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WWE Week In Review: May 30, 2010- June 5, 2010

WWE Week in Review: Edition CIX
May 30, 2010- June 5, 2010

Welcome to the one-hundred ninth of the WWE Week in Review. Feel free to contact me on TWO or Wrestling 101 anytime with comments, questions, and anything in between. Make sure to check out the section at the end of the article highlighting a different WWE Superstar, Diva, or Alumni every week. I have also added a section that lists where WWE will be hosting their weekly television shows and monthly pay-per-views. Also, you can find me on Facebook and on Twitter under the username, TheCiSH

The 888th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Frank Erwin Center at UT Austin in Austin, TX. The star of the new film, “Killers” would serve as Guest Host as famed actor, producer, and lifelong WWE fan Ashton Kutcher would be on hand for RAW! Three weeks before all four of them face off for the WWE Title in a Fatal 4-Way Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way, WWE Champion John Cena would team with his former rival, “The Viper” Randy Orton to face the team of “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge & “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus!

Monday Night RAW (May 31, 2010)
Good Week For: Evan Bourne (pinned Sheamus in the tag team main event)
Bad Week For: Michael Cole (was, once again, attacked and embarrassed by Daniel Bryan)

Detailed Results Follow…

RAW kicked off in an unusual manner as the show starts in the middle of Edge assaulting Evan Bourne! In the aftermath of an apparent pre-show confrontation between Edge & Bourne, Edge assaulted Bourne, but the resilient high-flyer fought back against “The Rated-R Superstar”, but when Bourne went for the Air Bourne, Edge rolled out of the way and put Bourne down with the Spear! Edge then states that, what he just did to Bourne, will be the fate of his opponents in the Fatal 4-Way WWE Title! Edge then says that, no matter what he does, the fans “disrespect” him and states that he is “nothing” like his three opponents! Edge then accuses the fans of being “sheep” for Randy Orton and that they should not be surprised when “The Viper” bites them! Edge then vows that he will prove all of those who have shown him “disrespect” wrong when he becomes a ten-time World Champion! This brings out “The Viper” Randy Orton, who comes face-to-face with Edge and “The Ultimate Opportunist” tells Orton that they both know that Orton is not “100%”! Edge then says that Orton will not win at WWE Fatal 4-Way and vows to “hurt” Orton at the event and states that he is “not kidding”! Randy Orton responds by, bad shoulder and all, laying Edge out with the RKO! While Randy Orton was able to lay Edge out with the RKO, will Orton be completely healed come WWE Fatal 4-Way?

Backstage, after a Twitter battle with “The Long Island Loudmouth” Zack Ryder, Guest Host Ashton Kutcher revealed that he is putting a “hit” on Ryder; a “hit” that absolutely anyone in the WWE can take advantage of! After The Miz confronted Kutcher, the Guest Host revealed that new RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart has put The Miz in action on RAW against a man that is on a “one-night contract” as The Miz would go one-on-one with his former NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan! After hearing this, Miz vowed to “beat” Daniel Bryan to a “bloody pulp”! Will The Miz fulfill his promise or will Daniel Bryan defeat his former mentor?

The new United States Champion, R-Truth, was in action on RAW as he went one-on-one with former World Champion Chris Jericho in a non-title match! In the end, it was R-Truth countering the Walls of Jericho into a roll-up to catch Jericho off guard and pick up the win! How will Chris Jericho respond to this loss? Who will be the first Superstar to step up and challenge R-Truth for the United States Title?

Backstage, Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty meet up with RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who reveals that he signed the team who attacked them last week and reveals that they are the Usos! What further impact will the Usos have on The Hart Dynasty? How will The Hart Dynasty respond?

Divas Champion Eve Torres was in action on RAW as she would team with Santino Marella to face the team of former Divas Champion Maryse and the 2008 King of the Ring William Regal in a Mixed Tag Match! During the match, Eve Torres attacked William Regal to break up the Regal Stretch, which brought Maryse in as a brawl ensued between Eve & Maryse, which distracted the referee and allowed Vladimir Kozlov to enter the ring and turn on his tag team partner as Kozlov planted William Regal with the Iron Curtain, which allowed Santino to drape his arm over Regal and pick up the win for his team! Has Vladimir Kozlov accepted the plea of Santino Marella to form a tag team?

