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WWE Week In Review: August 15, 2010- August 21, 2010

WWE Week in Review: Edition CXX
August 15, 2010- August 21, 2010

Welcome to the one-hundred twentieth edition of the WWE Week in Review. Feel free to contact me on TWO or Wrestling 101 anytime with comments, questions, and anything in between. Make sure to check out the section at the end of the article highlighting a different WWE Superstar, Diva, or Alumni every week. I have also added a section that lists where WWE will be hosting their weekly television shows and monthly pay-per-views.

WWE Week In Preview

WWE SummerSlam
6-on-7 Elimination Tag Match:
Team WWE (John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, & Bret “The Hitman” Hart) Vs. The Nexus (Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield, & Michael Tarver)

WWE Championship: No Interference Allowed:
Sheamus © Vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship:
Kane © Vs. Rey Mysterio

3-on-1 Handicap Match:
The Straightedge Society (CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Joey Mercury) Vs. Big Show

Intercontinental Championship:
Dolph Ziggler © Vs. Kofi Kingston

Divas Championship:
Alicia Fox © Vs. Melina

Monday Night RAW
Justin Long, Charlie Day, & Jason Sudeikis To Serve As Guest Hosts

NXT Rookie Alex Riley To Make A Special Appearance

SummerSlam Fallout

Two NXT Eliminations To Take Place

WWE Superstars
Jack Swagger Vs. Chris Masters

MVP Vs. Vance Archer (with Curt Hawkins)

Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Primo

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
World Heavyweight Champion Kane To Explain Why He Attacked The Undertaker

Alberto Del Rio To Debut

SummerSlam Fallout

The 23rd annual WWE SummerSlam came to you, live on pay-per-view, from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. For months, the renegade group known as The Nexus has torn through everything in the WWE from Superstars to announcers to Hall of Famers and even assaulting WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and it appeared that the group would be unstoppable until John Cena, the first and hardest hit victim of The Nexus, secretly formed a team capable of taking out The Nexus as Cena recruited Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, The Great Khali, and even WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart to Team WWE. While this team seemed to be the quintessential “dream team”, the team came very close to falling apart with the departure of Edge & Chris Jericho, but the two Superstars were able to finally put their egos aside to rejoin the team, but The Nexus would handicap the team by assaulting The Great Khali and making the final member of Team WWE a thing of much debate. United States Champion & “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” The Miz stepped forward to potentially join the team, but told John Cena & Bret Hart that he would let the team know on Sunday. Regardless of the status of a potential seventh member, Team WWE would face the seven members of The Nexus in an Elimination Tag Team Match! The WWE Championship will be up for grabs as “The Biggest Event of the Summer” as Sheamus would defend the prestigious gold against “The Viper” Randy Orton and, in an announcement made by the anonymous General Manager of RAW, anyone who interferes in the title match will be suspended indefinitely, but the GM also revealed that Randy Orton will only get the one shot at the WWE Title while Sheamus is still the champion! In an intensely personal battle where both combatants have accused the other of being The Undertaker’s assailant, Kane will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the former champion, Rey Mysterio! As payback for exposing the bald head of CM Punk and exposing the identity of Joey Mercury, The Straightedge Society set out to cripple Big Show by damaging the powerful right hand of “The World’s Largest Athlete”, but at SummerSlam, Big Show will get his shot at revenge as he faces CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Joey Mercury of The Straightedge Society in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match where all three of The Straightedge Society members will be allowed to be legal in the match at the same time! After SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero played a very instrumental role in Dolph Ziggler taking the Intercontinental Title from Kofi Kingston, a new side of Kofi showed through as Kofi assaulted the new champion moments after Dolph won the gold. After witnessing how Dolph won the gold, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announced that Dolph Ziggler will make his first defense of the Intercontinental Title against former champion Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam! Only two weeks after making her return to the WWE, Los Angeles’ own, Melina, will get the opportunity to regain the title that she never lost as “The A-List Diva” will challenge Alicia Fox for the Divas Title!

WWE SummerSlam (August 15, 2010)
Good Night For: John Cena & Team WWE (Despite being down two-to-one, John Cena would ultimately win the match for Team WWE)
Bad Night For: The Undertaker (emerged to reveal that Kane was his assailant, only to be on the receiving end of the Tombstone by his own brother)

Detailed Results Follow…
“The Biggest Event of the Summer” kicks off with gold on the line as new Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, with SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero in tow, would make his first defense of the title against the enraged former champion, Kofi Kingston! Dolph Ziggler looked like he was honing in on a successful title defense after catching Kofi Kingston in the sleeper hold, but in a shocking turn of events, The Nexus rushed the ring and assaulted both competitors, sending the Intercontinental Champion to the outside before the pack of vicious Superstars surrounded Kofi Kingston and proceeded to pick apart Kofi before Wade Barrett puts the finishing touches on the assault with the devastating Barrett Wasteland! After the assault, Nexus leader Wade Barrett states that what they did was just a “little taste” for what they have in store for Team WWE! Barrett continues that the roster is so “divided” by the Superstars’ own “egos”, that there is no way that Team WWE can find a seventh member worthy of taking them on! Barrett then proclaims that The Nexus is “united behind a common purpose” before stating that “you are either Nexus or against us”! Can Team WWE find their seventh member in time for the main event?

