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Live Syfy Season Premiere of SmackDown Detailed Results

For the first time in the unforgettable eleven year history of SmackDown, the Friday night juggernaut will “imagine greater” as WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes to Syfy! The debut of SmackDown on Syfy came to you, live, from the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, OK. The big move to Syfy will also be celebrated by a former Superstar of the brand as RAW Superstar John Cena will make a special appearance, but Cena’s appearance and the entire show may be derailed as the five ruthless members of The Nexus will also appear on the show just two nights before John Cena goes one-on-one with Nexus leader Wade Barrett in a match that, is Barrett wins, then John Cena joins The Nexus, but if Cena wins, then The Nexus completely disbands! The live Syfy debut of SmackDown would also feature the return of a SmackDown icon as “The Master of the 619” Rey Mysterio would return to SmackDown! Two nights before he goes to war with his brother, Kane, for the World Heavyweight Title inside the demonic Hell in a Cell, The Undertaker, back with the man who holds the source of his power, “The Father of Destruction” Paul Bearer, would go one-on-one with “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk!

>>Match Results<<

  • Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) def. MVP by DQ after The Nexus attacks Dolph Ziggler.
  • 8-Diva Tag: Natalya, Kelly Kelly, & The Bella Twins (with Hornswoggle) def. LayCool, Maryse, & Alicia Fox by Maryse submitting to Natalya’s Sharpshooter.
  • 5-on-1 Handicap Match: The Nexus def. Big Show by Big Show submitting to The Nexus’ Five Points of Pain.
  • The Undertaker def. CM Punk by pin following the Tombstone Piledriver.
  • Non-Title: Randy Orton def. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes (with Drew McIntyre) by pin following the RKO.
  • Lumberjack Match: Non-Title: World Heavyweight Champion Kane and John Cena fight to a No Contest after The Nexus interferes.

>>Detailed Results<<

The live Syfy debut of SmackDown kicks off big with the Intercontinental Title up for grabs as Dolph Ziggler would defend the gold against “The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP! During the match, however, Dolph Ziggler would find himself on the outside of the ring as The Nexus would emerge and attack the Intercontinental Champion, leaving him laid out! The ruthless Nexus would then enter the ring and, like The Nexus has done so many times to so many different Superstars and other WWE employees, by attacking and leaving MVP laid out! “The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show would then come out and would fight off The Nexus, but the four-on-one odds would eventually wear the giant Superstar down and take Show to the outside of the ring! John Cena would then rush out and try his hand at attacking the group that he looks to disband this Sunday, but Cena would also be overwhelmed by the numbers of The Nexus, but Big Show would enter the ring wielding a steel chair and would land a shot on Heath Slater before The Nexus retreats! Nexus leader Wade Barrett would then appear on the big screen and, after reminding John Cena of the stakes this Sunday, reveals that he is friends with the head of Syfy as they are both natives of England and the head of Syfy allowed him to “suggest” some matches for SmackDown! A visibly unhappy Theodore Long then announces that Big Show will be in action against all five members of The Nexus in a 5-on-1 Handicap Match! Not only that, but the General Manager of SmackDown announces that John Cena would go one-on-one with the World Heavyweight Champion Kane with the five ruthless members of The Nexus, including his WWE Hell in a Cell opponent Wade Barrett, serving as lumberjacks! Can Big Show survive all five members of The Nexus? How will John Cena fare against the demonic Kane with The Nexus surrounding the ring as lumberjacks?

It was announced on SmackDown that, this Sunday at WWE Hell in a Cell, Michelle McCool will defend the Unified Divas Title against Natalya! Will the powerful second-generation Natalya win her first championship in WWE or will Michelle McCool retain the Unified Divas Title?

The RAW and SmackDown Divas would celebrate the big move to Syfy as self-proclaimed “co-Unified Divas Champions” Layla & Michelle McCool would team with RAW Divas Maryse & Alicia Fox to face the new #1 Contender for the Unified Divas Title, Natalya, who would team with Kelly Kelly & The Bella Twins in an 8-Diva Tag Match! During the match, Hornswoggle would emerge from under the ring, trying to get his little hands on Layla, but as Hornswoggle rounded the corner, Michelle McCool would blast Hornswoggle with a big boot! Meanwhile, in the ring, Maryse would go for the French Kiss DDT on Natalya, but Natalya would counter and lock Maryse in the Sharpshooter, forcing the former Divas Champion to tap out! Natalya appears ready to dethrone Michelle McCool by winning the Unified Divas Title, but can Natalya win the gold or will Michelle McCool retain? What role will Layla play in the match?

