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WWE Monday Night RAW September 20, 2010 Detailed Results

One night after a historic and unforgettable Night of Champions where three championships changed hands and two championships were unified, the 904th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. One night after surviving five of RAW’s top Superstars, as well as The Nexus, in a Six Pack Elimination Match, the new WWE Champion Randy Orton would make his first appearance since winning his sixth WWE Title! One night after The Nexus assisted in his elimination at the hands of Wade Barrett in the Six Pack Elimination Match for the WWE Title, John Cena would be out for revenge when he would go one-on-one with the leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett! One night after humbling The Miz to the point where Miz appeared to be close to tears after forcing Miz to tap out to the LeBell Lock to take his United States Title, the former NXT Rookie has now achieved his first taste of WWE gold as the new United States Champion Daniel Bryan would make his first appearance as the new champion!

>>Match Results<<

  • Non-Title: Drew McIntyre & "Dashing" Cody Rhodes def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov by Drew McIntyre pinning Vladimir Kozlov following the Future Shock DDT.
  • John Morrison def. Chris Jericho by pin following Starship Pain.
  • Non-Title: Daniel Bryan def. Edge (with The Miz & Alex Riley) by DQ after The Miz interfered.
  • Unified Divas Championship: "Co-Unified Divas Champion" Layla (with Michelle McCool) def. Melina by pin following the Lay Out to retain.
  • Mixed Tag Match: R-Truth & Eve Torres def. Ted DiBiase & Maryse by Eve Torres pinning Maryse following a modified swinging neckbreaker.
  • Gauntlet Match: John Cena def. Heath Slater, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, & Justin Gabriel

>>Detailed Results<<

One night after surviving Sheamus, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, & Wade Barrett, as well as The Nexus’ interference, in a Six Pack Elimination Match for the WWE Title at Night of Champions, the show kicks off with the new WWE Champion, Randy Orton! Before the new champion could even speak a word regarding his title win, Randy Orton is interrupted by the former WWE Champion, Sheamus, who states that Orton does not deserve his “moment”! Sheamus continues that he has had the WWE Title “stolen” from him on two separate occasions and states that the fans have “discriminated” against him in his reigns as champion! Sheamus then enters the ring and tells Randy Orton that Orton has never defeated him in a one-on-one match for the WWE Title before saying that Orton holding the WWE Title is “pathetic”! The new WWE Champion Randy Orton responds by reminding Sheamus that, Sheamus’ second reign as WWE Champion began thanks to The Nexus and, when they did face off one-on-one for the WWE Title, Sheamus got himself disqualified to retain the title before saying that Sheamus has never beat him either and saying Sheamus is the one who is “pathetic”! Orton then advises Sheamus to get his rematch for the WWE Title soon because if Sheamus continues to stand in the ring and in his face, Sheamus will not be getting his rematch, but he will get a “punt to the skull”! Sheamus responds by saying that he could “kick” Orton’s “head off” and Orton dares Sheamus to “try” and do so! The anonymous General Manager of RAW then chimes in with an email that reads that states that when they have their rematch for the WWE Title, there will be no question who will be the winner because their rematch for the WWE Title will be contested inside Hell in a Cell in just under three weeks at WWE Hell in a Cell! Sheamus then turns his attention back to Randy Orton and tells Orton that if he is an “honorable man”, he will hand the WWE Title over to him! Orton responds by saying that he has put many people in the “hospital” and that he would RKO his own grandmother if it meant keeping the WWE Title before telling Sheamus that he is the WWE Champion and is the only one who carries the title! Orton then dares Sheamus to “go ahead and take it” before throwing the WWE Title belt into the arms of Sheamus, distracting Sheamus a split second long enough for Orton to plant Sheamus with the RKO! The new WWE Champion then leaves the ring, but Orton would return and would try to deliver a career-threatening punt, but Sheamus would narrowly dodge the fatal blow by rolling out of the ring! At WWE Hell in a Cell, there will be escape for either men when Randy Orton defends the WWE Title against former champion Sheamus inside Hell in a Cell! Who will emerge from hell as the WWE Champion?

One night after defeating four other tag teams in Tag Team Turmoil at Night of Champions, including The Hart Dynasty, to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes would be in non-title action on RAW as the new WWE Tag Team Champions would face one of the teams they defeated in Tag Team Turmoil in Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov with the former tag team champions, The Hart Dynasty, serving as guests on commentary! In the end, it was Drew McIntyre planting Vladimir Kozlov with the Future Shock DDT en route to picking up the win!

It was revealed during the tag team match that next week’s RAW will see The Hart Dynasty get their rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles as new WWE Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes will put the gold on the line next week against the former champions! Can Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes make their first defense of the WWE Tag Team Titles a successful one or will The Hart Dynasty cut Rhodes & McIntyre’s reign short be regaining the titles?

One week after having his spot in the Six Pack Elimination Match for the WWE Title taken away via interference in his match against Sheamus, “The Monday Night Delight” John Morrison would go one-on-one with the Superstar responsible for that interference in the first Superstar eliminated in said Six Pack Elimination Match, Chris Jericho! At the end of a hard-fought match, it was John Morrison hitting Starship Pain en route to picking up the win over Chris Jericho! As his career seems to be spiraling farther and farther down, what is next for Chris Jericho?

One night after tapping out and losing the United States Title to Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions, “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” The Miz states that he “did not tap out” and that Daniel Bryan did not defeat him! The Miz then claims that he was injured before his Night of Champions match and that is why he lost! The Miz then vows that he will regain the United States Title before once again claiming that he “did not tap out”!