Backstage, Edge and Chris Jericho plead their case to United States Champion & “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” The Miz and tell The Miz that, if he joins Team WWE, it could be a huge “blockbuster” that could be bigger than Avatar or Titanic! The Miz responded by telling Edge & Jericho that he will let them know! Is The Miz going to be Team WWE’s seventh member?

The Divas would be in action at SummerSlam as Los Angeles’ own Melina would make her return to pay-per-view as she would challenge Alicia Fox for the Divas Title that Melina never lost! After tweaking her previously injured knee earlier in the match, Melina would utilize a front neckbreaker en route to defeating Alicia Fox en route to winning the Divas Title! After the match, the new Divas Champion was set to be interviewed, but the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” LayCool came down to the ring and ridiculed Melina by telling the new champion that they see “cellulite” on the Diva! This led to Melina attacking Layla & Michelle McCool, but Layla would grab the ankles of Melina as McCool delivers a vicious kick to the new champion! McCool would then follow that up by delivering a knee to the head of Melina on the outside! What will the fallout of this attack by LayCool?

After Big Show unmasked The Straightedge Society’s leader, CM Punk, as well as Joseph Mercury, The Straightedge Society rebounded by injuring the right hand of “The World’s Largest Athlete”, Big Show would face The Straightedge Society’s CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Joseph Mercury in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match with all of the competitors allowed in the ring at the same time! Before the match officially began, Big Show summoned a WWE trainer to remove the protection on the right hand, signifying that the hand is fully healed! In the end, it was Serena leading CM Punk away from the ring as Big Show leveled Luke Gallows with the Knockout Punch and planted Joseph Mercury with a chokeslam on top of Gallows en route to pinning both Superstars for the win! How will The Straightedge Society respond to the loss? How will Luke Gallows & Joseph Mercury react to CM Punk leaving them behind?

Backstage, WWE Champion Sheamus confronts World Heavyweight Champion Kane and asks to borrow Kane’s casket for his WWE Title match! Kane refuses and Sheamus responds by telling Kane that people have been calling him “the real big red monster” and ordering Kane to stay out of his way! The confrontation then ends with Kane admitting that Sheamus has “guts”, but that he will “spill” them all over the floor if Sheamus ever talks to him like that again!

It was then the scheduled time for the WWE Championship match, but United States Champion & “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” The Miz came out to address his status with Team WWE! The Miz would allege that, when he arrived to the arena earlier, he was met by John Cena, who supposedly admitted that he was “wrong” about The Miz before getting on his knees and begging Miz to be a part of Team WWE! The Miz continues that Bret Hart even admitted to The Miz that Miz was the real “Excellence of Execution” and Chris Jericho gave him Fozzy’s latest CD, but that he threw it in the trash! Miz continues that his former tag team partner, John Morrison, even admitted that Morrison was the “Marty Janetty” in their tag team and Miz was the “Shawn Michaels”, only “better”! Miz also states that Edge gave him a “lifetime supply” of Slim Jims and R-Truth wrote him a “crappy rap”! The Miz then proclaims that he is WWE’s “only hope” and that he is the “future” before announcing that he will be the seventh member of Team WWE! Now that the ultra confident Miz has joined Team WWE, it makes the Team WWE Vs. The Nexus match a 7-on-7 affair! Can Team WWE prevail to stop the reign of The Nexus or will The Nexus rise to the challenge and defeat seven of the WWE’s biggest Superstars?

Then it was time for the WWE Title to be decided as Sheamus would defend the prestigious gold against “The Viper” Randy Orton with the stipulations that any Superstar who interferes in the match will be suspended indefinetly and, as long as Sheamus is the WWE Champion, Randy Orton will not get another shot at the gold! After Sheamus threw everything he could at Randy Orton to no avail, Sheamus resorted to going to the outside and grabbing a steel chair! The referee would try to take the steel chair away from the WWE Champion and Sheamus would inadvertently knock the referee to the outside, prompting a disqualification meaning that Sheamus retains the WWE Title! After retaining the WWE Title by disqualification, Sheamus was set to blast Randy Orton with the steel chair, but Orton dodged the chair shot and caught Sheamus with a low blow! After fully realizing that Sheamus retained the WWE Title by disqualification in his only opportunity at the WWE Title as long as Sheamus is champion, Randy Orton snapped and sent Sheamus to the outside before delivering a vicious RKO on top of the announce table, leaving the WWE Champion incapacitated! How will Sheamus respond to this attack by Randy Orton? What is next for Randy Orton?

With accusations against each other over the assault on The Undertaker, it was time for the World Heavyweight Title to be decided as Kane would defend the title against former champion Rey Mysterio with a casket set up at ringside by Kane! At the end of a hard-fought match, it was Kane planting Rey Mysterio with the chokeslam to finally end the match and successfully retain the World Heavyweight Title! After the match, Kane tried to put Rey Mysterio in the casket, but Rey fought back briefly before Kane delivered a second and even third chokeslam to Mysterio! Kane then picked up a helpless Rey Mysterio and spiked Rey with the Tombstone Piledriver! Kane would then drag Rey Mysterio towards the casket, but when Kane opened the casket lid, the casket was already occupied by none other than Kane’s brother, The Undertaker! Fresh out of his vegetative state, a groggy and weakened Undertaker slowly climbed out of the casket and entered the ring before getting in the face of Rey Mysterio and ultimately telling Rey that he “believes” Mysterio! The Undertaker would then grab Rey by the throat, but Undertaker would turn his gaze to his brother, Kane, before grabbing Kane by the throat in a symbol of Kane being the one truly responsible for the attack that left him in a vegetative state! However, with The Undertaker still very weak from spending months in a vegetative state, Kane was able to counter and ultimately spike his own brother with the Tombstone Piledriver before leaving the ring with his World Heavyweight Title! How will The Undertaker respond to Kane’s Tombstone Piledriver? Is The Undertaker in any kind of shape to seek vengeance?

