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WWE NXT Season Three Premiere Detailed Results

After the first two seasons produced two Superstars, the third season will produce the WWE’s next breakout Diva as the third season of WWE NXT will be an All-Divas edition and it came to you from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD. The Season Three Premiere of WWE NXT will feature the introduction of the Rookie Divas and their WWE Pros as “The Twice As Nice Diva” Kelly Kelly will serve as the WWE Pro for Rookie Diva, Naomi, former Divas Champion Alicia Fox will be the WWE Pro for Rookie Diva, Maxine, “The Bizarre One” Goldust will mentor the Lithuanian Rookie Diva, Aksana, former WWE Tag Team Champion Primo will serve as the WWE Pro for Rookie Diva, A.J., and The Bella Twins; Brie & Nikki will mentor former NXT Ring Announcer turned Rookie Diva, Jamie! Also, after firing her original NXT Rookie Diva, SmackDown Consultant & WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero will introduce her new Rookie Diva!

>>Match Results<<

  • Kelly Kelly & Naomi def. Alicia Fox & Maxine by Naomi rolling up Maxine.
  • Mixed Tag Match: Primo & A.J. def. Goldust & Aksana by A.J. pinning Aksana following a bulldog.

>>Detailed Results<<

The Season Three Premiere of NXT kicks off with the introduction of the WWE Pros & Rookie Divas as Kelly Kelly introduces her Rookie Diva, Naomi, Brie & Nikki Bella introduce their Rookie Diva, Jamie, former WWE Tag Team Champion Primo introduces his Rookie Diva, A.J., former Divas Champion Alicia Fox introduces her Rookie Diva, Maxine, and “The Bizarre One” Goldust introduces his Rookie, Aksana! SmackDown Consultant & WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero then comes out and explains that she fired her Rookie Diva, Aloisia, by saying that she learned the “hard way” that she may be “taller” than Vickie, but she is not “bigger” before Vickie Guerrero introduces her new Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn! NXT Host Matt Striker then reveals that the Rookie Divas will be judged by their intelligence, their sexiness, and their amount of powerfulness! Matt Striker then gives the mic to the Rookie Divas to introduce themselves and Vickie’s replacement Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, is up first and Kaitlyn states that she is not just the “girl next door”, she is the girl who gave guys their “first kiss” and gave them a “wedgie” after and she is the girl who was “prom queen” and “class clown”! Aksana is up next, but before she can speak, Vickie Guerrero interrupts and orders her Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, to reintroduce herself! Kaitlyn reintroduces herself by saying that she is “so excited” to have Vickie Guerrero as her WWE Pro and she will give them all “wedgies”! After the interruption, the Lithuanian Rookie Diva, Aksana, introduces herself and says she is a “billion dollar baby from Lithuania” and she is there because she follows her “dream” and speaks some Lithuanian before proclaiming to the fans to let her “entertainment you”! Maxine is up next and Maxine states that she has “three senses”, a “business sense, street sense, and common sense”, things that the “average person” is “lucky” to have and that she is not an “average person”, because she is a “triple threat”! The spunky Rookie Diva A.J. is next and she states that she has dreamed for the past thirteen years to be a Diva and she wants to be Women’s Champion and have her own action figure before proclaiming that there is “not one girl or a damn thing that is going to stop A.J.”! NXT Ring Announcer turned Rookie Diva, Jamie, is up next and she states she is ready to “step out” from behind the microphone and she vows to give no less than “110%” before proclaiming that she will win NXT Season Three and she looks forward to the “hard work” required to win! Lastly, Rookie Diva Naomi states that the WWE has been “missing something” and it is her before proclaiming that she is a “fighter”, but that her actions speak louder than words and her actions will prove why she will win NXT Season Three!

Before the first NXT Rookie Diva Challenge, NXT Host Matt Striker reveals that the first elimination of NXT Season Three will take place in four weeks time and, whoever wins the most NXT Rookie Diva Challenges in the weeks before the first elimination will be immune for the inaugural elimination! Matt Striker then introduces the first NXT Rookie Diva Challenge which will be a Rookie Diva Dance Challenge! Naomi was up first, but Matt Striker interrupts to say that they need a dance partner in the form of NXT Commentator Michael Cole, complete with leg warmers and ballerina slippers! Despite trying to steal the show, Naomi & Jamie complete their dances with Michael Cole before Matt Striker introduces another guest dance partner in Ring Announcer Tony Chimel! A.J. & Maxine dance with Tony Chimel before Matt Striker brings in NXT Commentator Josh Mathews to uniquely dance with Aksana & Kaitlyn as Mathews does a slow dance with Aksana and, with Kaitlyn, Mathews & the Rookie Diva bust out the robot, the running man, and even the Kid N’ Play dance! Then it was time for the WWE fans to determine the winner and the fans selected Naomi as the best dancer of the group! With three weeks of Rookie Diva Challenges left before the first NXT elimination, can Naomi secure more challenge wins to be immune from the first elimination?

After winning the Rookie Diva Dance Challenge, Rookie Diva Naomi would team with her WWE Pro, Kelly Kelly, to face Rookie Diva Maxine and her WWE Pro, Alicia Fox in the Rookie Divas’ first match on NXT! In the end, it was Naomi catching Maxine with a roll-up to pick up the win for herself and Kelly Kelly! After the match, Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox would battle on the outside as Naomi would hit a suplex on Maxine on the inside of the ring before going for a pin despite the match being over! How will the WWE Pros and WWE fans respond to Naomi & Maxine’s first match on NXT?

Then it was time for another Rookie Diva Challenge as the six Rookie Divas would compete in the Capture The Flag Challenge where there will be a series of five posts with a descending number of flags each time with the Rookie Diva who does not get a flag being eliminated from the challenge! After outmaneuvering her competition, Naomi would win her second Rookie Diva Challenge! After winning two challenges and winning her match, can the other Rookie Divas catch up to Naomi’s fast success?

Two more Rookie Divas would compete in their debut NXT match as Rookie Diva Aksana would team with her WWE Pro, “The Bizarre One” Goldust, to face fellow Rookie Diva A.J. and her WWE Pro, Primo, in a Mixed Tag Match! In the end, it was A.J. hitting an impressive bulldog on Aksana en route to picking up the win for herself and Primo! After the match, SmackDown Consultant & WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero interrupts A.J.’s celebration of her big win as she leads her Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, to the ring to do her introduction again, but A.J. jumps in and tells Vickie to “go away” before Vickie orders her Rookie Diva to “sick” A.J. and Kaitlyn complies, only for A.J. to outmaneuver Kaitlyn and send the Rookie Diva into her WWE Pro, Vickie Guerrero, which led to Vickie throwing a tantrum and leaving the ring! How will Vickie Guerrero respond to being embarrassed?