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WWE: Who Was Responsible For The Complaint That Led To Daniel Bryan’s Release?

Word is that someone outside of WWE with a lot of power made a complaint to Vince McMahon about Bryan choking Justin Roberts with his own tie on RAW because a scene like that was too violent for WWE. The belief among some if that in that incident, Bryan broke a company protocol that was put in place after the Chris Benoit tragedy that no talents were to use ropes or other objects to choke opponents. Obviously this has been done other times since the Benoit tragedy but the feeling is that it was this particular angle with Bryan and Roberts that got someone powerful enough to complain.

The footage of Bryan choking Roberts was edited off replays as was the footage of him spitting on John Cena. As of late last night, the footage of Bryan choking Roberts was still on WWE’s YouTube page but it has since been removed.

Who exactly made the complaint isn’t known yet but it had to be someone with a lot of influence to get a name like Danielson released. There’s speculation that it could be anyone from Mattel to people in Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign. Vince McMahon called WWE’s partnership with Mattel a game-changer and it’s possible that we’re really seeing Mattel’s influence now. It’s important to note that Mattel making the complaint is not confirmed.