Then it was time for the much-anticipated main event as the future of the WWE would be on the line as the ruthless and seemingly unstoppable group known as The Nexus; Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield, & Michael Tarver would face the all-star Team WWE; John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, & United States Champion The Miz in a 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Match! However, Team WWE would undergo a shocking and last minute “roster change” as, when The Miz made his entrance, John Cena stopped “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” and informed Miz that he was “too late” because Team WWE could not wait until the day of SummerSlam to find out if they had a seventh teammate so they already found their seventh member! Cena then makes the absolutely shocking announcement that the seventh man is none other than former Nexus member, Daniel Bryan! After Team WWE chased The Nexus out of the ring, The Nexus regrouped and the 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Match got underway! After his shocking addition to the team, “The American Dragon” Daniel Bryan starts the match out against Nexus member Darren Young and Bryan makes quick work of Young by forcing Young to tap out to the Crossface, eliminating Darren Young and giving Team WWE the one man advantage over The Nexus! The next elimination would send The Nexus deeper into the wrong side of the numbers game as John Morrison would hit Starship Pain on Michael Tarver en route to eliminating Tarver, leaving Team WWE with a seven-to-five advantage over The Nexus! Following a kick to the back of the head by Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield was able to catch John Morrison with a vicious clothesline en route to eliminating John Morrison! Skip Sheffield would then follow up with another vicious clothesline to R-Truth en route to eliminating R-Truth and evening the odds between Team WWE and The Nexus! Hall of Famer Bret Hart would get tagged in and would lock Nexus member Heath Slater in the Sharpshooter, but Wade Barrett would slide a steel chair in the ring and Bret would then release the hold to grab the chair while Heath Slater tagged in Skip Sheffield! Bret would proceed to waylay Skip with the chair and, much to the dismay of Bret and Team WWE, the referee called for the disqualification, eliminating Bret Hart! Chris Jericho would then enter the ring and hit the Codebreaker on Skip Sheffield and, following the Spear, Edge would pin and eliminate Skip to once again even the odds between Team WWE and The Nexus! The next elimination would come at the hand of Chris Jericho as Jericho would force David Otunga to submit to the Walls of Jericho! Jericho would then immediately go after Heath Slater, but things would start to fall apart after Jericho inadvertently knocked John Cena off of the apron as Heath Slater would be able to take advantage of the brief distraction to hit Jericho with a modified neckbreaker en route to eliminating Jericho! This would lead to a confrontation between John Cena and Edge; a confrontation that Cena would try and walk away from the confrontation, but Heath Slater would shove Edge into Cena and roll Edge up to eliminate Edge as well! After getting eliminated, Edge would spear John Cena off of the ring apron before Edge & Chris Jericho would attack Cena on the outside before The Nexus would roll Cena into the ring as only John Cena & Daniel Bryan remained for Team WWE against the three remaining members of The Nexus! Then, for the first time since the beginning of the match, Daniel Bryan would enter the match and would dominate Heath Slater before locking in the Crossface on Slater and forcing the Nexus member to tap out, evening the odds for Team WWE with an even 2-on-2 match! A fired up Daniel Bryan would then dare either Wade Barrett or Justin Gabriel to come, but The Miz would rush the ring and blast Daniel Bryan from behind with the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase, which would allow Wade Barrett to eliminate Daniel Bryan, leaving The Nexus with a two-on-one advantage over John Cena! Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel would then proceed to dissect John Cena before Barrett would plant Cena with a DDT on the exposed concrete on the outside before rolling Cena back into the ring! Justin Gabriel would then go for the 450 Splash on John Cena, but Cena would roll out of the way and take advantage of Justin Gabriel missing the move to eliminate Gabriel, leaving John Cena to go one-on-one with Wade Barrett and Cena would catch Barrett in Cena’s STF en route to forcing the Nexus leader to submit, cementing Team WWE’s dominance and triumph over The Nexus! Now the question remains, where does The Nexus go from here?

One night after a shocking and unforgettable SummerSlam, the 899th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW returns to the location of “The Biggest Event of the Summer”, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. On what promises to be a wild night on RAW, three of the stars of the upcoming film, “Going The Distance”, will serve as the Guest Hosts of RAW as Justin Long, Charlie Day, & Jason Sudeikis will appear on the show! Also, one night before two more NXT Rookies are eliminated on NXT, the number five ranked Rookie would make a special appearance on RAW after winning last week’s Power of the Punch Challenge as The Miz’s Rookie, Alex Riley, will appear on the show!