With the live Syfy debut of SmackDown being in his home state of Oklahoma, “The All-American American” Jack Swagger presented his own Homecoming Celebration on SmackDown! Jack Swagger reveals that he will have a “huge announcement”, but first says that he has a “problem” with every Oklahoman in the arena and he has a “problem” with the entire state of Oklahoma! Swagger continues that he put Oklahoma “on the map” and he does not get a “parade” or a “Jack Swagger Day”! Swagger continues that it is why him and his “Swagger Soaring Eagle” personal mascot have moved out of Oklahoma and to Oklahoma’s rival state to the south, Texas! Swagger continues that, despite not having a “parade” or “Jack Swagger Day”, he is still going to “give back” to Oklahoma before proclaiming that he is Oklahoma’s “king”! Swagger then reveals that there is only “one person” qualified for his “coronation” before proclaiming himself the “official, undisputed king of Oklahoma”! Swagger then puts on a crown and orders the Oklahoma crowd to get on their “knees” and “worship” him before Swagger is interrupted by “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge! Swagger states that he was “busy” as the crowd was about to “worship” him and urges the fans to “continue”! Edge says that they are not going to “continue” because, after demolishing the laptop the anonymous GM of RAW on Monday night, he vowed that, regardless of the brand, he would go on a “mission” to rid the WWE of anything that is “stupid”! Swagger then argues that having his own personal mascot is “cool” and, after Edge calls it “ridiculous”, Swagger warns Edge not to make fun of the “Swagger Soaring Eagle”! Edge then states that the mascot, as well as Swagger’s crown and cape is “stupid” before stating that he is going to start his “mission”! Swagger would hide behind his mascot, prompting Edge to punch the mascot in the beak, which led to Swagger exiting the ring as Edge would proceed to lay the “Swagger Soaring Eagle” out with the Spear!

Then it was time for the 5-on-1 Handicap Match as “The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show would face all five members of The Nexus; Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, & Michael Tarver! In the end, it was Wade Barrett locking in a unique submission on the head of Big Show while the other four Nexus members lock in a submission on every arm and leg of Big Show, ultimately forcing “The World’s Largest Athlete” to pass out from the pain! After the match, Wade Barrett ordered Justin Gabriel to hit, not one, but two 450 Splashes on Big Show! What is the status of Big Show following this unique submission?

Two nights before he faces his brother, Kane, for the World Heavyweight Title inside the demonic Hell in a Cell, The Undertaker, with his confidante Paul Bearer in his corner holding the urn that lends The Undertaker his powers, would go one-on-one with a familiar adversary in “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk! In the end, it was a rejuvenated Undertaker that would dominate the match and ultimately spike CM Punk with the Tombstone Piledriver en route to picking up the win! The Undertaker appears to be back to his former glory, but can he defeat his diabolical brother, Kane, for the World Heavyweight Title inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday night?

On a night where the Superstar whose wrist he broke last month, Rey Mysterio, would make his return, Alberto Del Rio made an appearance on SmackDown as Del Rio refers to himself as “the Mexican icon” and “one of the greatest of all time” before calling Rey a “powerless, weak peasant”! Del Rio then states that he is there to “apologize” to Rey Mysterio before introducing Rey Mysterio, but Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, brings out a chihuhua in a Rey Mysterio mask, complete with a cast on its arm! This would prompt Rey Mysterio to run out and attack Del Rio, but Del Rio would escape! Rey would then attack Ricardo Rodriguez, laying the ring announcer out with the 619 as Del Rio looked on! When will Rey Mysterio get his shot at facing Alberto Del Rio one-in-one?

Another former SmackDown Superstar would make an appearance on the live Syfy debut of SmackDown as the WWE Champion himself, Randy Orton, would go one-on-one with his former protégé in one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions “Dashing” Cody Rhodes in a non-title bout just two nights before Orton defends the WWE Title against Sheamus inside the unforgiving Hell in a Cell! In the end, it was Randy Orton coming out of nowhere to hit the RKO on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes en route to picking up the win! After the match, the other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre, would enter the ring and lock Randy Orton in for the Future Shock DDT, but Orton would get out of the move and ultimately lay McIntyre out with the RKO as well! Sheamus would then rush the ring and ultimately lay the WWE Champion out with the Brogue Kick! What will go down this Sunday night when Randy Orton defends the WWE Title against Sheamus inside Hell in a Cell?

Then it was time for the main event as, two nights before he faces his rejuvenated brother, The Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell with the World Heavyweight Title on the line, World Heavyweight Champion Kane would go one-on-one with John Cena in a Lumberjack Match with the five ruthless members of The Nexus surrounding the ring as lumberjacks! During the match, Kane would get sent to the outside where The Nexus would not attack Kane, but when The Nexus gets on the ring apron and John Cena knocks Justin Gabriel off of the apron onto Kane, all bets were off as Kane fought The Nexus as Cena would narrowly escape another attack by The Nexus! The lights would go out and the familiar gong would sound as, when the lights came back on, The Undertaker was standing behind his brother Kane in the ring as the brothers would brawl in and around the ring and even fighting in the crowd before finally ending up back in the ring! Kane would then grab the throat of The Undertaker, but upon setting his sights on the urn held by Paul Bearer, Undertaker would counter and deliver a chokeslam to Kane, but as The Undertaker gets ready to spike Kane with the Tombstone Piledriver, Kane narrowly escapes the ring! What will happen this Sunday night when there is no escape as these two brothers will be locked inside the unforgiving Hell in a Cell with the World Heavyweight Title on the line?