The new General Manager of RAW, Bret “The Hitman” Hart made an appearance in the ring and stated that the fans would not believe how much “fun” he is having as the new GM before making the announcement that he has talked with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and they have agreed to have both RAW & SmackDown Superstars under the same roof on next week’s RAW for a three-hour special! Bret then says that he will be accepting ideas from the fans, as well as the WWE Superstars, on what they would like to see on next week’s RAW! Bret then vows that next week’s RAW will be a memorable one! Bret is then interrupted by “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase and his “personal assistant” Virgil! DiBiase offers his “suggestion”, which is to make him the General Manager next week and he has the money to get both Bret & Long whatever it takes for him to be GM! DiBiase then says that Bret returned to the WWE and became the new GM because Bret “needs money” and he can make Bret’s financial worries disappear if Bret would just name his “price”! Guest Host Ashton Kutcher then interrupts and offers his suggestion of a “viewer’s choice” edition of RAW next week where the fans take over and get to choose various elements of the show! After Bret officially makes next week’s RAW a “viewer’s choice” edition, the WWE Chairman himself, Mr. McMahon made his first appearance on television since being defeated and pummeled by Bret Hart at WrestleMania! The Chairman confronts the new GM and states that, if the fans support Bret as the RAW General Manager, then he endorses it! Mr. McMahon then tells Bret that he has to treat the fans like “children” as the GM because the fans can not make “decisions for themselves”! The Chairman then wishes Bret “luck” and says that he hopes that Bret’s run as GM has a “happy ending”! Does Mr. McMahon have some sort of plan for Bret Hart or is the Chairman sincere in his wishes for Bret’s run as GM? What will go down on a special three-hour Viewer’s Choice edition of RAW next week when the WWE fans and WWE Superstars are in charge?

Backstage, “The Viper” Randy Orton is confronted by Zack Ryder as Orton is entering his dressing room, who accuses Orton of being hired by Guest Host Ashton Kutcher to take him out! Orton responds by telling Ryder that, if that was the case, then they would not be having that conversation! Orton then has his dressing room door slammed into his injured shoulder by Edge! What is the status of Randy Orton following this attack? How will this attack impact the main event of RAW?

As revealed by Guest Host Ashton Kutcher, eliminated NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan, competing on a one-night contract, went one-on-one with his former mentor The Miz! In the end, it was Daniel Bryan catching The Miz with a roll-up to pick up the shocking win! Immediately after the match, The Miz blasted Daniel Bryan from behind and assaulted Bryan before sending him to the outside! The Miz then held Daniel Bryan in front of commentator Michael Cole and tries to force an “apology” out of Bryan, but Bryan fights back and bounces Miz’s face off of the announce table before hurling Miz into Michael Cole! After upsetting The Miz in a match and embarrassing Michael Cole during his one night under contract, was Daniel Bryan’s explosive night on RAW his last?

One week after coming out of nowhere and attacking Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty, the newest RAW tag team, the Usos, formerly introduce themselves as Jay Uso, Jimmy Uso, & Tamina! The new trio then inform The Hart Dynasty that they are not the only ones who are rich in WWE heritage as The Usos are part of the legendary Samoan wrestling family that includes Superstars such as Hall of Famers The Wild Samoans as they are the twin sons of former WWE Superstar Rikishi and Tamina herself is the daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka! Tamina then states that they are there to “dominate” before The Hart Dynasty came out and attacked The Usos & Tamina! This dangerous new trio then fought back as Tamina blasted Natalya with a vicious clothesline on the outside, The Usos then delivered a devastating double super kick on David Hart Smith and a double Samoan drop on Tyson Kidd! Having dismantled Unified WWE Tag Team Champion The Hart Dynasty two weeks in a row, are The Usos on the fast track to becoming the new Unified WWE Tag Team Champions?

After having a “hit” put on him by Guest Host Ashton Kutcher, “The Long Island Loudmouth” Zack Ryder, along with Alicia Fox, came out and demanded to know who Ashton hired for the “hit”! Jerry “The King” Lawler then entered the ring with a steel chair, but Guest Host Ashton Kutcher revealed that it is not Lawler! This brings out The Great Khali, but Kutcher says it is not Khali! After Goldust comes out and Kutcher says it is not Goldust either, Kutcher tells Ryder that he will “never see it coming”, which led to Alicia Fox taking up the “hit” and delivering a scissors kick to Ryder!