Monday Night RAW (August 16, 2010)
Good Week For: The Nexus (rebounded from their loss at SummerSlam by defeating six of the seven members of Team WWE)
Bad Week For: Darren Young (lost to John Cena and was kicked out of The Nexus before being assaulted by his former teammates)

Detailed Results Follow…

One night after losing to Team WWE at SummerSlam, the show kicks off with The Nexus and Nexus leader Wade Barrett states that what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger and that Team WWE “narrowly escaped” with a victory, but they defeated six of the best that RAW had to offer! Barrett then proclaims that rumors of their demise have been “greatly exaggerated” because they are still ready to “dominate” the WWE! Barrett continues that everyone was worried what would happen if The Nexus won at SummerSlam, but no one paid attention to what would happen if they lost! Barrett then states that, since they did lose, there will be “consequences”; consequences that are “severe” for the WWE roster and there will be more “suffering” and more “pain and misery” for anyone who gets in their way! Wade Barrett is then interrupted by the leader of Team WWE at SummerSlam, John Cena, who reminds that Barrett tapped out at SummerSlam and losing the match for The Nexus before stating that Barrett is really thinking that The Nexus is the real “expendables”! Cena then reminds The Nexus that their former teammate, Daniel Bryan, eliminated half of the group last night! Cena continues that it has been revealed that The Nexus are “human” and they can be “beat”! Cena then states that they are going to look at The Nexus as “individuals” for the first time ever before focusing on David Otunga by saying that Otunga is “nothing more than a below average male escort who clings to someone’s arm on the red carpet” and calls Michael Tarver an “MMA bank robber who works late nights as a male stripper”! Cena then calls Heath Slater “the chick from Wendy’s” before focusing on Darren Young by stating that Cena’s mother had a “lusty affair” with Buckwheat! Cena then states that Justin Gabriel has an “alternative way of thinking” and says that he can “read” Skip Sheffield’s thoughts and Skip’s head is filled with the Meow Mix jingle! Cena then proclaims that the “fear” that The Nexus has instilled in the locker room is “gone” and SummerSlam will forever be known as the place where The Nexus was “history”! Darren Young then interrupts Cena and Cena responds by telling Young that his name should be changed to the “weakest link”! The anonymous General Manager of RAW then chimes with an email that announces that there will be a series of matches where members of The Nexus will be going one-on-one with a member of Team WWE with any outside interference by The Nexus will be met with “swift and appropriate consequences”! Wade Barrett responds by calling the matches an “opportunity for redemption” for The Nexus, as well as a chance to “examine” The Nexus and find if there is a “weakest link” that needs to be weeded out! Wade Barrett then makes the announcement to his Nexus teammates that, if any of them lose their match against a member of Team WWE, then they will be exiled from The Nexus! Barrett then proclaims that, by the end of the night, The Nexus will be “stronger than ever”! David Otunga then grabs the microphone and tells Wade Barrett that the same applies to him and any one of them will be “more than happy” to take over if he does get kicked out of the group! The anonymous RAW General Manager then chimes with an email that announces that The Nexus will get to decide, amongst themselves, which member of Team WWE they will face with the exception of Nexus leader Wade Barrett, who will go one-on-one with his former mentor, Chris Jericho, in the opening match of the night! With The Nexus banned from interfering in the match and with Wade Barrett’s status in The Nexus on the line, can Barrett defeat his former mentor, Chris Jericho, or will Jericho win and force Barrett out as The Nexus’ leader?

With his spot in The Nexus on the line, Nexus leader Wade Barrett would go one-on-one with NXT Season One mentor, Chris Jericho in a match where The Nexus is banned from interfering and if Barrett loses, he will be kicked out of The Nexus! In the end, it was Wade Barrett countering the Codebreaker into the Barrett Wasteland en route to defeating Chris Jericho in an impressive win to secure his status in The Nexus! Wade Barrett has secured his spot in The Nexus, but will the other six Nexus members succeed against their hand-picked Team WWE opponents?

The Guest Hosts of RAW then make an appearance as the stars of the upcoming film, “Going The Distance”, Justin Long, Charlie Day, & Jason Sudeikis appear to introduce the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty as Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, & Natalya come out and shake hands with the three actors before Long, Day, & Sudeikis exit the ring! With The Hart Dynasty in the ring, the anonymous General Manager of RAW chimes in with an email that announces that the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship will now be known as the WWE Tag Team Championship! To go along with the new championship new WWE Tag Team Title belts were brought out by none other that WWE Hall of Famer and former tag team champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart! Bret Hart then presents the new belts to The Hart Dynasty and celebrates with the team before Wade Barrett & The Nexus interrupts as Barrett reveals that Justin Gabriel will be the one to go one-on-one with Bret Hart in the next Nexus Trial Match! Will Bret Hart defeat Justin Gabriel and force Gabriel out of The Nexus or will Justin Gabriel upset the WWE Hall of Famer en route to remaining a part of The Nexus?

Then it was time for the next Nexus Trial Match as “The Akron Assassin” Michael Tarver would go one-on-one with “The American Dragon” Daniel Bryan with Michael Tarver’s spot in The Nexus on the line! Daniel Bryan was in complete control of Michael Tarver during the match when The Miz and his NXT Rookie Alex Riley come out and distract Bryan long enough for Tarver to catch Bryan with a roll-up en route to keeping his spot in The Nexus! After the match, Daniel Bryan dived out to take The Miz down before Alex Riley & Michael Tarver grabbed Daniel Bryan and held Bryan as The Miz speared Bryan into the ringside barricade before planting Bryan with the Skull Crushing Finale on the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase! How will Daniel Bryan respond to being cost in a match by The Miz two nights in a row?

