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WWE: All-Divas Season of NXT A Result of Unhappiness with Current WWE Divas?

The decision to make the third season of NXT an all-women’s show was likely made very recently because last week, WWE filmed twelve wrestlers at Florida Championship Wrestling, eight men and four women. Initial plans called for four men and four women to be featured in the abbreviated season, but it was later changed to six women.

There is hope that the show will garner better ratings with women prominently featured so they can reach a television deal with another network. There is also hope that Aloisia’s “freak of nature” persona will increase ratings so Syfy will change its mind and renew the program.

Another aspect revolves around unhappiness with many of its current female performers, resulting in the company looking for replacement Divas. Talent relations were unhappy with the behavior of several of the women in recent weeks, particularly when much of the roster was situated in Los Angeles for SummerSlam. It is said that Tiffany and the recently released Serena were not the only ones who made embarrassing scenes in public. Officials are very strict regarding the public image of its talent because of promises to corporate sponsors that World Wrestling Entertainment is a wholesome company.