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WWE NXT Season One Finale Detailed Results

After fourteen weeks of intense competition, both in and out of the ring, and after five Rookies were eliminated, it all comes down to three NXT Rookies as the Season Finale of WWE NXT came to you, live, from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. On the Season Finale of WWE NXT, one of the three remaining NXT Rookies would achieve their dream of becoming a WWE Superstar and, on top of that, the winner of WWE NXT would earn a title shot at an upcoming pay-per-view event as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, & Justin Gabriel would do their best to impress the WWE Pros one last time and convince the Pros that they have what it takes to be a WWE Superstar!

Match Results

  • Triple Threat Elimination Match: Wade Barrett def. David Otunga & Justin Gabriel

Detailed Results

The show kicks off with NXT Host Matt Striker, who directs attention to the five eliminated NXT Rookies, who are seated in the front row at ringside! Matt Striker then introduces the seven WWE Pros as Chris Jericho, The Miz, Matt Hardy, United States Champion R-Truth, William Regal, Christian, & CM Punk take their seat on the stage! Striker then brings out the three finalists in the NXT competition as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, & Justin Gabriel come out and take their spots in the ring! Striker then reveals that there will be two WWE Pros’ Poll on the Season Finale where the first Poll will see one of the three Rookies will be eliminated and the second Poll will determine the season one winner of NXT! Striker also announced that the three remaining Rookies will compete against each other in a Triple Threat Elimination Match as the Rookies look to impress the WWE Pros one more time! Which NXT Rookies will emerge as the winner of WWE NXT?

While the season one winner of NXT will be revealed, it was announced that next week’s NXT will be the premiere of season two as a whole new batch of NXT Rookies will look to be the next breakout WWE Superstar! The first Rookie for season two of NXT was revealed to be a competitor by the name of Husky Harris, who is a third-generation star; the grandson of Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan and the son of Mike “I.R.S.” Rotunda! The WWE Pro that would be mentoring the 290 lbs. Rookie would be none other than the second-generation SmackDown Superstar Cody Rhodes! How will Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris get along in their Pro/Rookie partnership?

Another NXT season two Rookie was revealed on the Season Finale as the gargantuan seven foot, one inch Eli Cottonwood would take part in the competition and the WWE Pro of this giant will be former Intercontinental Champion “The Guru of Greatness” John Morrison! How will John Morrison work out as a mentor for the giant Eli Cottonwood?

The three remaining NXT Rookies were in action on the Season Finale as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, & Justin Gabriel would face off in a Triple Threat Elimination Match in a last ditch effort to impress the WWE Pros! The first elimination came at the hands of an opportunistic Wade Barrett as, after Justin Gabriel hit the 450 Splash on David Otunga, Barrett pulled Gabriel out of the ring and pinned Otunga to eliminate “A-List” from the match! The end of the match came when Justin Gabriel, seemingly, had Wade Barrett where he wanted him as Gabriel went to the top rope and went for the 450 Splash, but Barrett got his knees up and drove them into the ribs of Gabriel, which allowed Barrett to roll Gabriel up and pick up the win! How will this win weigh in on the first of two WWE Pros’ Poll?

Another season two NXT Rookie was revealed on the Season Finale as the flamboyant and charismatic Percy Watson will be a part of NXT season two and his WWE Pro will be former United States Champion, “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP! How will these two Florida natives get along on NXT?

After a career in football, Titus O’Neil comes to season two of NXT as the former player would be mentored by “The Long Island Loudmouth” Zack Ryder! How will the very different Titus O’Neil & Zack Ryder co-exist?

Then it was time for one of the three NXT Rookies to be sent packing as the first of two WWE Pros’ Poll would see Wade Barrett, David Otunga, or Justin Gabriel getting eliminated! After most of the eliminated NXT Rookies felt that Wade Barrett should win season one of NXT, the first of two WWE Pros’ Poll revealed that Wade Barrett retained his spot at number one and, unfortunately for Justin Gabriel, David Otunga also retained his spot at number two, meaning that the South African native Justin Gabriel is gone from NXT! After being eliminated, Justin Gabriel vowed that he will make it in the WWE and he will be a World Champion! Upon his exit from the arena, Gabriel was stopped by his former WWE Pro Matt Hardy, who told his former Rookie that Justin Gabriel “will not die”! With Wade Barrett & David Otunga remaining, who will emerge from season one of NXT as a WWE Superstar?

The internationally known no-nonsense martial arts expert known simply as Kaval will take part in season two of NXT and this serious competitor will be mentored by, not only the first WWE Pro pair, but they are the first Diva WWE Pros as the self-proclaimed co-Women’s Champions Lay-Cool will serve as the WWE Pro pair for Kaval! How will the sometimes ridiculous Lay-Cool serve as co-mentors to a straight-laced competitor such as Kaval?

After some close calls in his life, Jason Cannon has earned the nickname “Lucky” and now “Lucky” will have his shot at being a WWE Superstar as he will be a part of NXT season two and his mentor will be none other than “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry! How will Mark Henry do as a WWE Pro to Jason “Lucky” Cannon?

Before the final WWE Pros’ Poll would decide their fate, Wade Barrett & David Otunga were given sixty seconds to tell the WWE Pros why they should go on to be a WWE Superstar and why the other Rookie should be eliminated! David Otunga goes first and calls Barrett “ugly” and insults Barrett’s nose and teeth before saying he has a “cover shot face”, unlike Wade Barrett! Otunga says that Barrett is not the “total package” like he is! Wade Barrett then takes his turn and tells Otunga that he is a “fighter” which is why his nose is the way it is! Barrett says that Otunga has the body, but Otunga does not know how to “use it” and says that The Great Khali moves with more “balance and poise” than Otunga and that Otunga does not have any “tangible qualities” for WWE to hang onto!

Another NXT Rookie was revealed for NXT season two as the son of WWE Hall of Famer Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig, Michael McGillicutty and the WWE Pro of this third-generation competitor will be none other than Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston! How will Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty co-exist on NXT?

After having sixty seconds to state their case to the WWE Pros, it was time to reveal the final WWE Pros’ Poll that would determine who would win the first season of NXT and become a WWE Superstar and earn a title match at a future pay-per-view event as either Wade Barrett or David Otunga would be selected as the winner of season one of NXT! Before the final WWE Pros’ Poll took place, WWE Pro The Miz steps up and makes the announcement that he will serve as a WWE Pro in season two and his NXT Rookie will be a confident hopeful by the name of Alex Riley! Will The Miz fare better as a WWE Pro to Alex Riley than he did to Daniel Bryan?

After a confrontation between the seven WWE Pros, the final WWE Pros’ Poll was revealed and, after fourteen weeks of competition, hardships, and eliminations, it was revealed that “The Bare-Knuckle Brit” Wade Barrett is the WWE’s next breakout star! Wade Barrett then stated that “change” is there and proclaimed that he will be a World Champion in the WWE! What heights will Wade Barrett reach as a WWE Superstar? Will Barrett be a part of RAW or SmackDown? Have we seen the last of the seven NXT Rookies who have been eliminated from the competition? How will season two of NXT play out when it kicks off next week?