Backstage, Darren Young announces to his Nexus teammates that he will go one-on-one with John Cena with his spot in The Nexus on the line! Can Darren Young make a huge upset by defeating John Cena or will Cena ensure that Young does not remain in The Nexus?

With his spot in The Nexus on the line, Justin Gabriel would go one-on-one with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart and, if Justin Gabriel loses, he will be kicked out of The Nexus, but before the match begins, the anonymous RAW General Manager interrupts with an email that announces that Justin Gabriel will not be facing Bret Hart! The anonymous GM continues that he/she does not “like” Bret Hart and has never liked the Hall of Famer and never wants to see him compete on RAW again and does not “care” what anyone in the audience or watching at home thinks before revealing the “last minute substitution” for Bret Hart is none other than the seething former #1 Contender for the WWE Title, “The Viper” Randy Orton! During the match, Randy Orton spots WWE Champion Sheamus heading for the ring and meets Sheamus on the outside where Orton battles Sheamus through the crowd, but as this is taking place, the referee reaches his ten count; meaning that Orton is counted out and Justin Gabriel wins, securing his spot as a member of The Nexus! After the match, Randy Orton realizes what just took place and re-enters the ring and plants Justin Gabriel with the RKO! However, Justin Gabriel would turn out to get off easy as Randy Orton would refocus his attention on WWE Champion Sheamus as Orton grabs a steel chair wails away at the back of Sheamus with a steel chair with several steel chair shots! Randy Orton would then begin to leave, but Orton would come back and plant Sheamus with the RKO on the arena floor! After snapping and assaulting WWE Champion Sheamus, what is next for Randy Orton, as well as Sheamus?

With their spots in The Nexus on the line, David Otunga & Skip Sheffield would face R-Truth & John Morrison in tag team action and if Otunga & Skip lose, they will be kicked out of The Nexus! In the end, it was Skip Sheffield blasting John Morrison with a vicious clothesline en route to pinning Morrison to secure his and David Otunga’s spots in The Nexus! Five Nexus members have kept their spots, but can Heath Slater & Darren Young do the same?

One night after winning the Divas Title only to be assaulted by the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” LayCool, new Divas Champion Melina would team with former Divas Champion Eve Torres and former Women’s Champion Gail Kim to face the team of three former Divas Champions in Alicia Fox, Maryse, & Jillian in 6-Diva Tag action! In the end, it was Jillian pulling Eve Torres off of the top rope en route to picking up the upset win for her team!

Moments before their one-on-one match, Nexus member Heath Slater confronts Edge and asks Edge to just not show up for the match and allow Heath to get the win by “forfeit”! Edge refuses by saying that he does not want the record books to show that he forfeited to some “Wendy-looking, ginger-haired, Edge wannabe”, which leads to Slater blasting Edge from behind! Has Heath Slater sealed his own fate by enraging Edge or will this attack work in the favor of Heath Slater?

Moments after blasting Edge from behind in the backstage area, Nexus member Heath Slater would go one-on-one with “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge and, if Heath Slater loses, he will be kicked out of The Nexus! The match would spill to the outside where Edge would set up for the Spear, but Heath Slater would roll into the ring to avoid the Spear as the referee reached his ten count, meaning that Heath Slater defeated Edge by count-out to remain a part of The Nexus! After the match, Edge retaliates by laying Heath Slater out with the Spear! Six out of seven Nexus members have survived their trials, but can Darren Young find a way to upset John Cena to remain a part of The Nexus?

Then it was time for the main event as the leader of Team WWE, John Cena, would go one-on-one with Nexus member Darren Young and, if Young loses, then he is kicked out of The Nexus with The Nexus watching from the stage! Despite a valiant effort by Darren Young, it was John Cena locking in his STF that forced Darren Young to tap out and forcing Darren Young out of The Nexus! After the match, The Nexus came to the ring and stood on the ring apron, seemingly ready to attack John Cena, but instead The Nexus allowed Cena to leave before the six Nexus members assaulted the exiled Darren Young; an assault that ended with Nexus leader Wade Barrett laying Darren Young out with the Barrett Wasteland! Now that The Nexus has weeded out their “weakest link” in Darren Young, what does the future hold for the six remaining members of The Nexus?

Just two weeks before the Season Finale of NXT, the eleventh week of NXT Season Two would come to you, live, from the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA. As the search for WWE’s next breakout star continues, only “The World Warrior” Kaval, the “perfect” third-generation competitor Michael McGillicutty, “Showtime” Percy Watson, the third-generation competitor Husky Harris, & “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley remain in the competition! However, two more NXT Rookies would be eliminated, leaving just three Rookies in the hunt for WWE Superstardom!