Following the attack by Edge earlier in the night, it was revealed that Randy Orton would be unable to compete in the tag team main event against Edge & Sheamus, which left WWE Champion John Cena to make the decision to either find a replacement for Orton or face both Edge & Sheamus alone in a Handicap Match! Before his match, John Cena announces that he has found a partner and it is the Superstar who Edge attacked earlier in the night as Evan Bourne would team with “The Champ” to face “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge & “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus! In the end, it was John Cena hitting Sheamus with the Attitude Adjustment that left the door wide open for Evan Bourne to hit Air Bourne on Sheamus to allow Bourne to pin former WWE Champion Sheamus! As his Fatal 4-Way defense of the WWE Title against Edge, Sheamus, & Randy Orton draws closer, what can WWE Champion John Cena expect from his three challengers? What can the three challengers expect from each other?

After fourteen weeks of intense competition, both in and out of the ring, and after five Rookies were eliminated, it all comes down to three NXT Rookies as the Season Finale of WWE NXT came to you, live, from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. On the Season Finale of WWE NXT, one of the three remaining NXT Rookies would achieve their dream of becoming a WWE Superstar and, on top of that, the winner of WWE NXT would earn a title shot at an upcoming pay-per-view event as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, & Justin Gabriel would do their best to impress the WWE Pros one last time and convince the Pros that they have what it takes to be a WWE Superstar!

Season Finale of WWE NXT (June 1, 2010)
Good Week For: Wade Barrett (won the first season of WWE NXT)
Bad Week For: David Otunga (after surviving fourteen weeks of competition, was the final elimination in NXT season one)

Detailed Results Follow…

The show kicks off with NXT Host Matt Striker, who directs attention to the five eliminated NXT Rookies, who are seated in the front row at ringside! Matt Striker then introduces the seven WWE Pros as Chris Jericho, The Miz, Matt Hardy, United States Champion R-Truth, William Regal, Christian, & CM Punk take their seat on the stage! Striker then brings out the three finalists in the NXT competition as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, & Justin Gabriel come out and take their spots in the ring! Striker then reveals that there will be two WWE Pros’ Poll on the Season Finale where the first Poll will see one of the three Rookies will be eliminated and the second Poll will determine the season one winner of NXT! Striker also announced that the three remaining Rookies will compete against each other in a Triple Threat Elimination Match as the Rookies look to impress the WWE Pros one more time! Which NXT Rookies will emerge as the winner of WWE NXT?

While the season one winner of NXT will be revealed, it was announced that next week’s NXT will be the premiere of season two as a whole new batch of NXT Rookies will look to be the next breakout WWE Superstar! The first Rookie for season two of NXT was revealed to be a competitor by the name of Husky Harris, who is a third-generation star; the grandson of Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan and the son of Mike “I.R.S.” Rotunda! The WWE Pro that would be mentoring the 290 lbs. Rookie would be none other than the second-generation SmackDown Superstar Cody Rhodes! How will Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris get along in their Pro/Rookie partnership?

Another NXT season two Rookie was revealed on the Season Finale as the gargantuan seven foot, one inch Eli Cottonwood would take part in the competition and the WWE Pro of this giant will be former Intercontinental Champion “The Guru of Greatness” John Morrison! How will John Morrison work out as a mentor for the giant Eli Cottonwood?

The three remaining NXT Rookies were in action on the Season Finale as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, & Justin Gabriel would face off in a Triple Threat Elimination Match in a last ditch effort to impress the WWE Pros! The first elimination came at the hands of an opportunistic Wade Barrett as, after Justin Gabriel hit the 450 Splash on David Otunga, Barrett pulled Gabriel out of the ring and pinned Otunga to eliminate “A-List” from the match! The end of the match came when Justin Gabriel, seemingly, had Wade Barrett where he wanted him as Gabriel went to the top rope and went for the 450 Splash, but Barrett got his knees up and drove them into the ribs of Gabriel, which allowed Barrett to roll Gabriel up and pick up the win! How will this win weigh in on the first of two WWE Pros’ Poll?

Another season two NXT Rookie was revealed on the Season Finale as the flamboyant and charismatic Percy Watson will be a part of NXT season two and his WWE Pro will be former United States Champion, “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP! How will these two Florida natives get along on NXT?

