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WWE NXT June 29, 2010 Detailed Results

The fourth week of NXT Season Two came to you, live, from the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Three weeks after the beginning of Season Two of NXT saw us introduced to the grandson of Larry “The Axe” Hennig and the son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, Michael McGillicutty, the unstable Redwood known as Eli Cottonwood, the Rookie who considers himself lucky, Lucky Cannon, the flamboyant and charismatic “Showtime” Percy Watson, former Florida Gator Titus O’Neil, “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley, the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and the son of Mike “I.R.S” Rotunda, Husky Harris, & “The World Warrior” Kaval, the WWE Pros and the WWE fans will vote to determine the first NXT Poll of Season Two as the NXT Rookies will discover which one of them is the best and which ones need improvement to avoid eventual elimination!

>>Match Results<<

  • Keg Carrying Challenge: Lucky Cannon def. Alex Riley, Husky Harris, Titus O’Neil, Kaval, Percy Watson, Eli Cottonwood, & Michael McGillicutty to earn immunity from the first NXT elimination.
  • NXT Rookie Vs. WWE Pro: MVP def. Husky Harris by pin following the Play of the Day.
  • 6-Man Tag: Kaval, Lucky Cannon, & Michael McGillicutty def. Alex Riley, Titus O’Neil, & Eli Cottonwood by Kaval pinning Alex Riley following the Warrior’s Way.

>>Detailed Results<<

The show kicks off with NXT Co-Host Ashley Valence as Ashley introduces the eight NXT Rookies as Alex Riley, Husky Harris, Titus O’Neil, Kaval, Eli Cottonwood, “Showtime” Percy Watson, Lucky Cannon, & Michael McGillicutty take their spots on the stage! Valence then makes the shocking announcement that, not only will the first NXT Poll take place with votes cast by the eight WWE Pros and the WWE fans, but that the first elimination will also take place! Ashley then sends it to Co-Host Matt Striker, who introduces the first NXT challenge of NXT Season Two as the eight Rookies would compete in the Keg Carrying Challenge with the winner earning immunity from being eliminated first! Up first was third-generation Rookie, Michael McGillicutty, who almost immediately dropped the keg, meaning that he was disqualified! Up second was Lucky Cannon, who set the time to beat at 12.7 seconds; a time that “Showtime” Percy Watson & Eli Cottonwood just missed beating! Up next was “The World Warrior” Kaval, who says that the keg weighs “just as much” as he does and that he is not going to compete unless it is in the ring! Up next was the former Florida Gator, Titus O’Neil, who found himself tripping and falling with the keg, meaning that he was disqualified from the contest! Husky Harris was up next, but the third-generation competitor seemed to tweak his ankle about halfway through, resulting in Husky dropping the keg! When Matt Striker asked if Husky injured himself, Harris said that Striker was pretty brave for talking to him after last week and advised Striker to “back off”! Lastly, “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley competed in the Keg Carrying Challenge, but Riley came up just short on his time, meaning that Lucky Cannon wins the Keg Carrying Challenge and wins immunity from the first NXT elimination! Which Rookie’s dream will come to an end via the first NXT Poll and subsequent elimination?

The third-generation competitor, Husky Harris, would be looking to make a more direct impact on the WWE Pros as Husky would go one-on-one with WWE Pro, MVP! Despite a valiant effort by Husky Harris, experience won out in the end as MVP was able to hit the Play of the Day en route to pinning Husky for the win! How will Husky Harris’ match against MVP weigh with the WWE Pros and WWE fans?

With the first NXT Poll meaning the end of one of their dreams via the first NXT elimination, six of the Rookies would compete in a 6-Man Tag Match as the team of “The World Warrior” Kaval, the third-generation competitor Michael McGillicutty, and the immune Lucky Cannon would face the team of “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley, Titus O’Neil, & Eli Cottonwood! At the end of a chaotic 6-Man Tag, it was Kaval hitting the Warrior’s Way on Alex Riley en route to pinning Riley and picking up the win for his team! How will Kaval and the other Rookies’ performances weigh in with the WWE Pros and WWE fans?

Then it was time for the first NXT Poll and the subsequent first NXT elimination as the eight NXT Rookies line up at ringside to, with the exception of the immune Lucky Cannon, learn their fates! The top NXT Rookie, as voted on by the WWE Pros and the WWE fans, was “The World Warrior” Kaval, with the number two Rookie being “Showtime” Percy Watson, number three being Michael McGillicutty, number four being Alex Riley, number five being Lucky Cannon, and number six being Eli Cottonwood! This means that either Titus O’Neil or Husky Harris would be the first Rookie eliminated, with the third-generation competitor Husky Harris securing the number seven spot, meaning that Titus O’Neil is eliminated from NXT! Now that the seven remaining NXT Rookies know where they stand with the WWE Pros and the WWE fans, what will the Rookies do differently to either keep or improve their ranking?