WWE NXT (August 17, 2010)
Good Week For: Kaval (defeated Husky Harris and laid Husky out later in the night)
Bad Week For: Percy Watson & Husky Harris (were eliminated from NXT)

Detailed Results Follow…

The show kicks off with the introduction of the remaining five NXT Rookies as Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, “Showtime” Percy Watson, Husky Harris, & Alex Riley take their spots in the ring as NXT Host Matt Striker informs the Rookies that they will be given one minute to speak their minds on whatever topic they choose! “Showtime” Percy Watson is the first one to speak and Watson selects the topic of “3-D” and states that “3-D” is how he lives his life with “desire, determination, and dedication” and those are three things he has that will ensure his victory in NXT Season Two! Alex Riley is up next with his selected topic of himself and questions his behavior in NXT Season Two and states that if he did not behave like that, he would not be Alex Riley! Michael McGillicutty is up next and he decides to discuss his competition as McGillicutty runs down his fellow competitors and even calls Alex Riley the “David Otunga of NXT 2”! Kaval is up next with his topic of NXT and Kaval surprises the world by breaking out a rap and saying that he will be the “hottest trending topic running Twitter” and rapping that what Husky Harris breaks best is “buffet tables” and concludes by rapping that they should out what he is “packing”, because he is the only reason for some “Total Nonstop Action”! Husky Harris was up next with his topic of “cowboy boots” and states that, in the South, if you don’t have cowboy boots, then you are not “tough” before revealing that the cowboy boots he wears were those of Barry Windham’s and stating that the “devil” wears cowboy boots just like he does! NXT Host Matt Striker then surprises the Rookies by revealing that the first of two eliminations will take place right then! The first of two NXT Rookies to be eliminated was then revealed to be none other than the Rookie ranked number three in the NXT Poll last week as “Showtime” Percy Watson was sent home! After being eliminated, Percy Watson thanks the fans and his WWE Pro, MVP, before proclaiming that “if you got the dime, then I got the good time”! With Percy Watson gone, only four Rookies remain, but who will be eliminated when a second elimination takes place later in the night?

As the second elimination of the night rapidly approaches, Rookie Michael McGillicutty would go one-on-one with WWE Pro, “The Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder! In the end, it was Zack Ryder hitting the Rough Rider Leg Lariat on Michael McGillicutty en route to picking up the win over the Rookie! How will this loss affect Michael McGillicutty’s standing with the WWE Pros and WWE fans?

With the possibility of one of them being eliminated looming, “The World Warrior” Kaval would go one-on-one with “The Army Tank With A Ferrari Engine” Husky Harris! At the end of a hard-fought match, it was Kaval hitting the Warrior’s Way en route to pinning Husky Harris to pick up the win! Will this win keep Kaval from being eliminated?

With the second elimination of the night looming, Rookie Alex Riley would go one-on-one with WWE Pro Kofi Kingston! In the end, it was Kofi Kingston making quick work of the Rookie as Kofi would hit Trouble in Paradise en route to pinning Alex Riley for the win! How will Alex Riley’s loss weigh in with the WWE Pros and WWE fans?

Then it was time for another NXT Rookie’s dream to come to an end as, after witnessing “Showtime” Percy Watson being eliminated earlier in the night, either Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, or Alex Riley would follow suit as a second NXT Rookie would be eliminated! It would then be revealed that none other than last week’s number three Rookie, Husky Harris was eliminated! Husky Harris then grabbed the microphone, ready to deliver his parting words when his WWE Pro, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes interrupted as an incensed Rhodes blamed the WWE Pros and told Zack Ryder “good luck in your future endeavors” before saying that Layla just wants to “make out” with the NXT Rookies! Cody Rhodes would then insult the WWE fans before Husky Harris tries to let Rhodes allow him to speak, but Rhodes would not listen and would insult the remaining Rookies by calling Alex Riley “awful” and saying that Michael McGillicutty does not go by his late father’s moniker, “Mr. Perfect”, because McGillicutty does not “deserve it”! Cody Rhodes then confronts Kaval and cheapshots Kaval before Husky Harris joins in on the attack, which sparks an out of control brawl between Pros and Rookies as Pros MVP & Kofi Kingston attack Husky Harris; the brawl then comes to end after Kaval leaps from the top rope and hits Husky Harris with the Warrior’s Way! Husky Harris would then get up and get in the face of MVP before leaving with Cody Rhodes! With only three Rookies remaining in Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, & Alex Riley, things are sure to heat up even over the next couple of weeks as the Season Finale of NXT is only two weeks away! Who will ultimately walk out of NXT Season Two as the WWE’s next breakout star?

The 70th edition of WWE Superstars came to you from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA and from the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA. Former World Heavyweight Champion, “The All-American American” Jack Swagger would be looking to get back on track as Swagger would go one-on-one with “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters! After defeating Jack Swagger on last week’s SmackDown, MVP would be looking to continue his winning ways as “The Ballin’ Superstar” would go one-on-one with “The American Psycho” Vance Archer, with Archer’s tag team partner, Curt Hawkins, at ringside! Also, in their continuing Thursday night rivalry, Yoshi Tatsu would go one-on-one with Primo!

WWE Superstars (August 19, 2010)
Good Week For: Jack Swagger (forced Chris Masters to tap out to the ankle lock)
Bad Week For: Chris Masters (tapped out to the ankle lock of Jack Swagger)

Detailed Results Follow…

The show kicks off with a high-flying face-off as Yoshi Tatsu would go one-on-one with former tag team champion, Primo! In the end, it was Yoshi Tatsu hitting a spinning heel kick off of the top rope en route to pinning Primo to pick up the win!

