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Linda McMahon Loses Connecticut Race for Senate!

With a total of 44% of votes, Linda McMahon yesterday conceded her Senate race to Democratic nominee Richard Blumnethal, who got 54% of the total votes cast with 91% of precincts reporting at time of this writing. Linda McMahon, the former Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment said she had the most fabulous, unbelievable year meeting all the potential voters. "As far as I am concerned tonight, it is a victory," she said in her speech as thousands of supporters applauded. She then brought out her family – daughter Stephanie, son-in-law Paul "Triple H" Levesque, daughter-in-law Marissa, son Shane and her husband Vince – along with attorney Jerry McDevitt, her mother and other members who helped Linda throughout her campaign to the U2 song "Beautiful Day." Bon Jovi’s "It’s My Life" then kicked in and her campaign staff came out one by one to take a round of applause. McMahon said she owed her staff an incredible debt of gratitude for their work the past 14 months. "Don’t think I’m gonna stop pushing to get jobs here in Connecticut," Linda said as supporters chanted "Lind, Linda." She said she spoke with Richard Blumenthal and told him she’s going to give him her support and despite the loss, she’s not going to fade away and everyone is probably going to see her around. "We made Washington listen," McMahon concluded.