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WWE Monday Night RAW October 25, 2010 Detailed Results

One night after a shocking and unforgettable WWE Bragging Rights that saw John Cena outsmarting Wade Barrett to keep the WWE Title with Randy Orton, as well as winning the WWE Tag Team Titles with David Otunga and one night after SmackDown defeated RAW for the second year in a row, earning SmackDown their second straight Bragging Rights trophy, RAW would be looking to rebound as the 909th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Resch Center in Green Bay, WI. One night after their show-stealing opening bout at WWE Bragging Rights, the rematch would take place on RAW as RAW’s United States Champion Daniel Bryan would go one-on-one with SmackDown’s Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Champion Vs. Champion! Also, a country music superstar would appear on RAW as legendary country singer Toby Keith would appear as the Guest Star of RAW!

>>Match Results<<

  • RAW Champion Vs. SmackDown Champion: Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) by submission to the LeBell Lock.
  • "Co-Divas Champions" LayCool def. Melina & Gail Kim by Michelle McCool pinning Melina following a kick to the head.
  • The Miz (with Alex Riley) def. R-Truth (with Eve Torres) by pin following the Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Santino Marella (with John Morrison) def. Sheamus by roll-up.
  • Winner Chooses The Special Referee: John Cena (with Wade Barrett) def. Randy Orton by DQ after Wade Barrett interferes; as a result, Wade Barrett gets to choose the Special Referee for the WWE Title match at Survivor Series.

>>Detailed Results<<

One night after delivering the Attitude Adjustment to Wade Barrett to technically follow Barrett’s orders to ensure that Barrett won the match, the show kicks off with Wade Barrett & The Nexus; Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and the new WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & John Cena! Wade Barrett then introduces the “most dominant group in the history of the WWE”, The Nexus, before introducing himself, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, & John Cena! Barrett continues that, at Bragging Rights, The Nexus did the “unthinkable” when their actions resulted in the “burial” of The Undertaker in the Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Title before Barrett states that they have their “reasons” for their actions against The Undertaker and it is “none” of the fan’s “business”! Barrett then states that he defeated WWE Champion Randy Orton at Bragging Rights before telling John Cena to tell everyone what happened and Cena complies by saying that Barrett was about to get “beat down” by Orton so he interfered and got Orton disqualified, meaning that Barrett won the match! Barrett responds that he was well on his way to winning the WWE Title when Cena decided to “inexplicably” enter the ring and put his hands on Barrett by delivering the Attitude Adjustment before saying that Cena had the “audacity” to hand the WWE Title to Randy Orton! Cena then reminds Barrett that Barrett ordered him to help Barrett “win” the match or be fired and he helped Barrett win, so he is not fired! Barrett responds by sarcasticly stating that it is “great” that Orton is the WWE Champion and that Cena is not fired! The anonymous General Manager of RAW then interrupts with an email that Michael Cole reads to announce that Wade Barrett is “entitled” to a rematch against Randy Orton for the WWE Title, but the rematch will have a Special Referee; a Special Referee that will be decided by the winner in the main event when WWE Champion Randy Orton goes one-on-one with any member of The Nexus; a challenge Nexus leader Wade Barrett jumps on by placing John Cena in the match! With that issue resolved, Nexus member and new WWE Tag Team Champion David Otunga brings up another issue of John Cena being “against” The Nexus at Bragging Rights despite them winning the WWE Tag Team Titles and states that he and Cena can not “co-exist” as WWE Tag Team Champions, which Barrett responds to by announcing that John Cena & David Otunga will defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against fellow Nexus members Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel! However, before the match begins, Wade Barrett states that one of The Nexus members will have to do the “right thing” for The Nexus by laying down and allowing Slater or Gabriel to pin the champion and Barrett orders David Otunga, not John Cena, to do it! Though reluctant to do so, David Otunga would lay down as instructed and allow Heath Slater to pin him to crown Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel as the new WWE Tag Team Champions! How will David Otunga respond to the embarrassment brought on to him by Wade Barrett?

SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero would then make an appearance, with her NXT Rookie Diva Kaitlyn distantly in tow, and blames “shoddy officiating” by the WWE Referees for Dolph Ziggler’s loss to Daniel Bryan at Bragging Rights before introducing her boyfriend, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, who would go one-on-one with United States Champion Daniel Bryan in a Bragging Rights Champion Vs. Champion rematch with “The Straightedge Superstar” CM Punk as a guest on commentary! During the match, Daniel Bryan would lock in the LeBell Lock on Dolph Ziggler, but Vickie Guerrero would put Dolph’s foot under the bottom rope, but Dolph would still tap out and, with the referee not seeing Dolph’s foot, Daniel Bryan would be deemed the winner, much to the chagrin of Vickie Guerrero! How will Vickie Guerrero respond to the call by the referee?

Backstage, John Cena confronts Nexus leader Wade Barrett about being forced to hand over the WWE Tag Team Titles and states that he has been “trying for weeks” before saying that he is Barrett’s “errand boy”! Cena then says that regardless of getting fired or quitting, it “doesn’t matter”, because it “beats working” for Barrett, but Barrett stops Cena by saying that he has an “offer” that Cena “can’t refuse” that would benefit them both and he would announce it after Cena’s match with Randy Orton and Barrett tells Cena to focus on defeating Randy Orton because Barrett will be in Cena’s corner! What is the offer that Wade Barrett has for John Cena? What happens if John Cena is unable to defeat Randy Orton?

One night after Michelle McCool assisted Layla in retaining the Divas Title against Natalya t Bragging Rights, LayCool was in action on RAW as the self-proclaimed “co-Divas Champions” would face the team of Melina & Gail Kim! In the end, it was Michelle McCool delivering a vicious kick to the head of Melina en route to earning the win for LayCool! With the two-on-one tactics of LayCool, can any Diva in the WWE take the Divas Title from LayCool?

One night after leading Team RAW in, what was ultimately a losing effort, against Team SmackDown, “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” The Miz, with his “apprentice” Alex Riley, made an appearance on RAW and states that no matter how “superior” he is to everyone in the crowd and everyone in the back, he is not a “miracle worker”! Miz continues that he lasted the “longest” in the Bragging Rights Elimination Tag Match and if the WWE Superstars had the “talent” he possesses on a “daily basis”, then the Bragging Rights trophy would belong to RAW! Miz continues that Team RAW should have consisted of “seven Miz’s” instead of “one Miz and six losers” before stating that he “blames” Team SmackDown and, more specifically, “blames” Rey Mysterio before challenging Rey to a match on RAW next week! RAW Diva Eve Torres then comes out and The Miz assumes Eve is out there to “apologize” on behalf of RAW before mocking Eve’s “hair extensions” and challenging Eve’s “taste in men” before calling Eve “sugar dumpling”! Eve responds by saying that she is not out there to “apologize” for anything before saying that Miz does not need to be “worried” about her hair or her “taste in men”, but Miz should be “worried” about everyone knowing that The Miz is “nothing but a fifteen-minute, flash in the pan, brainless, laughable, thick-headed, half-witted, uninspired, frog-faced loser” and Miz responds by telling the Green Bay fans that the Packers are not going to the Super Bowl before saying that he finds it “amusing” that the RAW locker room sent out a “Diva” to convey that message before saying that Eve should call him “awesome”, but before the words could come out of Miz’s mouth, Eve calls The Miz the “furthest thing from awesome that the WWE has ever seen” and calls Miz “ugly”! The Miz’s “apprentice” Alex Riley interrupts and tells Eve to “shut the front door” before saying that the reason that Team RAW is not out there because the Superstars on the team were “tip-toeing to the unemployment line” before telling Eve to go back to the dressing room and “find out” if anyone from Team RAW wants to take a “piece out of the captain”, which prompts Team RAW member R-Truth to come out and states that he wants a “piece of Mr. Kermit” before telling The Miz that he does not have a problem proving to The Miz that “the truth hurts”, which prompts the anonymous RAW General Manager to chime with an email that simply reads “ding, ding, ding”, signifying the impromptu match to begin!

