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WWE Monday Night RAW June 21, 2010 Detailed Results

One night after a historic and controversial WWE Fatal 4-Way, the 891st edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT. One night after the season one NXT Rookies perpetrated another attack on several WWE Superstars, including John Cena, and cost Cena the WWE Title in the Fatal 4-Way main event, the ramifications of the ex-Rookie contingent’s attack would be felt on RAW!

Match Results

  • Chris Jericho’s Career On The Line: Chris Jericho def. Evan Bourne by pin following the Codebreaker to keep his career intact.
  • Natalya (with The Hart Dynasty) & Tamina (with The Usos) fight to a No Contest when the NXT contingent come out.
  • John Morrison def. Zack Ryder by pin following Starship Pain.
  • Mixed Tag Match: Eve Torres & The Great Khali def. Alicia Fox & Primo by The Great Khali pinning Primo following the Punjabi Plunge.
  • WWE Championship: Special Enforcer- Mr. McMahon: Sheamus (c) & John Cena fight to a No Contest when the ex-NXT contingent comes out; Sheamus (c) retains.

Detailed Results

On the heels of a historic and controversial WWE Fatal 4-Way, RAW kicks off with WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, who states that, among the “ultimate sheer chaos” of last night’s event, there is a new WWE Champion in Sheamus and states there is “one person” who is responsible for that “chaos” and that is RAW General Manager Bret Hart! The Chairman states that Bret made a “bad decision” last week by firing Wade Barrett and dismissing the other ex-Rookies and says that, despite his abduction and being shaken up last week, it is “no reason” to not show up for WWE Fatal 4-Way! Mr. McMahon continues that Bret did not hire extra security or inform the RAW Superstars that another attack by the NXT contingent might occur and says that it is “all on Bret Hart! Mr. McMahon then announces that he has “no alternative” but to “relieve” Bret Hart of his duties as RAW General Manager; meaning that Bret Hart is fired! The Chairman then states that his firing of Bret Hart brings him “closure”! Mr. McMahon then announces that there is already a new RAW General Manager, but that the new GM has chosen to remain “anonymous” and that the GM will make their announcements through a laptop that will be situated on the announce table and, whenever the GM sends an email to the laptop, commentator Michael Cole will stand up and will read what the new GM wants to announce! Michael Cole then reads the first email from the anonymous RAW GM that makes the blockbuster announcement that all seven members of the ex-NXT contingent are now hired as Superstars and they will address the WWE fans on RAW! Before Mr. McMahon can exit the ring, the new WWE Champion Sheamus comes out! “The Celtic Champion” apologizes to the Chairman and says that last night was not how he wanted to win the WWE Championship; he wanted to defeat three of the top WWE Superstars by himself! Sheamus then announces that he “can’t accept” the WWE Championship under the given “conditions”! Sheamus starts to hand the WWE Title over to Mr. McMahon before putting the title back on his shoulder and states that he will “accept” it anyways! The new WWE Champion then delivers a message to the ex-NXT contingent by saying “thank you” for giving him the “opportunity” he “needed” to win the WWE Title, but states that he did not “need” their help because he could have won the WWE Title in the Fatal 4-Way Match on his own! Sheamus then says that the ex-Rookie contingent set out to “make a statement” at WWE Fatal 4-Way, but the only “statement” that was made was him winning his second WWE Championship! This brings out the former WWE Champion, John Cena, who “thanks” Mr. McMahon for the new anonymous General Manager and asks Michael Cole to send “thanks” to the new mystery GM for hiring the ex-NXT Rookies because now he knows that he can expect the ex-Rookie contingent! Cena then “thanks” Sheamus for winning the Fatal 4-Way and winning the WWE Title because now he can invoke his rematch clause for the WWE Championship on RAW! Sheamus responds by saying that Cena can “bark” all he wants, but he is still not getting a rematch for the WWE Title on RAW! However, the new anonymous RAW General Manager interrupts with a new email that announces that Sheamus will defend his newly won WWE Championship against former champion John Cena on RAW and, to ensure that there is no outside interference, there will be a Special Enforcer for the WWE Title match as the WWE Chairman himself, Mr. McMahon will serve as the law in the WWE Title match! Will John Cena regain his WWE Title just one night after losing it or will Sheamus find a way to retain the WWE Title? What role will Special Enforcer Mr. McMahon play in the result of the WWE Championship match?

One night after pinning Chris Jericho in a hard-fought match at WWE Fatal 4-Way, Evan Bourne would once again go one-on-one with Chris Jericho, who, before the match starts, reveals that he requested the rematch so that he can “make a statement” as, if he does not defeat Bourne, he will “walk out of the WWE forever”! At the end of another hard-fought match, Jericho was finally able to hit the Codebreaker and defeat Evan Bourne to keep his career intact! After the match, it looked like Chris Jericho was going to help Bourne to his feet and congratulate the high-flyer, but Jericho instead shoves Bourne down before leaving the ring! Now that Chris Jericho has finally defeated Evan Bourne, what is next for the former World Champion?

Backstage, “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase confronts his “personal assistant” Virgil and tells Virgil that his “services will no longer be needed” because he has “upgraded”! Ted DiBiase is then joined by Maryse before getting in the face of Virgil and telling Virgil that he is fired! Have we seen the last of Virgil? How will this new relationship between Ted DiBiase and Maryse work out?

