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WWE NXT July 20, 2010 Detailed Results

The seventh week of NXT Season Two came to you from the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, AR. One week before the second NXT elimination takes place, the seven NXT Rookies would be looking to make an impact as Alex Riley, Kaval, Husky Harris, Lucky Cannon, “Showtime” Percy Watson, Eli Cottonwood, & Michael McGillicutty would be looking to impress the WWE Pros and the WWE fans into voting them one step forward in becoming the winner of NXT Season Two!

>>Match Results<<

  • "Dashing" Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris def. MVP & "Showtime" Percy Watson by Husky Harris pinning MVP following the Husky Senton.
  • Alex Riley def. Lucky Cannon by pin following the Riley Rack.
  • Obstacle Course Challenge: Michael McGillicutty def. Alex Riley, Kaval, Husky Harris, Lucky Cannon, Eli Cottonwood, & "Showtime" Percy Watson with a time of 26.7 to earn immunity from elimination next week.

>>Detailed Results<<

The show kicks off with a special edition of The VIP Lounge with WWE Pro, “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP, who states that that “serious” matters are at hand before introducing his NXT Rookie, “Showtime” Percy Watson! With his Rookie in the ring, MVP admits to Watson that the two of them are a lot alike as the brash MVP that originally debuted on SmackDown a few years ago would have done the same thing! MVP then asks his Rookie if Watson learned anything last week after luring MVP into facing the seven NXT Rookies; a confrontation that would spark a Battle Royal between the WWE Pros, NXT Rookies, & The Nexus! Watson tells his Pro that he does “respect” MVP, but that the “go-getter mentality” got the better of him last week before apologizing to MVP! MVP accepts the apology and calls what happened last week “water under the bridge” before NXT Co-Host Matt Striker interrupts and asks MVP why he thinks Percy Watson should be ranked number one in next week’s NXT Poll! MVP states that Percy needs to be the “complete package” to be the next breakout star and that he believes that Percy has all of the attributes to do so! Percy Watson then states his case by saying that his a “go getter and not a quitter” and that he knows what it is like to work hard to get what he wants! Following Percy Watson’s statement, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and his NXT Rookie, Husky Harris, comes out and Cody Rhodes explains that Husky could use some “grooming advice” and that he could be a “great representative” for Little Rock given his size, but that Husky is an “army tank with a Ferrari engine”! Husky then states that he is not like the other big name Superstars the WWE has seen as of late, but that he is “real”, which MVP comments on by calling Husky “real fat”!

With the second NXT elimination just a week away, the opening match of the night saw “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP team with his NXT Rookie, “Showtime” Percy Watson to face the team of “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and his NXT Rookie, Husky Harris! In the end, it was Husky Harris hitting his Husky Senton on MVP en route to pinning the WWE Pro to pick up the win for himself and Cody Rhodes! After narrowly escaping elimination in the previous NXT elimination, can Husky Harris avoid elimination the second time around?

With his WWE Pro, Mark Henry, unable to be there after his match with Wade Barrett on RAW, NXT Rookie Lucky Cannon would go one-on-one with fellow Rookie, Alex Riley, but before he competed, Cannon stated that, on NXT, he has had the “time of his life” and it is like a “dream” that he does not want to end before thanking the WWE fans! Alex Riley then states that the NXT competition is about who should “run” the WWE and implores the WWE fans to “do the right thing” by voting for him! Money-in-the-Bank holder and United States Champion The Miz proclaims that as a future WWE Champion, the fans should vote for Alex Riley because he “told” them to!

After stating why they should avoid elimination next week, NXT Rookies would square off as Lucky Cannon would go one-on-one with Alex Riley! In the end, it was Alex Riley making quick work of Lucky Cannon by picking up an impressive win! After the match, things went from bad to much, much worse for Lucky Cannon as The Miz rushed back into the ring and blasted Lucky Cannon in the mid-section with his briefcase and planting Lucky with the Skull Crushing Finale into the briefcase! What is the status of Lucky Cannon following this vicious attack by The Miz?

WWE Pro John Morrison then speaks on his NXT Rookie, Eli Cottonwood, as Morrison describes Eli as a “long term investment” worth more than any other Rookie! The unique Eli Cottonwood then takes the mic and asks NXT Co-Host Matt Striker who Striker will vote for; intimidating Striker into wanting to vote for Cottonwood! WWE Pros, LayCool, then speaks on their NXT Rookie, Kaval, and states that Kaval has some of the big factors to make it and he is “almost flawless”! Kaval then states his own case by saying that he has the “confidence” in his “abilities” to make it, but while he has the “ability”, the fans have the “power” to make him NXT’s next breakout star!

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston then speaks on why his NXT Rookie, Michael McGillicutty, should be the next breakout star and Kofi states that McGillicutty is “hungriest” of all the NXT Rookies and states that Kofi was “born” to be a WWE Superstar! Michael McGillicutty then states that he has a “perfect record” of 4-0 on NXT and the fans need to make the “perfect choice” in voting for him!

Then it was time for the NXT Rookies to battle for immunity as the seven Rookies would compete in an Obstacle Course Challenge with the winner earning immunity from being eliminated next week! The Obstacle Course Challenge would consist of four parts; the first would see the Rookie hop through a series of tires, then the Rookie would jump over three hurdles, each a different height, then the Rookie would have to do ten pushups, then walk across a balance beam and, finally, the Rookie must push an anvil case over the finish line! The first Rookie to compete in the Obstacle Course Challenge was Michael McGillicutty and McGillicutty finished with a time of 26.7, setting the time to beat for the other Rookies! Next up was Alex Riley and “The Varsity Villain” stumbled in areas on the Obstacle Course and ended up registering a time of 40.3! After being halfway out of the designated box for the pushups and falling off of the balance beam, Eli Cottonwood still finished the course, but it did not matter as Cottonwood was disqualified! Even after being assaulted by The Miz, Lucky Cannon still competed in the challenge and came the closest to beating Michael McGillicutty’s time by registering a time of 28.2! With Michael McGillicutty’s time of 26.7 still the time to beat, Kaval was the next one to take on the Obstacle Course Challenge and “The World Warrior” impressed on all of the aspects of the course until he came up against pushing the anvil case as Kaval had some trouble with the heavy case and ended up registering a time of 29.1! “Showtime” Percy Watson faced the Obstacle Course Challenge next and Watson finished with a time of 31.5! Husky Harris was the last Rookie to face the Obstacle Course Challenge and, did good until he came up to the third and tallest hurdle in the challenge as the former football player opted to tackle the hurdle instead of jumping it! Husky walked through the rest of the course and registered a time of 50.3! Hanging on to his time of 26.7, Michael McGillicutty earned immunity from elimination next week! With Michael McGillicutty earning immunity from elimination, that means that Alex Riley, Kaval, Husky Harris, Lucky Cannon, Eli Cottonwood, or “Showtime” Percy Watson will be going home next week! Which NXT Rookie will be eliminated next week and which Rookie will take one step close to becoming WWE’s next breakout star?