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WWE NXT October 12, 2010 Detailed Results

One week after the first NXT elimination saw Jamie eliminated from the NXT competition, sixth week of WWE NXT Season Three came to you from the Rose Garden in Portland, OR. One week after Jamie was eliminated, A.J., Naomi, Aksana, Maxine, & Kaitlyn would be looking to avoid the same fate as their fellow Rookie Diva as NXT Season Three continues!

>>Match Results<<

  • WWE Name That Tune Challenge: A.J. def. Naomi, Aksana, Maxine, & Kaitlyn
  • WWE Pro Vs. NXT Rookie Diva: Alicia Fox def. Naomi by pin following the Fox Kick.
  • Power of the Punch Challenge: Naomi def. A.J., Aksana, Maxine, & Kaitlyn
  • A.J. def. Aksana by pin.

>>Detailed Results<<

As the five remaining NXT Rookie Divas would look to impress the WWE fans and WWE Pros into keeping them a part of the competition as A.J., Naomi, Aksana, Maxine, & Kaitlyn would compete in a WWE version of Name That Tune as the five Rookie Divas would be presented a WWE entrance theme and the first Rookie Diva to buzz in using their air horns would get to give their answer! At the end of the challenge, it was A.J. picking up yet another challenge victory!

NXT would also feature a WWE Pro Vs. NXT Rookie Diva match as WWE Pro Alicia Fox would go one-on-one with NXT Rookie Diva Naomi! In the end, it was Alicia Fox hitting the Fox Kick on Naomi en route to picking up the win!

Then it was time for the NXT Rookie Divas to step up to an Open Mic as the Rookie Divas would get an opportunity to express their opinions! First up was Naomi as the Rookie Diva selects a topic that all of the Rookie Divas have had to deal with and that is Michael Cole! Naomi tells Cole that she is “sick” of Cole’s “negativity” and tells the commentator that he is no Jim Ross, so Cole should stop thinking he is “all that” on commentary! Cole responds by saying, into his headset, that he is “not fat with a cowboy hat”! Naomi then asks Michael Cole why, if Cole is so tired of NXT, then why he is still on the show every week and Cole replies that he is doing his “job”, because he is a “professional”! Naomi then tells Cole that he needs to do something about his hair because it is a “mess”! Next up was A.J., who says she is going to put out a “personal ad” before saying that she is “single” and asking if a guy would be willing to go back to her “place” and play her “XBOX” or her “PS3” and they could also watch movies! Kaitlyn was up next with her topic of “age before beauty” as Kaitlyn targets her WWE Pro, Vickie Guerrero, by saying that Vickie is like a “fine wine”; she gets “better with age”, but corrects herself by saying that Vickie is like a “fine cheese” before saying that she and Vickie’s boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, got a “gift” for Vickie by getting her “Bengay”! Aksana was up next with her selected topic of “America” as Aksana states that she hopes someone from “immigration” is watching before saying that, if it was not for America, there would be no WWE and, without the WWE, there would be no Aksana or Goldust! Aksana would then “thank” Christopher Columbus for founding America! Last up was Maxine with her topic of “disrespect” as Maxine states that, last week, she was “disrespected” by Hornswoggle before telling Hornswoggle that she “always ends up on top”! Maxine then states that Kaitlyn is “lucky” to have Vickie Guerrero as her WWE Pro before calling Kaitlyn a “home wrecker” for her involvement in the relationship between Vickie and Dolph Ziggler before saying that that is “not how ladies conduct business”!

Backstage, WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero confronts her NXT Rookie Diva Kaitlyn and warns Kaitlyn to not even “talk” to Dolph Ziggler or Kaitlyn being eliminated in the future will be the “least” of her “worries”! Will Kaitlyn obey the orders of her WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero?

Then it was time for the second NXT Challenge of the night as the five Rookie Divas would compete in the Power of the Punch Challenge, where the strongest punch would earn that Rookie Diva the victory! At the end of the challenge, it was Naomi emerging as the winner of another NXT challenge!

Then it was time for the main event as Rookie Diva A.J. would go one-on-one with fellow Rookie Diva, Aksana! In the end, it was A.J. picking up the win over Aksana! After the match, Aksana’s WWE Pro Goldust would confront Aksana about her immigration problems as her visa that allows her to be in America is having problems and, in one of the most shocking moments in NXT history, Goldust would get on one knee and propose his Rookie Diva, Aksana, as a way out of Aksana getting deported back to Lithuania and Aksana accepts her WWE Pro’s marriage proposal! When and where will this “golden” wedding take place? With the second NXT elimination coming up in a couple of weeks, will Aksana even still be in the NXT competition when the wedding takes place?