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WWE Friday Night SmackDown June 18, 2010 Detailed Results

The 565th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the RBC Center at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. After weeks of going back-and-forth with “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre and his top supporter, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long will be forced, per the orders of Mr. McMahon, to compete in a one-on-one match with Drew McIntyre as, if he refuses to compete, Theodore Long will be fired! Just two nights before all four of them square off in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the World Heavyweight Title at WWE Fatal 4-Way, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger would team with “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk to face the team of “The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show and “The Master of the 619” Rey Mysterio!

Match Results

  • The Gate Crashers (Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer) def. Christian & MVP by Curt Hawkins pinning Christian following the Heat Seeking Elbow.
  • Drew McIntyre def. Theodore Long by pin.
  • Non-Title: Kelly Kelly (with Tiffany) def. Layla (with Michelle McCool) by pin following the K2.
  • Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Masters by pin following the Zig Zag.
  • Big Show & Rey Mysterio def. Jack Swagger & CM Punk (with Luke Gallows) by Rey Mysterio pinning Jack Swagger following a counter to the Swagger Bomb.

Detailed Results

Two nights before he is one of the three challengers in the Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Title Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way, the show opens with “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk, who proclaims that he will be a four-time World Heavyweight Champion come this Sunday and the only thing that would make it “better” would be if The Undertaker was there to see it! Punk then proclaims that he is the only man in WWE history to make The Undertaker “tap out” and if Undertaker was not in his current “vegetative state”, he would make him “tap out” again at WWE Fatal 4-Way! Punk then states that he and The Straightedge Society are not responsible for the attack on The Undertaker, but that does not make it any less “hilarious” to him and states that he wishes he was responsible for it, but that when the “perpetrator or perpetrators” are found, he will be the first to “shake their hand”! Punk then proclaims that the WWE is “so much better” with The Undertaker gone! This leads to the lights going out in the arena and when the lights come back, The Undertaker appears in the ring or so it would appear before CM Punk would reveal that The Undertaker was a fraud and it was just Luke Gallows disguised as “The Phenom”! CM Punk then symbolically crushes the signature black hat of The Undertaker! This brings out a none too happy Kane, who has his sights on CM Punk & Luke Gallows, but Kane is blasted from behind by Jack Swagger! The masked ally of The Straightedge Society then joins in on a four-on-one attack on “The Big Red Machine” as Punk and the masked ally hold Kane while Gallows hits a big splash on Kane and Jack Swagger hits two of his signature middle rope splashes! Big Show & Rey Mysterio then rush out and run Swagger & The Straightedge Society out of the ring, but Rey then hits the 619 on Kane and Big Show plants Kane with a chokeslam in an apparent dose of payback for Kane’s attack on them last week! Rey then slowly backs away from the ring as Big Show shouts at Kane that he had “nothing” to do with The Undertaker being taken out, but also yells that “nothing” will stop him from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion! How will Kane respond to this multiple-pronged attack?

After being attacked by Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer the last two weeks, “Captain Charisma” Christian would team with “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP to face the newly signed team known as The Gate Crashers! At the end of a chaotic tag match, it was The Gate Crashers isolating Christian and Vance Archer hitting the Archer’s Arrow which led to Curt Hawkins hitting the Heat Seeking Elbow on “Captain Charisma” en route to picking up the win over the two veteran Superstars! Despite having their SmackDown contracts, The Gate Crashers were not done trying to make an “impact” as they brought MVP back into the ring and Archer hit the Archer’s Arrow and Hawkins hit the Heat Seeking Elbow on MVP as well! Now that Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer have their SmackDown contracts, what heights will this new team reach on SmackDown?

After his aunt, SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero, was too busy “admiring” Dolph Ziggler in her office, Vickie got her privacy with Dolph by placing Chavo Guerrero in an impromptu one-on-one match against “The Brooklyn Baller” JTG! In the end, it was JTG hitting the Shout Out on Chavo en route to picking up the win! As long as Vickie is obsessed with Dolph Ziggler, will Chavo Guerrero continue to be treated in such a manner by his aunt?