After a career in football, Titus O’Neil comes to season two of NXT as the former player would be mentored by “The Long Island Loudmouth” Zack Ryder! How will the very different Titus O’Neil & Zack Ryder co-exist?

Then it was time for one of the three NXT Rookies to be sent packing as the first of two WWE Pros’ Poll would see Wade Barrett, David Otunga, or Justin Gabriel getting eliminated! After most of the eliminated NXT Rookies felt that Wade Barrett should win season one of NXT, the first of two WWE Pros’ Poll revealed that Wade Barrett retained his spot at number one and, unfortunately for Justin Gabriel, David Otunga also retained his spot at number two, meaning that the South African native Justin Gabriel is gone from NXT! After being eliminated, Justin Gabriel vowed that he will make it in the WWE and he will be a World Champion! Upon his exit from the arena, Gabriel was stopped by his former WWE Pro Matt Hardy, who told his former Rookie that Justin Gabriel “will not die”! With Wade Barrett & David Otunga remaining, who will emerge from season one of NXT as a WWE Superstar?

The internationally known no-nonsense martial arts expert known simply as Kaval will take part in season two of NXT and this serious competitor will be mentored by, not only the first WWE Pro pair, but they are the first Diva WWE Pros as the self-proclaimed co-Women’s Champions Lay-Cool will serve as the WWE Pro pair for Kaval! How will the sometimes ridiculous Lay-Cool serve as co-mentors to a straight-laced competitor such as Kaval?

After some close calls in his life, Jason Cannon has earned the nickname “Lucky” and now “Lucky” will have his shot at being a WWE Superstar as he will be a part of NXT season two and his mentor will be none other than “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry! How will Mark Henry do as a WWE Pro to Jason “Lucky” Cannon?

Before the final WWE Pros’ Poll would decide their fate, Wade Barrett & David Otunga were given sixty seconds to tell the WWE Pros why they should go on to be a WWE Superstar and why the other Rookie should be eliminated! David Otunga goes first and calls Barrett “ugly” and insults Barrett’s nose and teeth before saying he has a “cover shot face”, unlike Wade Barrett! Otunga says that Barrett is not the “total package” like he is! Wade Barrett then takes his turn and tells Otunga that he is a “fighter” which is why his nose is the way it is! Barrett says that Otunga has the body, but Otunga does not know how to “use it” and says that The Great Khali moves with more “balance and poise” than Otunga and that Otunga does not have any “tangible qualities” for WWE to hang onto!

Another NXT Rookie was revealed for NXT season two as the son of WWE Hall of Famer Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig, Michael McGillicutty and the WWE Pro of this third-generation competitor will be none other than Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston! How will Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty co-exist on NXT?

After having sixty seconds to state their case to the WWE Pros, it was time to reveal the final WWE Pros’ Poll that would determine who would win the first season of NXT and become a WWE Superstar and earn a title match at a future pay-per-view event as either Wade Barrett or David Otunga would be selected as the winner of season one of NXT! Before the final WWE Pros’ Poll took place, WWE Pro The Miz steps up and makes the announcement that he will serve as a WWE Pro in season two and his NXT Rookie will be a confident hopeful by the name of Alex Riley! Will The Miz fare better as a WWE Pro to Alex Riley than he did to Daniel Bryan?

After a confrontation between the seven WWE Pros, the final WWE Pros’ Poll was revealed and, after fourteen weeks of competition, hardships, and eliminations, it was revealed that “The Bare-Knuckle Brit” Wade Barrett is the WWE’s next breakout star! Wade Barrett then stated that “change” is there and proclaimed that he will be a World Champion in the WWE! What heights will Wade Barrett reach as a WWE Superstar? Will Barrett be a part of RAW or SmackDown? Have we seen the last of the seven NXT Rookies who have been eliminated from the competition? How will season two of NXT play out when it kicks off next week?

The 59th edition of WWE Superstars came to you from the Frank Erwin Center at UT Austin in Austin, TX and the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. After meeting in tag team action on last week’s SmackDown, WWE Superstars would see “Captain Charisma” Christian go one-on-one with “The Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero. One-half of the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” Michelle McCool would go one-on-one Tiffany. After being announced as a WWE Pro for season two of NXT, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry would square off with Primo on WWE Superstars. The Divas of RAW would also be in action as former Women’s Champion Gail Kim would go one-on-one with former Divas Champion Jillian.