“The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP was in action on WWE Superstars as MVP would go one-on-one with “The American Psycho” Vance Archer, with Archer’s tag team partner, Curt Hawkins, at ringside! During the match, Curt Hawkins would attack MVP with the referee’s back turned, which would lead to JTG coming down and attacking Curt Hawkins! This would prompt SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long to come out and announce a tag team match as MVP & JTG would take on Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer! In the end, it was Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer utilizing a unique double-team powerslam/neckbreaker en route to Vance Archer pinning JTG to pick up the win! Are Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer closing in on getting a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles?

Then it was time for the main event as former World Heavyweight Champion, “The All-American American” Jack Swagger would go one-on-one with “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters! In the end, it was Jack Swagger forcing Chris Masters to tap out to the ankle lock to pick up the win!

Five nights after a shocking and unforgettable SummerSlam, the 574th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA. Five night after the shocking return of The Undertaker saw a weakened and borderline defenseless Undertaker emerged and targeted his own brother, Kane, as his attacker only to find himself laid out by his own Tombstone Piledriver, World Heavyweight Champion Kane would make an appearance to explain why he attacked his own flesh and blood, The Undertaker! After weeks of vignettes promoting himself as “the epitome of excellence” and being “the bravest of the brave”, the ultra-confident Alberto Del Rio would make his WWE debut!

Friday Night SmackDown (August 20, 2010)
Good Week For: Alberto Del Rio (forced Rey Mysterio to tap out to win his debut match)
Bad Week For: Kofi Kingston (was attacked and laid out by Dolph Ziggler before Dolph delivered a vile stomp to Kofi’s head)

Detailed Results Follow…

Five nights after narrowly failing to win the World Heavyweight Title from Kane at SummerSlam, the show kicks off with “The Master of the 619” Rey Mysterio! Rey starts by thanking the WWE fans for helping him get through his match at SummerSlam and, even though he did not win the World Heavyweight Title, at least he did not end up in a casket! Rey then states that Kane was accusing others to hide his “guilt” before proclaiming that his “name has been cleared” now that it is known that Kane was The Undertaker’s assailant! Rey is then interrupted by the arrival of SmackDown’s newest Superstar as the self-proclaimed “epitome of excellence” Alberto Del Rio makes his debut! Del Rio then refers to himself and Rey Mysterio as “national icons”! Del Rio continues that he is a “millionaire” and he is “admired” in his home country! Del Rio then states that Rey’s bloodline is from the “horrible streets” of Tijuana before calling Rey “the little worm” in the bottom of his tequila! Del Rio then calls Rey Mysterio a “joke of a man” while he is “handsome, rich, and powerful”! Rey responds by calling Alberto Del Rio a “nobody” and states that, just because Del Rio has money, does not mean he has “respect”, but respect is “earned” in the WWE! Del Rio then calls Rey a “peasant” and threatens to “make” Rey respect him! Rey responds by challenging Del Rio to come get his respect and face him, one-on-one! Del Rio accepts the challenge and states that he will “destroy” Rey! Del Rio would then get into the face of Rey and Rey would respond by slapping Del Rio before ultimately hitting Del Rio with the 619! Can Rey Mysterio teach newcomer Alberto Del Rio some respect or will Alberto Del Rio pick up a huge win in his debut match by defeating the two-time World Heavyweight Champion?

After their Intercontinental Title match was unceremoniously ended by The Nexus at SummerSlam, the rematch would take place on SmackDown as Dolph Ziggler would defend the Intercontinental Championship against former champion Kofi Kingston! In the end, it looked like Kofi Kingston was closing in on regaining the Intercontinental Title, but when Kofi climbed to the top rope, SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero got on the apron of the ring and shoved Kofi off of the top rope for the disqualification, meaning that Dolph Ziggler retains the Intercontinental Title! After the match, Kofi attacks Dolph, but Ziggler rolls under the ring as Kofi turns his attention to Vickie Guerrero, but Vickie would hold the attention of Kofi long enough for Dolph to blast Kofi from behind and ultimately throws Kofi back into the ring where he hits the Zig Zag on Kofi! However, the attack then began to take an uncomfortable turn as Dolph would lock in the sleeper hold to put Kofi out! Dolph would then begin to leave, but would come back and deliver a vile stomp to the head of a completely defenseless Kofi Kingston! What is the status of Kofi Kingston following this attack?

Backstage, CM Punk confronts his Straightedge Society and informs Luke Gallows & Serena that if they do not defeat Big Show & Kelly Kelly in their Mixed Tag Match, then Gallows & Serena are out of The Straightedge Society! Can Luke Gallows & Serena defeat Big Show & Kelly Kelly to remain a part of The Straightedge Society or will Big Show & Kelly Kelly ensure that The Straightedge Society will lost two of its key members?

With their spots in The Straightedge Society on the line, “The Straightedge Enforcer” Luke Gallows and “The Anti-Diva” Serena, competing for the first time on SmackDown, would face “The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show and Kelly Kelly in a Mixed Tag Match where, if Luke Gallows & Serena lose, they will be kicked out of The Straightedge Society! In the end, with Big Show and Luke Gallows battling on the outside, it was Serena hitting a gutbuster on Kelly Kelly en route to pinning Kelly Kelly for the win to keep herself and Luke Gallows in The Straightedge Society! After the match, CM Punk emerged and applauded his Straightedge Society on their win! Now that The Straightedge Society is seemingly on the same page, what is next for the group?

