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WWE NXT July 13, 2010 Detailed Results

The sixth week of NXT Season Two came to you from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. After weeks of terrorizing RAW, the ruthless group known as The Nexus returns to where it all began as The Nexus targets NXT! Also, as a result of winning the Talk The Talk Challenge last week, NXT Rookie “Showtime” Percy Watson would host his own talk show segment on NXT!

>>Match Results<<

  • Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon def. The Miz & Alex Riley by Mark Henry pinning Alex Riley following the World’s Strongest Slam.
  • Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal: The Nexus def. WWE Pros & NXT Rookies

>>Detailed Results<<

The show kicks off with the Co-Hosts of NXT, Matt Striker & Ashley Valence, as the Co-Hosts bring out the WWE Pros as Mark Henry, John Morrison, MVP, United States Champion The Miz, Zack Ryder, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, & Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston take their seats on the stage! Striker & Valence then introduce the “special guests” on NXT as the six healthy members of The Nexus come out and take their seats on the stage, opposite the WWE Pros! The spokesperson of The Nexus, Wade Barrett, states that it is a “privilege” to be on NXT and returning to NXT is a good way to “celebrate” their victory over John Cena on RAW! Barrett then states that they hope that the WWE Pros do not “instigate” anything with them as they are there to “enjoy the show”! Notorious for their ruthless attacks on WWE Superstars, WWE Legends, other WWE employees, and even WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, will The Nexus truly sit back and enjoy the show or does the diabolical group have something sinister in store for NXT?

One night after being assaulted and embarrassed by The Miz, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry would team with his NXT Rookie, Lucky Cannon, to face United States Champion The Miz and his NXT Rookie, Alex Riley, in tag team action! In the end, it was a revenge-driven Mark Henry delivering the World’s Strongest Slam to Alex Riley en route to picking up the win! After the match, Mark Henry sent a direct message to The Miz by dumping trash all over Miz’s Rookie, Alex Riley! What will happen this Sunday when The Miz and Mark Henry are two of eight participants in the RAW Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match?

As a result of winning the Talk The Talk Challenge on last week’s NXT, this week’s NXT would feature NXT Rookie “Showtime” Percy Watson hosting his own talk show, “The Showtime Percy Watson Show” as Percy’s special guest was none other than his WWE Pro, “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP! Percy Watson thanks MVP for his tutelage and MVP responds by urging his Rookie to make sure and always listen to the advice given to him! Percy Watson then states that MVP always talks about seizing opportunities and he is doing that, which leads to the other six NXT Rookies making their way to the ring to join Percy Watson! MVP then proclaims that, when he enters a “party”, he never goes “solo”, which prompts the rest of the WWE Pros to make their way to the ring to join MVP! NXT Co-Host Matt Striker then comes out and proposes that the Pros & Rookies square off in an Over-The-Top Rope Challenge, but The Nexus’ Wade Barrett interrupts and interjects the six members of The Nexus into the Battle Royal, stating that he will win the Battle Royal, just like he won NXT Season One!

The every man for himself Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal between the Season Two WWE Pros, NXT Rookies, & The Nexus then gets underway, but as soon as the bell rings, the six Nexus members slide out of the ring! The plan of The Nexus is soon revealed after a collaborative effort by The Miz, Alex Riley, Cody Rhodes, Husky Harris, Kaval, & Michael McGillicutty results in Mark Henry getting eliminated from the Battle Royal as the six Nexus members assault Mark Henry on the outside of the ring and send Henry shoulder-first into the steel ring post! Shortly after this, MVP & Kofi Kingston manage to eliminate Eli Cottonwood, which prompts The Nexus to hone in and attack Eli; an attack that ends with Skip Sheffield blasting Cottonwood with a clothesline! The next one eliminated was MVP as The Miz & Cody Rhodes work together to eliminate MVP, which leaves MVP prone to an attack by The Nexus, but Kofi Kingston & John Morrison intervene with dual baseball slides into the ruthless group! This prompts The Nexus to re-enter the ring and actively engage in the match itself as Nexus member Skip Sheffield eliminates Lucky Cannon, followed shortly by Nexus member David Otunga eliminating Percy Watson and Wade Barrett eliminating Michael McGillicutty! With Alex Riley pulled from the match after sustaining a laceration to the back of his head, the six members of The Nexus then regroup and Husky Harris takes a run at The Nexus, but the group easily deal with and eliminate the third-generation competitor! The five WWE Pros remaining then form an alliance to combat The Nexus, but The Miz opts to eliminate Zack Ryder as a proposal of a truce with The Nexus group! The Nexus then surrounds The Miz and, once he realized what fate he was about to endure, The Miz high-tailed it over the top rope; eliminating himself in the process! With Cody Rhodes staying out of the way of The Nexus, the six members of The Nexus focus their attack on John Morrison & Kofi Kingston and, after thoroughly assaulting both Superstars, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, & Skip Sheffield eliminate John Morrison from the Battle Royal! With Cody Rhodes unwilling to get involved, the six members of The Nexus focus their attack solely on Kofi Kingston as the ruthless group assault Kofi before eliminating the Intercontinental Champion! This elimination left Cody Rhodes all alone with the six Nexus members as The Nexus stomp away at Rhodes before eliminating the WWE Pro, leaving The Nexus as the winners of the Battle Royal! After the match, The Nexus lays waste to both Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes as Wade Barrett lays Kofi out with the Barrett Wasteland and Justin Gabriel hits his signature 450 Splash on Rhodes! After once again leaving destruction in their wake, The Nexus’ spokesperson, Wade Barrett, proclaims that “you are either Nexus or against us”! After laying waste to Superstars and Rookies alike on NXT, what does The Nexus have in store for WWE Money-in-the-Bank this Sunday?