of the seven WWE Pros, with CM Punk refusing to appear due to his head being shaved at WWE Over The Limit, as Chris Jericho, The Miz, Matt Hardy, William Regal, Christian, and the new United States Champion R-Truth take their seats on the stage! Matt Striker then introduces the final four NXT Rookies as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Slater, & Justin Gabriel enter the ring before Striker announces that next week’s NXT will be the Season Finale of NXT as the Rookie who survives next week will be the winner of the NXT competition! When asked who should be eliminated, Wade Barrett stated that he wants Heath Slater gone, Justin Gabriel says that David Otunga should go home, David Otunga says that Justin Gabriel should go, and Heath Slater says Wade Barrett should be eliminated! Matt Striker then announces that the Rookies will be teaming up with their respective WWE Pros in tag team action on NXT!

With another NXT Rookie set to be eliminated by night’s end, the final four NXT Rookies would be looking to impress the WWE Pros and two NXT Rookies would be looking to impress their WWE Pros, first-hand, as Heath Slater team with his WWE Pro, Christian, to face David Otunga and his WWE Pro, the new United States Champion R-Truth! In the end, it was David Otunga utilizing a veteran-like move by rolling through a high cross body by Heath Slater into a pinning situation to win the match for himself and R-Truth! How will David Otunga’s performance in the tag match weigh in with the WWE Pros’ Poll?

Commentator Michael Cole makes an appearance in the ring and states that he could sue Daniel Bryan for “everything he’s worth”, but he is going to be a “bigger man” than Daniel Bryan last week and give Bryan the opportunity to avoid being sued by delivering a public apology to him for his actions last week! Daniel Bryan comes out and Michael Cole takes his place behind a four-man security force as Bryan says he is going to agree to apologize to Cole! Cole then asks the security team to wait outside the ring before Bryan says he is “truly sorry” for his attack last week and states that it is “all over” before he shakes the hand of Cole! Daniel Bryan then says that he is “sorry” that Cole is “by far the worst announcer in WWE history” and, after the security force steps between Bryan and Cole, Bryan says that a “man” does not hide behind security or an announce table! Bryan then says that he was paired with the “worst Pro” in The Miz and that Cole did not get his announcing job because he was “good”! Cole responds by saying that Bryan should take a “look in the mirror” and stop “making excuses” by blaming The Miz, him, and WWE Management! Cole continues that Bryan did not have “what it took” and the only person he saw “tap out” was Bryan, because he “tapped out of the competition”! Cole then calls Bryan a “loser” and says that “losers have no heart”! Michael Cole then actually slaps Daniel Bryan and Bryan had then heard enough as he tried to attack Michael Cole again and, after slipping away from security, Bryan gets his hands on Cole before security quickly pulls Bryan off the announcer! As security escorts Daniel Bryan out, The Miz gets in the face of Bryan and tells Bryan that he should just “leave” and Bryan responds by attacking The Miz, which sparks a brawl between Bryan and Miz that, after several attempts, security is finally able to break up! What will be the fallout of Daniel Bryan’s attacks on both The Miz & Michael Cole?

With another NXT elimination looming, “The Bare Knuckle Brit” Wade Barrett would go one-on-one with the lightning-quick Justin Gabriel! In the end, it was Gabriel overcoming his larger adversary and hitting the 450 Splash en route to picking up the win over Wade Barrett! How will this match affect the WWE Pros? Could Wade Barrett’s loss lead to his elimination?

Then it was time for the WWE Pros’ Poll to be revealed as Wade Barrett retained his #1 spot in the competition and David Otunga retained his #2 spot in the competition! That meant that either Heath Slater or Justin Gabriel would be eliminated from NXT and it was announced that Justin Gabriel secured the number three spot, meaning that Heath Slater was eliminated! Slater’s WWE Pro, Christian, spoke on the elimination first by stating that Heath Slater could have “done it” and tells Slater that he believes that Slater has a “big future” ahead of him! The Miz then states that Slater’s elimination came as a result of Slater not giving it his “all” and says that a WWE Superstars needs to go “full throttle” and says that a Superstar can never be “off” in the WWE! United States Champion R-Truth states that, in the WWE, it is the “survival of the fittest” before wishing Slater the “best of luck”! Chris Jericho then comments by saying that it does not matter who is eliminated because his NXT Rookie, Wade Barrett, will win the competition! Jericho then tells Barrett that on NXT, he is the “best” and it is time that he start “acting like it”! Heath Slater then comments on his eliminated by saying that he has done “far too much” in NXT to be going anywhere and reminds the WWE Pros that he was the first NXT Rookie to defeat a WWE Pro and also defeated Chris Jericho during his time in NXT before vowing that Heath Slater will have an “encore”! Just three NXT Rookies remain with Wade Barrett, David Otunga, & Justin Gabriel surviving, but who will win the NXT competition and become a WWE Superstar in the NXT Season Finale next week?