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WWE NXT October 5, 2010 Detailed Results

The fifth week of NXT Season Three, and the first exclusive edition of NXT, would come to you from the Landon Arena at the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, KS. Four weeks after NXT Season Three began, a Rookie Diva would be eliminated as either A.J., Naomi, Jamie, Aksana, Maxine, or Kaitlyn would be sent home from the NXT competition! Since the beginning of Season Three, WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero has disapproved of her NXT Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, and following a brawl on last week’s show, Vickie has accepted her Rookie Diva’s challenge for a one-on-one match on NXT!

>>Match Results<<

  • Bull Riding Contest: Aksana def. A.J., Naomi, Jamie, Maxine, & Kaitlyn
  • Aksana def. Maxine by reverse roll-up.
  • Talent Show Contest: Kaitlyn def. A.J., Naomi, Aksana, Jamie, Maxine, & Kaitlyn
  • WWE Pro Vs. NXT Rookie Diva: Kaitlyn (with Dolph Ziggler) def. Vickie Guerrero by roll-up.

>>Detailed Results<<

The show kicks off with NXT Host Matt Striker, who introduces the six Rookie Divas as A.J., Naomi, Aksana, Jamie, Maxine, & Kaitlyn would all compete in their next NXT challenge; the Bull Riding Contest! At the end of the contest, it was Aksana emerging from the challenge with her first NXT challenge win!

Following her first NXT challenge win, Aksana would go one-on-one with Maxine! In the end, it was Aksana countering a pin attempt by Maxine en route to picking up the win! Could Aksana’s wins in her first NXT challenge and picking up her first win in a match keep Aksana from being eliminated?

The final NXT challenge before the first NXT elimination of Season Three would then take place as the six Rookie Divas would compete in a Talent Show! After winning her first NXT challenge and her first match, Aksana was up first and her talent exhibited her strength as the former Arnold Classic winner did a unique display of strength and flexibility! Up next was Naomi as Naomi showed off her rapping skills, followed by A.J. showing off her flexibility! Jamie then displays her ability to seduce men as Jamie plants a kiss on NXT Host Matt Striker! Next up was Kaitlyn, who showed her artistic ability by drawing a interesting stick figure portrait of her WWE Pro, Vickie Guerrero! Last up was Maxine, who showed her baking skills by presenting a pie she made to apologize to Hornswoggle over her actions in the recent Wheelbarrow Challenge! Hornswoggle rushes down, excited to get his pie, but Maxine puts pie on Hornswoggle’s face and Hornswoggle responds by smashing the entire pie into Maxine’s face! In the end, the WWE fans selected Kaitlyn and her artistic talents as the winner of the Talent Show!

After winning her third NXT challenge, NXT Rookie Diva Kaitlyn would go one-on-one with her biggest naysayer in NXT Season Three, her WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero, who would be accompanied by her boyfriend, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler! In the end, it was an inadvertent distraction by Dolph Ziggler that allowed Kaitlyn to roll-up Vickie Guerrero to pick up the win! After the match, Kaitlyn celebrated with Dolph Ziggler, much to the dismay of Vickie Guerrero! How will Vickie Guerrero respond to losing to her NXT Rookie Diva?

Then it was time for the first NXT elimination of NXT Season Three to take place as either A.J., Naomi, Aksana, Jamie, Maxine, or Kaitlyn would be eliminated and it would then be revealed that Jamie would be the first Rookie Diva to be sent home from the NXT competition! Now that five NXT Rookie Divas remain, what will the Rookie Divas do to avoid suffering the same fate as Jamie?