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WWE: Update on Ricky Steamboat’s Condition

As noted before, WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat suffered a brain aneurysm on Wednesday night in Tampa and was hospitalized. It has been confirmed by people in WWE that this is not part of an angle from the Nexus attack on Monday. Steamboat was in intensive care but at last word he was in stable condition. Steamboat is expected to be hospitalized for some time. The situation has been described as very serious.

However, Steamboat was banged up from the angle at RAW. WWE went on their website the next day and made a storyline post saying that Steamboat suffered crack ribs, a neck injury and internal injuries. In real life, Steamboat suffered a legit neck injury and severe head pain from the Nexus attack. However, the aneurysm is not believed to be related to the RAW angle. It’s been reported that an angiogram revealed bleeding in Ricky’s brain.

Due to Steamboat’s condition, WWE has pulled the attack from their YouTube channel. They have also removed the previous storyline injury post. WWE updated the statement on their website with the following line: “According to medical officials, his condition is most likely not related to his performance on Monday night, and Ricky’s medical prognosis is good to excellent.”