Then it was time for World Heavyweight Champion Kane to explain why he attacked his own brother, The Undertaker, as Kane stated that The Undertaker’s “pride” allowed him to put Undertaker in a vegetative state and because of The Undertaker’s “pride”, Undertaker came back too early and ended up getting laid out with the Tombstone at SummerSlam! Kane then recalls how it “started”, saying that, for years, he was nothing but a “vague memory”, but then he debuted and, when he did, he saw the “story” in the eyes of The Undertaker; the story of an “older, self-serving brother” who wanted to remain in the “spotlight”, while leaving his younger brother in his “shadow” forever! Kane continues that, everything he done in the early years was overcome by The Undertaker and instead of “destroying” his legend, he made it “greater” and, when he set Kane on fire, it took him to “separate” The Undertaker from his last remnants of “humanity”! Kane then states that, way back then, he set his “master plan” in motion! Kane continues that, even in victory, The Undertaker was “losing his grip” and stated that, ten years ago, when Undertaker forced him to remove his mask and show his face for the first time, was when Undertaker “unleashed the monster capable of ending the reign of darkness”! Kane continued that, at their second WrestleMania showdown, the “time was not right”, but the plan continued to “evolve”! Kane continues that their “reunion” was “nothing more than a vehicle” for his “vengeance” and that he knew that The Undertaker’s “pride” would be his own “undoing”! Kane continues that he realized that his time had finally come when he saw The Undertaker show Shawn Michaels “mercy” at WrestleMania and that it was The Undertaker’s “decision” that sealed his “fate”! Kane then states that, at SummerSlam, when The Undertaker emerged and tried to chokeslam him to no avail that the time of him being in the “shadow” of The Undertaker had ended and he had his “vengeance” that eluded him for so long! Kane then states that The Undertaker now dwells in his shadow and that, was once The Undertaker’s “holy grail” is now his World Heavyweight Championship and that he has “destroyed” his brother! Kane stated that, for fifteen years, he knew that the moment would become a reality; the “moment” that The Undertaker would be “cast down with great vengeance and furious anger” and he would replace The Undertaker as the “devil’s favorite demon”! Has Kane truly surpassed The Undertaker? Will The Undertaker be the one dwelling in Kane’s shadow or will The Undertaker emerge again, stronger and ready to battle his brother?

Three weeks of having his shoulder assaulted by Drew McIntyre, “Captain Charisma” Christian would go one-on-one with “The Sinister Scotsman” Drew McIntyre with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes a guest on commentary! During the match, the bout spilled to the outside where Drew McIntyre peeled the protection off of the ringside barricade and rammed the shoulder of Christian on the exposed steel, which would set up a match-long assault on the shoulder by McIntyre! Despite the shoulder being assaulted throughout the match, Christian was able to catch Drew McIntyre with a crucifix roll-up to pick up the win! After the match, Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes assaulted Christian, but Matt Hardy would rush to the ring to fight off Rhodes & McIntyre only to find himself a victim as Rhodes & McIntyre assaulted the ankle of Matt Hardy before Drew McIntyre planted Matt with the Future Shock DDT, followed by Cody Rhodes hitting the Cross Rhodes on Christian! How will Christian & Matt Hardy respond to being repeatedly assaulted Drew McIntyre and, now, Cody Rhodes?

Backstage, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long informs World Heavyweight Champion Kane that, on next week’s SmackDown, The Undertaker will make his return to Friday Nights! Kane responds to this news by laughing and stating that next week’s SmackDown will be “hell on earth”! What will happen when The Undertaker returns next week? What does Kane have in store for his brother?

Then it was time for the main event as, complete with own “personal ring announcer” Ricardo Rodriguez, the newest SmackDown Superstar, Alberto Del Rio rolls into the arena in a vintage Rolls Royce as the wealthy, ultra-confident Superstar would make his in-ring debut against two-time World Heavyweight Champion, “The Master of the 619” Rey Mysterio! After working on the left shoulder of Rey Mysterio throughout the match, Alberto Del Rio was able to catch Rey in an impressive cross armbreaker to force Mysterio to tap out, giving Del Rio the upset win in his debut match! After the match, Del Rio would lock the cross armbreaker on a second time before breaking the maneuver and leaving with a smile on his face! After picking up a huge win in his debut match against Rey Mysterio, what is next for Alberto Del Rio as SmackDown’s newest Superstar quickly begins his ascent on Friday Nights?

Superstar of the Week: World Heavyweight Champion Kane


Alumni Profile of the Week
Ring Name: Lita
Real/Full Name: Amy Christine Dumas
Born On: April 14, 1975 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Age: 35
Resides: Atlanta, GA
Trained By: Ricky Santana, Kevin Quinn, Miguel Perez, El Dandy, Ace Steel, Leilani Kai, Finlay, & Dory Funk, Jr.
WWE Run: February 13, 2000- November 26, 2006

Four Time Women’s Champion

Did You Know?
Since retiring from wrestling, Lita fronts her own band, The Luchagors, and also serves as a DJ for an Atlanta radio station.

Next Week’s WWE Television Schedule
Monday, August 23: Monday Night RAW from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, August 24: WWE NXT from the Save Mart Center at Fresno State in Fresno, CA
Thursday, August 26: WWE Superstars from Los Angeles, CA & Fresno, CA
Friday, August 27: The Save Mart Center at Fresno State in Fresno, CA Hosts SmackDown