It was announced on SmackDown that, this Sunday at WWE Fatal 4-Way, Kofi Kingston will defend the Intercontinental Championship against “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre! Will Drew McIntyre regain the Intercontinental Title this Sunday or will Kofi Kingston successfully defend the gold against “The Chosen One”?

Then it was time for SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long to be forced to compete in a one-on-one match against “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre as, if Long does not compete in the match, he will be fired! After Theodore Long does not appear, Drew McIntyre gets on the microphone and reminds the GM that, per the orders of WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, if Long does not compete, he will be fired! Faced with this ultimatum, Theodore Long reluctantly comes to the ring and McIntyre tells the GM that, to be sure that the match takes place without interference from Kofi Kingston or Matt Hardy, he has “enlisted” his own “private security force”! McIntyre’s security force comes down to ringside as McIntyre orders the referee to check Long for any “foreign objects”! Drew McIntyre then gets in the face of Theodore Long and tells Long to hit him or be fired! McIntyre continues to badger the GM and tells Long that, without the WWE, he is “nothing” and recommends that Long do as he says! “The Chosen One” then orders Theodore Long to get on his knees and publically dub McIntyre as “The Chosen One”! After McIntyre threatens to see to it that his family goes hungry, Theodore Long calls McIntyre “The Chosen One”! Drew McIntyre then instructs the humiliated GM to lay down in the middle of the ring and do so for his “lovely wife”! With his pride and dignity taken from him by Drew McIntyre, an emotional Theodore Long lays down in the middle of the ring and is given no choice but to let Drew McIntyre win the match! After the match, Drew McIntyre grabs an already dejected and humiliated Theodore Long and sets the GM up for the Future Shock DDT, but Kofi Kingston comes out! However, Drew McIntyre’s large security force gets a hold of Kofi Kingston and the security continues to hold Kofi while McIntyre assaults the helpless Intercontinental Champion! Having seen enough, Matt Hardy hops the barricade and manages to get a few shots in on Drew McIntyre before the security force grabs Matt and holds Matt for McIntyre to beat Matt down before McIntyre rolls Matt into the ring and plants Matt Hardy with the Future Shock DDT before ordering his security force to throw Kofi Kingston into the ring where McIntyre plants Kofi with the Future Shock DDT as well! What effect will this attack have on the Intercontinental Title match this Sunday at WWE Fatal 4-Way?

One-half of the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” Layla was in action on SmackDown as Layla, with Michelle McCool in her corner, would go one-on-one with Kelly Kelly, with Tiffany in her corner! After Michelle McCool interfered in the match on Layla’s behalf, Tiffany took McCool down and Layla then took Tiffany down, but this left the door open for Kelly Kelly to hit the K2 on Layla and pin the Women’s Champion! Has Kelly Kelly earned herself a Women’s Title opportunity?

With SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero in his corner, “The Platinum Superstar” Dolph Ziggler was in action on SmackDown as he went one-on-one with “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters! After not being able to keep the sleeper hold on Chris Masters, Dolph Ziggler went to the Zig Zag and was able to hit the maneuver en route to defeating “The Masterpiece”!

Then it was time for the main event as, just two nights before they all face off in a Fatal 4-Way for the World Heavyweight Title at WWE Fatal 4-Way, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger would team with “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk to face the team of “The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show & “The Master of the 619” Rey Mysterio! In the end, it was Rey Mysterio countering the Swagger Bomb that allowed Rey to pin the World Heavyweight Champion for the second week in a row to pick up the win for himself and Big Show! After the match, Kane comes out and, after taking Luke Gallows down on his way to the ring, Kane proceeded to knock Big Show off of the ring apron before planting Jack Swagger and CM Punk with thunderous chokeslams before planting Rey Mysterio with the Tombstone Piledriver! After laying waste to the Fatal 4-Way participants, Kane said that one of them is already in “hell”, but this Sunday will be a “fatal night” for whoever is responsible for the attack on The Undertaker! Will Kane find the perpetrator this Sunday? Will it be one of the Fatal 4-Way participants?