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Ruses Raw Review: 31st May 2010

Cor blimey guv’nor, that’s something I never thought I’d see – Evan Bourne in the main event. The little fella did himself justice as well. Not once did he look out of place amongst the current WWE elite of John Cena, Sheamus and Edge.
I don’t envisage a gargantuan push for him just yet, but in a short time on Monday night – a short time that the live audience lapped up with vigour – Bourne emphasised that one day he could become a regular member of the top-tier crowd.
So how did the high flier work his way into the show-ending tag team match? Well I’ll tell you. As Raw went on the air, we were witness to Edge giving an intense kick-based beating to Bourne. The reason being – as Cole and King informed us – was that the master of the Shooting Star Press had – before the TV cameras were rolling – interrupted The Rated-R Superstar, telling him he wanted to battle the Canadian for his place in the red brand’s Fatal 4-Way championship match.
I think that’s what happened. It would have been a lot easier to explain if Bourne’s words were actually shown on telly and I have no idea why they weren’t. If it was down to time constraints, there was plenty of other hogwash they could have cut.
Anyway, Edge declined the offer and – despite some brief Evan resistance – levelled the fan favourite with a spear. Cue a Chris Jericho-like promo – albeit with shorter words – about how he is better than the three men he will combat in a few Sundays time, and then cue Randy Orton.
The Viper listened intently to Edge’s musings, much like he did during the nine-time world champion’s first post-draft promo a couple of months ago, and then, just like a couple of months ago, he connected with an RKO, proving that his dickey shoulder was – relatively – OK.
It didn’t remain that way. Later on, Edge smacked a door onto Orton’s ailment therefore taking him out of the evening’s main event, hence Bourne getting his shot at the big time.
If Orton’s injury is serious, I hope he doesn’t opt – or is forced – to wrestle at the next pay-per-view. The last thing WWE needs is their biggest star on the shelf for a long period. The joy of the fatal four-way setup is that it doesn’t hinge on one man. Therefore, Orton could be replaced – most likely by Bourne or even a returning Triple H – and the match would not suffer too greatly. For what it’s worth though, I think Randy will be fit to compete and what’s more, I think he’ll leave the Nassau Coliseum with the strap.
Elsewhere, new United States Champion R-Truth defeated Chris Jericho in a cracking little non-title contest, made even better by the man formerly known as Y2J’s post-bout looks of anguish. With many of Raw’s other stars tied up at the moment, hopefully this match will lead to a feud between the pair. Battling Jericho will up Truth’s game and should show what I believe, but many don’t – that the fun-loving rapper is more than just a Flash Harry, and can mix in-ring substance with his very evident style.
The always sexy Eve and the always entertaining Santino Marella were victorious over the always sexy Maryse and the always entertaining William Regal after the often boring Vladimir Kozlov hit the veteran Englishman with an Iron Curtain.
It looks as though the Russian – who was actually born in Ukraine – will now unite with Marella in one of those oddball tag teams that Vince and co seem to adore. It might work, however, and will certainly garner more interest than seeing Kozlov play the evil foreign guy and decimate endless jobbers.
Raw’s newest trio and The Hart Dynasty’s latest nemeses, The Usos, introduced themselves to the WWE Universe this week and we found out – as if we Internet geeks didn’t already know – that the twin brothers, Jimmy and Jay, are the sons of Rikishi and the chick, Tamina, is the female offspring of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka.
Their promo wasn’t outstanding but it was good enough to maintain my attention and rather rarely for new additions to the main roster, I actually care about them from the off. The feud with Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya – who they got into fisticuffs with once again on Monday – looks like it could be fun.
I am also delighted that the group are being portrayed as civilised human beings and not the “stereotypical” WWE Samoans who stick horns through their noses, flail their arms around and yell “ooger booger” at every given opportunity.
I didn’t enjoy the “Zack Ryder is going to get a hit courtesy of guest host Aston Kutcher” crap as it was obvious that Alicia “I’ve Got a Banging Body” Fox was going to be the deliverer of it, while the mid-show segment between Bret “I’ve Got Awful Taste in Sunglasses” Hart, Ted DiBiase, Kutcher, and eventually Vincent Kennedy McMahon dragged on too long. I must admit, though, I am intrigued to see what the chairman has in store for Raw’s General Manager.
I had hoped for a bigger payout from the much-anticipated Miz v Daniel Bryan match – a short but enjoyable contest that The American Dragon won – but hopefully I, and in fact all of us, will get that at Fatal 4-Way. These two men have put too much into this rivalry for it to peter out now. And while I’m on the subject, check out Michael Cole’s face when Bryan pins Miz. The word epic doesn’t do it justice.
Next week the A-Team are in the house. Not the original foursome, mind you, just the stars of the 2010 film version. Still, you’d have to be crazy fools not to tune in.

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Seeing Evan Bourne in the main event was kind of weird. Aside from that, it was just an average Raw.

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