One night after forcing The Miz to tap out to win the United States Title, the new United States Champion Daniel Bryan, complete with new Star Wars like entrance music, would go one-on-one with “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge, fresh off of a losing effort in the Six Pack Elimination Match for the WWE Title, in a non-title bout with The Miz serving as a guest on commentary! During the match, The Miz’s personally signed “apprentice”, Alex Riley comes out and distracts the referee long enough for The Miz to get on the apron of the ring and hanging Daniel Bryan’s neck over the top rope and this would set Bryan up for Edge to deliver the Spear to Daniel Bryan en route to picking up the win! After the match, the anonymous General Manager of RAW chimes in with an email that reads that, due to interference by The Miz, the GM is reversing the decision, giving Daniel Bryan the win via disqualification! Following this announcement, an enraged Edge grabs a microphone and shouts that he is “sick” of everything to do with the anonymous GM and shots that this is “no joke”, it is his “career”! As an angry Edge walks away, The Miz and Alex Riley enter the ring and assault a weakened Daniel Bryan, an assault that would see The Miz repeatedly slap and kick Daniel Bryan, shouting that Bryan is “nothing” as Alex Riley held the United States Champion for more punishment and degradation! In incensed Miz would then claw at the face of Daniel Bryan before planting Bryan with the Skull Crushing Finale, leaving the new United States Champion in a heap in the middle of the ring! What is the status of Daniel Bryan following this vicious attack? How will Daniel Bryan respond to the actions of The Miz & Alex Riley?

One night after becoming after defeating Melina to unify the Women’s & Divas Titles to become the first Unified Divas Champion, Michelle McCool would be a guest on commentary as the self-proclaimed “co-Unified Divas Champion” Layla would defend the Unified Divas Title against “The A-List Diva” Melina! In the end, it was Layla coming back from an onslaught by Melina on both members of LayCool to hit the Lay Out on Melina en route to successfully retaining the Unified Divas Title! Who will step up next to challenge the self-proclaimed “co-Unified Divas Champions” LayCool?

After losing to John Morrison earlier in the night, Chris Jericho was interviewed backstage with an announcement, shilling his upcoming three-disc DVD set chronicling the best matches in his career! Jericho then makes the announcement that he tracked down the IP Address of the anonymous RAW General Manager and he is closer than ever to exposing the true identity of the anonymous GM and, when he does, he will demand that he get a shot at whoever emerges from WWE Hell in a Cell as the WWE Champion! The new WWE Champion Randy Orton then confronts Jericho and challenges him to face him in a non-title match next week and, if Jericho wins, then he can challenge Orton for the WWE Title whenever he wants! Orton continues that he will see to it that he will not have to see or hear Jericho for a “long time”! Jericho responds by saying that he has defeated guys like Orton throughout his career who have “underestimated” him before accepting the challenge by saying he will see Orton next week! Can Chris Jericho get his career back on track next week by defeating WWE Champion Randy Orton and earning a future title shot?

RAW also saw Mixed Tag action as, complete with rapping his new entrance theme, “Krunk”, R-Truth & Eve Torres would face the Superstar & Diva they beat in the Song & Dance Challenge last week in “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase & Maryse! At the end of a chaotic match, it was Eve Torres hitting a modified swinging neckbreaker on Maryse en route to picking up the win! After the match, Ted DiBiase and Maryse exchanged blame for losing the match when a mysterious love message appeared on the tron that read “I will have you”! Who is this mysterious person who presumably has their eye on Maryse?

Then it was time for the main event as, one night after his group, The Nexus, once again cost him the WWE Title in the Six Pack Elimination Match, John Cena was set to go one-on-one with the leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett, but Barrett would grab a microphone and stand on top of the announce table and would instead challenge John Cena to face the members of The Nexus in a Gauntlet Match, where Cena would face each Nexus member in a series of one-on-one matches and, if Cena wins, he would get his one-on-one match with Wade Barrett, and, when given the “option” to accept the challenge or suffer a five-on-one beat down, Cena accepted the challenge! John Cena would face Heath Slater first and would ultimately hit the Attitude Adjustment to eliminate Slater! Next up, Cena would face David Otunga and would catch Otunga with a roll-up to eliminate Otunga! Cena would then face Michael Tarver in the Gauntlet Match and would force Tarver to tap out to his STF to eliminate Tarver! Cena would then find himself one step away from facing Wade Barrett as Cena would face the high-flyer of The Nexus, Justin Gabriel, but when it looked like Cena was closing in on defeating Gabriel, The Nexus would enter the ring as Wade Barrett grabs a steel chair! However, John Cena would get a hold of the steel chair and run The Nexus off! With The Nexus retreated on the stage, Cena grabs a microphone and says that, the way he sees it, he has earned his one-on-one match with Wade Barrett! However, Barrett would disagree and say that he has “nothing to gain” from laying Cena to “waste again”, so Barrett says he will face Cena one-on-one in two weeks time at WWE Hell in a Cell, but if Cena loses, he will be forced to join The Nexus! John Cena would accept the challenge, but would add that they have to make their match “big” by adding the stipulation that, if he wins, then “The Nexus is done” and Wade Barrett goes “down in history” as the guy who “flushed” his career down the “toilet” by forming The Nexus! Faced with either gaining John Cena as a part of The Nexus or disbanding The Nexus completely, Wade Barrett accepts the challenge! When John Cena finally gets his hands on Wade Barrett in a one-on-one match, will Cena emerge victorious, bringing an end to the reign of terror that The Nexus has brought by forcing the group to disband, or will John Cena be forced to do the unthinkable by joining The Nexus?