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WWE: More Details on the Release of Daniel Bryan!

Despite what’s being reported, there are still some wrestlers and employees within WWE who think the Daniel Bryan release is an angle. However, all indications are that he has indeed been released.

Officials told everyone in the company from marketing people to doctors about his departure. Bryan Danielson is already seeking work on the independent scene. The final decision to release Bryan was made early Friday and he was informed shortly before WWE announced it on their website.

WWE gave him the impression that they would work together in the future but gave him no timetable on a return. Most within the company are feeling bad for Danielson because he was basically a scapegoat in the whole situation.

Danielson’s last match with WWE was on Wednesday night at the FCW event in Florida where he took part in a continuation of the NXT invasion. Obviously the invasion angle will be hurt now with his departure as he was considered the most well-rounded star of the group.