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WWE: Studios’ Film "Legendary" Receiving Bad Reviews from Various Critics!

Reviews are starting to come out for WWE’s new Legendary movie starring John Cena and things aren’t looking good. Currently on the Rotten Tomatoes website, the movie has a 17% rating with 4 “Fresh” reviews and 19 “Rotten” reviews. Below are some quotes on the movie from top critics:

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times: “It’s a feel-good Kleenex™ dispenser of a movie, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it’s routine Hallmark Hall of Afterschool Special material.”

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune: “Legendary is so intent on paying heartfelt tribute to dogged young athletes that it neglects basic story needs.”

Adam Markovitz, Entertainment Weekly: “A well-meaning dud that’ll put you out faster than a sleeper hold.”

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel: “The script, by actor turned writer John Posey, has structural problems and motivational issues in between the cliches. And Cena, a few movies into his career, is still all presence and no acting.”

Rex Reed, New York Observer: “Talk about movies that cannot possibly live up to their titles."