WWE Superstars (June 3, 2010)
Good Week For: Dolph Ziggler (pinned Christian in the main event)
Bad Week For: Christian (was faced with a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, thanks to Vickie Guerrero)

Detailed Results Follow…

One of the new WWE Pros for the second season of WWE NXT was in action on WWE Superstars as Texas’ own “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry went one-on-one with Primo in the opening match of the night! Despite Primo’s best efforts, the size and strength of Mark Henry was too much for Primo and Henry was able to hit the World’s Strongest Slam en route to picking up the win!

Former Women’s Champion Gail Kim was in action on WWE Superstars against former Divas Champion Jillian. In the end, it was Gail Kim coming out of the clutches of defeat to hit the Eat Defeat out of nowhere en route to picking up the win!

One-half of the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” Michelle McCool was in action on WWE Superstars against Tiffany. In the end, it was Michelle McCool hitting the Faith Breaker on Tiffany en route to winning the bout!

Then it was time for the main event as, after facing each other in tag team action on last week’s SmackDown, “Captain Charisma” Christian would go one-on-one with “The Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero! In the middle of the contest, with Christian in control, SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero interrupts and announces that she is making the match a 2-on-1 Handicap Match where Chavo will be joined by Dolph Ziggler as they face Christian! In the end, it was a blind tag by Dolph Ziggler that led to Dolph hitting the Zig Zag on Christian en route to picking up the win!

The 563rd edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. After losing the Intercontinental Title to Kofi Kingston at WWE Over The Limit, “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre will invoke his rematch clause as he will challenge new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston for the gold!

Friday Night SmackDown (June 4, 2010)
Good Week For: Rey Mysterio (qualified for the Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Title Match)
Bad Week For: Drew McIntyre (failed to regain the Intercontinental Title and was laid out by Matt Hardy)

Detailed Results Follow…

The show kicks off with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long who states that, with “great regret”, he must inform the fans that, over the weekend, The Undertaker was found in a “vegetative state” by his brother, Kane, and that an “ongoing investigation” looking into “who or what” was responsible for the “brutal, heinous attack”! Who is responsible for this attack and when will The Undertaker be seen again? How will The Undertaker’s injuries affect the Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way?

Following this announcement, the lights dim and a collection of druids carry a casket to ringside and take their places surrounding the ring before “The Big Red Machine” Kane makes his entrance! Kane then steps up to a podium set up in the ring and orders that the coffin be opened and the druids do so to reveal that the casket is empty! Kane then states that, in “all likelihood”, The Undertaker will “no longer walk among us” and an angry, emotional Kane states that “gone is the face of darkness” all as a result of an “act of cowardice” and proclaims that “gone from the WWE is it’s most iconic figure” and “gone forever are the bonds of brotherhood”! Kane then states that The Undertaker will “rise from the dead no more” and states that “gone is The Undertaker”, but vows that “soon enough”, the ones responsible for the “atrocity” will too be “gone” and they will be “committed to the depths of hell” and to a “torturous existence”! Kane then emphatically shouts that there will be “vengeance” before paying his respects to a brother that, seemingly, will never return! Wrought with tears and emotional distress, Kane looks at the symbolic casket of The Undertaker! Is The Undertaker truly gone for good from the WWE? Who is responsible for finally ending the legacy of The Undertaker and what does Kane have in store for this individual?

Just a couple of weeks before he defends his gold in a Fatal 4-Way Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger was in action in the opening match of the night as “The All-American Champion” went one-on-one with “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP! At the end of a taxing back-and-forth match, it was Jack Swagger managing to roll-up MVP to pick up the win! After the match, MVP was blindsided with an attack by Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer as Archer laid out MVP with the Archer’s Arrow and Hawkins hit the big elbow drop on MVP! Was this the “impact” that Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer needed to keep them on the SmackDown roster?

Backstage, SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero confronts SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and tells Long that Dolph Ziggler should replace The Undertaker in the Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Title match at WWE Fatal 4-Way and calls Dolph “the only man on the roster who has the credentials” for the spot! This sparks an idea in the mind of Theodore Long as he reveals that every active SmackDown Superstar, with the exception of the competitors already in the Fatal 4-Way, will compete in a battle royal with the winner taking The Undertaker’s spot in the Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way! Which Superstar will get this coveted spot to be one of three challengers for the World Heavyweight Title at WWE Fatal 4-Way?