In a match made by the anonymous RAW General Manager following a confrontation between the two Superstars, “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” The Miz, with The Miz’s “apprentice” Alex Riley in his corner, would go one-on-one with R-Truth, with Eve Torres in his corner! During the match, Alex Riley would shove R-Truth into the ring apron on the outside behind the referee’s back, leading to Eve Torres coming around to the side of the ring and delivering a hard slap to the face of Alex Riley! In the end, it was R-Truth missing a Scissors Kick that would allow The Miz to take advantage by hitting the Skull Crushing Finale en route to picking up the win!

The Guest Star of RAW would then make an appearance on RAW as country music superstar Toby Keith appeared to serve as the Guest Ring Announcer for the match pitting “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus against “The Master of The Cobra” Santino Marella, a match that Santino was reluctant to take part in until Toby Keith talked Santino into it! During the match, Santino Marella would find himself able to stand up long enough for Sheamus to manage to deliver the Brogue Kick, leading to John Morrison coming out and trying to convince Santino to just give up and Sheamus would set Santino in the corner and would be set to deliver the Brogue Kick that way, but Morrison would pull the ankle of Santino, making Santino fall and making Sheamus get caught up on the top turnbuckle, leading to Santino rolling up Sheamus and picking up a huge upset over a former WWE Champion! How will Sheamus respond to John Morrison being responsible for Sheamus losing to Santino Marella?

Backstage, Nexus member David Otunga confronts Nexus leader Wade Barrett and asks Barrett why he was “humiliated” before saying that Barrett could “not get the job done” at Bragging Rights, so Barrett is trying to take the “focus” off of himself and put it on Otunga before saying that he might feel “resentment” and he “might” tell everyone why they “really” attacked The Undertaker at Bragging Rights! Barrett responds by bringing in Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty and revealing that, despite what happened last week, Harris & McGillicutty are now a part of The Nexus! Barrett then threatens that, with Harris & McGillicutty on board, they can “end” anyone’s career anytime they want before asking if Otunga is “with” Nexus or “against” them and, faced with the threat of having his career ended, Otunga states that he is with The Nexus! How will The Nexus change now that Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty are part of the seemingly unstoppable group?

Then it was time for the main event as reluctant Nexus member John Cena, with Nexus leader Wade Barrett in his corner, would go one-on-one with WWE Champion Randy Orton in a match where, if Cena wins, then Barrett gets to choose the Special Referee for his WWE Title rematch against Randy Orton at Survivor Series in four weeks, but if Orton wins, then Orten selects the Special Referee for the rematch! During the match, Randy Orton would get taken to the outside and Wade Barrett was set to attack Orton, but John Cena would shove Barrett away from Orton, preventing a disqualification win for Orton and a second confrontation would take place between Cena and Barrett later in the match after Barrett pulls the bottom rope away from Orton while Orton was locked in Cena’s STF! In the end, it looked like Randy Orton was set to punt John Cena and put Cena out of action, but Wade Barrett would pull Cena out of the ring and intentionally clothesline Cena to earn Cena the disqualification win, meaning that Barrett gets to choose the referee for his WWE Title rematch! After the match, all hell broke loose as Randy Orton would attack Wade Barrett, which would prompt the rest of The Nexus, complete with newest members Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty to rush and begin a five-on-one assault on Orton, but Cena would jump into the fray and fight off The Nexus, but Wade Barrett would order Cena to “stop” and would order the rest of The Nexus to get out of the ring before announcing that John Cena will be the Special Referee for his WWE Title rematch against Randy Orton at Survivor Series! Barrett promises that Cena will be “impartial” in the WWE Title match and Barrett assures Orton that Cena will be “impartial” to the point that if Barrett does not win the WWE Title, then Barrett will fire Cena “on the spot”, but Barrett would then reveal his “offer” to Cena and it was a blockbuster announcement as Barrett declares that, if he does win the WWE Title at Survivor Series, then Cena will be “relieved of any and all responsibilities that he has to The Nexus”! With the bottom line being that John Cena, as the Special Referee in the match, must find a way to allow Wade Barrett to win the WWE Title so that he could earn his freedom from The Nexus, for if he fails to do so, then Wade Barrett will fire John Cena from the entire WWE! Will John Cena screw Randy Orton out of the WWE Title to keep his job and be freed from The Nexus or will John Cena accept being fired over having to be directly responsible for taking the WWE Title away from Randy Orton?