One night after pinning Tamina in 6-Person Tag action at WWE Fatal 4-Way, the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Natalya, would go one-on-one with the daughter of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Tamina! In the middle of the match, the seven newest RAW Superstars make their way to ringside as the season one NXT Rookies hop the barricade and Wade Barrett states that he is there to “apologize” for their actions last week, but Barrett is interrupted by Tyson Kidd taking flight into the crowd of ex-Rookies! David Hart Smith joins the fray, but the seven-on-two odds are too much for the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions and the ex-NXT contingent leave The Hart Dynasty laid out on the outside!

In their first address as RAW Superstars, the seven ex-NXT Rookies appear in the ring and David Otunga “apologizes” on behalf of the group for their actions over the last few weeks and stated that they did it because of their “love” for the WWE and they would do “anything” to get signed by the WWE, but now that they have their contracts, things can get back to “normal”! Heath Slater then states that they have nothing against the WWE Superstars or the WWE fans before saying that the attacks have been “nothing personal” and there are a few individuals they want to “single out” and apologize to! Justin Gabriel then steps forward and apologizes to Bret Hart for their action last week and also apologizes to The Hart Dynasty for attacking them and hopes they can “co-exist”! Darren Young then apologizes to John Cena and states that it was “nothing personal”, but they needed to “make an impact” and to do so, they needed to attack the top guy before saying that John Cena will regain the WWE Title from Sheamus! Skip Sheffield then apologizes to the WWE fans, stating that the fans supported him in NXT and wants it to be like “old times” again before telling all of the fans they scared, they hope that the fans can “forgive and forget”! Michael Tarver then apologizes to his own children for what they have seen their father over recent weeks and states that, if any of the fans were in the same position, they would have done the same thing they did! Wade Barrett then speaks and states that he had a contract and a guaranteed pay-per-view title shot, but that he aligned himself with the other ex-Rookies due to “loyalty” and that they all decided to “stick together” and they were not going to let WWE management dictate their careers! Barrett then “promises” that the bond between the seven of them will “never be broken” before revealing that, not only has he been reinstated, but his pay-per-view title opportunity has been reinstated as well! Barrett then addresses the new WWE Champion Sheamus by saying that Sheamus would not be WWE Champion if it was not for them! Barrett continues that, regardless of who is champion, he will make “no apologies” for taking their title away! When will Wade Barrett cash in his guaranteed pay-per-view title match? What is next for the seven former NXT Rookies now that they are all RAW Superstars?

With his NXT season two Rookie, Eli Cottonwood, in tow, “The Monday Night Delight” John Morrison was scheduled to go one-on-one with “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase, but DiBiase states that he has “better things” to do, but that he found a “suitable replacement” before bringing out “The Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder, with his NXT season two Rookie, Titus O’Neil! In the end, it was John Morrison hitting Starship Pain en route to picking up the win over his fellow WWE Pro!

One night after losing the Divas Title in a Fatal 4-Way Match at WWE Fatal 4-Way, Eve Torres was in Mixed Tag action as Eve would team with The Great Khali to face new Divas Champion Alicia Fox and Primo! In the end, it was The Great Khali planting Primo with the Punjabi Plunge en route to picking up the win for his team!

“The Viper” Randy Orton makes an appearance on RAW and warns the newly signed NXT contingent that he will punt each and every one of them in the skull! Orton then states that he hopes that Wade Barrett becomes the new WWE Champion because he will be the one to “take it” from him! United States Champion The Miz then interrupts and says that he is “sick” of seeing Randy Orton in the main event and just “sick” of Randy Orton altogether! Miz then states that no one in the WWE has ever held the WWE and United States Titles at the same time before telling Orton that it is time for him to go to the “back of the line” because he will get the next shot at the WWE Title! The Miz then cheap shots Orton and attacks Orton, but Orton fires back and hits a powerslam on Miz before setting up for the RKO, but Miz is able to escape the ring! However, Orton is then blindsided by a Spear by Edge and, following the Spear, Edge tells Orton that “now the real fun begins”! What does this ominous message from Edge mean for Randy Orton?

Then it was time for the huge main event as, one night after winning the WWE Championship at WWE Fatal 4-Way, the new WWE Champion, Sheamus, would defend the gold against former champion John Cena and, per the orders of the new, anonymous RAW General Manager, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon will serve as the Special Enforcer for the title match to ensure that there is no outside interference! In the end, it looked like Sheamus was poised to successfully retain the WWE Title after hitting the pump kick, but the newly signed NXT contingent once again crashed the main event as the seven ex-Rookies chased Sheamus off before setting their sights on John Cena as the ex-Rookies pulled Cena out of the ring and hurled him over the announce table before turning the entire announce table over on top of Cena! WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon then enters the ring and brings the ex-NXT contingent into the ring and says he is taking “partial responsibility” for the actions of the contingent and starts to say that, next week, the new RAW General Manager will make an announcement, which changes the looks on the faces of the seven former Rookies as the season one NXT Rookies surround the WWE Chairman! The ruthless group of ex-Rookies viciously assault the head of the WWE; an assault that is capped with Wade Barrett hitting his signature maneuver on Mr. McMahon before Justin Gabriel hits the 450 Splash. After assaulting the ultimate force in the WWE in its Chairman, Mr. McMahon, what action will be taken against the ex-Rookie contingent? What will be the response from the new, anonymous RAW General Manager?