Backstage, Kane barges into the locker room of CM Punk and grabs the masked savior, which leads CM Punk to frantically tell Kane that The Straightedge Society is all about “brotherhood” and offers the assistance of The Straightedge Society to Kane’s cause! An enraged Kane then releases “The Straightedge Savior” from his grasp! Who is next in Kane’s interrogation as Kane investigates The Undertaker’s assault?

Then it was time for the Intercontinental Title to be defended as former champion Drew McIntyre invoked his rematch clause to challenge new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston for the gold! During the match, the cameras show the suspended Matt Hardy arriving through the crowd with a ticket in his hand as Matt takes his seat in the crowd as a fan! Later on in the match, Drew McIntyre approaches Matt Hardy at ringside and delivers a backhand slap to the suspended Matt Hardy! Matt tries to hop the railing, but security stops Matt, but it distracts McIntyre long enough for Kofi to hit the S.O.S. en route to successfully retaining his Intercontinental Title! After the match, Matt Hardy managed to break away from security, enter the ring, and deliver a Twist of Fate to McIntyre! How will Drew McIntyre respond to Matt Hardy’s interference?

The Divas were in action on SmackDown as Kelly Kelly went one-on-one with SmackDown’s resident Latina Diva, Rosa Mendes. During the match, the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” Lay-Cool appeared and watched the match from the stage! Despite the presence of Michelle McCool & Layla, Kelly Kelly was still able to hit the K2 en route to picking up the win over Rosa Mendes! Does Kelly Kelly have her sights set on becoming the next Women’s Champion?

Then it was time for the main event as the active SmackDown roster would compete in a Battle Royal where the winner will earn the spot formerly held by The Undertaker in the Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way as Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler, still Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Christian, Chris Masters, Finlay, Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer, MVP, Chavo Guerrero, Caylen Croft, Trent Barreta, JTG, Luke Gallows, and an enraged and emotional Kane would all go to war for the spot in the match! Luke Gallows scored the first elimination by eliminating Caylen Croft, followed by Kane eliminating Chris Masters, and Gallows eliminating Trent Barreta! Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston then sacrifices himself in order to eliminate Drew McIntyre! A little later on, Christian managed to eliminate Dolph Ziggler, but Finlay comes in from behind to eliminate Christian! Later on, Rey Mysterio manages to eliminate Chavo Guerrero! MVP & Finlay then team together to eliminate Vance Archer, but Finlay then eliminates MVP, followed by Kane eliminating Finlay and then Rey Mysterio eliminates Curt Hawkins to leave Rey Mysterio, Luke Gallows, & Kane left in the Battle Royal! Despite interference from the masked ally of The Straightedge Society, Kane was still able to eliminate “The Straightedge Disciple” Luke Gallows, leaving Kane one-on-one with Rey Mysterio in the Battle Royal! In the end, it was Rey Mysterio somehow finding a way to eliminate the larger Kane to earn the fourth spot in the Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Title match at WWE Fatal 4-Way! Can Rey Mysterio become the World Heavyweight Champion come WWE Fatal 4-Way?

Superstar of the Week: Season One Winner of NXT- Wade Barrett

Alumni Profile of the Week
Name: Batista
Born On: January 18, 1969 in Washington, D.C.
Age: 41
Trained By: Afa Anoa’i
WWE Run: May 9, 2002- May 24, 2010

Six Time World Champion (2x WWE & 4x World Heavyweight)
2005 Royal Rumble Winner
Three Time World Tag Team Champion (2x w/ Ric Flair & 1x w/ John Cena)
One Time WWE Tag Team Champion (w/ Rey Mysterio)

Did You Know?
Batista debuted under the name Deacon Bautista and served as the bodyguard for former WWE Superstar D-Von Dudley (then known as Reverend D-Von).

Next Week’s WWE Television Schedule
Monday, June 7: RAW, LIVE from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL
Tuesday, June 8: Season Two Premiere of NXT from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay, FL
Thursday, June 10: WWE Superstars from Miami, FL & Tampa Bay, FL
Friday, June 11: The St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay, FL Hosts SmackDown