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WWE: Chris Jericho Comments on His WWE Future & His Thoughts on TNA!

Chris Jericho was one of the special guests on this week’s live edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Here is a highlight from the interview.

When asked, “What does Chris have left to give to the wrestling industry if he decides to stay with the WWE when his contract expires this fall?” Chris Jericho responded, “Just keep giving what I’ve been giving for the last 20 years, which is performing at the highest level that I can, and I think the stuff I have been doing over the last three years is the best work of my career. So there’s no reason for me to walk away from the WWE at this point, because I think I could perform at the level I have been doing for the last three years because you can’t teach experience. The company has a great future ahead of it, and guys are starting to break through that I’m really proud of. A guy like me, who has been doing this for 20 (and I’m only 39 years old), I could keep doing this another five or six years if I want to, so when it’s time for me to walk away, I’ll know, but as for now, I still enjoy it. I love speculation…that’s what I love about the Internet. Somebody writes something, so it becomes the gospel truth and written in stone."

When asked about TNA, Chris Jericho responded, “They got nothing else going on, their booking is horrendous, and I say that with the utmost respect for those guys and I most desire to see them succeed, but it’s crap. You know it’s crap, they throw stuff up against the wall, and it’s so hard to watch when it doesn’t have to be. They’re doing 10,000 buys on Pay-Per-View, so let’s bring back The Sandman & Sabu, and maybe they could do 30,000 buys. Go for it; maybe they can do something out of it. Having a guy like Tommy Dreamer involved behind the scenes might be what they need. Get rid of the same old stuff that they have been doing over & over, and bring in someone with a new perspective, and maybe that will help them get their heads out of there asses and just making some money instead of doing this as sort of a vanity project that’s been treading water for the last four years.”