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WWE Smackdown House Show Results: Melbourne, Australia – 1st August 2010

Thanks to Jonathan for sending in the below report:

There was a decent crowd of around 14,000 fans at Rod Laver Arena to see the event with only a section behind the entrance ramps and monitors empty as well as some upper tier seats but close enough to capacity.

Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith Vs Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury – Tag Team Title Match.

First match of the evening and it was a shame that CM Punk didn’t make the trip down.  I know he’s recovering from an operation at the moment but he could have at least been at ringside as a lot of fans wanted to see him, WWE on a budget I suppose.

This was a pretty good back and forth match with Tyson Kidd being the standout performer, now if only he could get rid of that landing strip on his forehead.

Kane came out at the end of the match and attacked all of the wrestlers then grabbing a mic and saying that Rey Mysterio was the person behind attacking Taker and he would make him pay tonight.

Winners: Tyson Kidd & DH Smith

Alberto Del Rio Vs Chavo Guerro

This was the first time for us to see newcomer Alberto Del Rio in action and he looked massive compared to Chavo.  He did a great job on the mic at the start getting the crowd to dislike him and looked good throughout the match.

Also a back and forth match with Chavo hitting the frog splash but Alberto getting a hand on the ropes to stop the count then Del Rio got it via submission.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Kelly Kelly & Natalia Neidhart Vs Layla & Serena

The popcorn match went for a reasonable amount of time with the girls doing the best they could to try and get the crowd going.  I’m not a fan of Kelly Kelly and never will be but the barbie doll got the pin and the win for her team via some move that I can’t remember off the top of my head.  I really wish the Diva division was overhauled to better represent women’s wrestling as at the moment in these politically correct times it’s pretty demeaning to just keep promoting bikini clad ex cheerleaders as wrestlers.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Natalia Neidhart

Drew Macintyre Vs Matt Hardy

Average match this one, Macintyre looked good, fit and sharp.  Matt Hardy on the other hand looked like he’s got an addiction to Krispy Kreme’s or something as he looked fat and out of shape and just isn’t moving at all like the Hardy of old.

Winner:  Drew Mcintyre.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Christian Vs Kofi Kingston – Triple Threat for the IC Title.

Dolph was announced as the new IC champion and came out with the strap.  This was a good three way tussle with all 3 guys giving it a good crack for the crowd with Christen and Kofi very over with the fans and Dolph getting a lot of heat.

Dolph got the win after Kofi hit his finisher on Christian, Dolph shoved Kofi out of the ring and then pinned Christian.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler


‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes Vs MVP

Pretty average match here, still cant get used to Cody not wearing kneepads, looks naked in a way, like he’s gone out to the ring and forgot to get dressed.  MVP was how he always is pretty average, nothing special from him, he never moves that well and tonight was no exception.
The crowd was pretty subdued for this one with no-one really over and were all pretty happy when Cody picked up the win and the match was over.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Big Show Vs Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger came out to huge heat from the crowd, would have liked him to say something on the mic to get the crowd really going.  Big Show then came out to the second biggest pop of the night.  The match was pretty short and one sided when it got underway with Big Show picking up the win via chokeslam in around 5 minutes.

Winner: Big Show

Kane Vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship

Rey came out to the ring to a HUGE pop with the crowd really into this one.  Kane came out to some heat but he is at that stage in his career that like the Undertaker could never really be a fully fledged heel anymore.  This was a good match with Kane using his power and Rey going after his legs.  Kane picked up the eventual win via chokeslam.  After the match he attacked Mysterio and then several wrestlers came out and we saw them all going at each other, Rey hit a 619 on Kane to cap off the night.

Winner: Kane

Overall not a bad show, it was better than the RAW tour down here last year.  Although these shows are getting cheaper and cheaper, would liked to at least have seen Teddy Long or Vikki Guerro on the mic and wanted to see CM Punk with the rest of the SES. 

I don’t understand why Australia never gets actual RAW or Smackdown tapings though, maybe it’s the cost, but we sell out arena after arena so I think the Aussie fans deserve something a bit better than just another house show.