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WWE NXT November 2, 2010 Detailed Results

The ninth week of NXT Season Three came to you from the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT. On a day where the United States will vote in the mid-term elections to determine the Senator for their respective states (including former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, who is the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat for the state of Connecticut), the WWE Pros and WWE fans would be voting in a different poll as the second elimination of NXT Season Three would take place as either A.J., Naomi, Aksana, Maxin, or Kaitlyn will be sent home from the NXT competition! One Rookie Diva would be extra nervous for this week’s NXT as Rookie Diva Aksana would marry her WWE Pro, Goldust, on NXT in order to keep Aksana from being deported back to Lithuania! However, Ted DiBiase & Maryse have made their plans known to crash the wedding in order to get the Million Dollar Title back from Goldust!

>>Match Results<<

  • Kissing Contest: A.J. def. Naomi, Maxine, & Kaitlyn
  • Kelly Kelly def. Alicia Fox by pin following the K2.
  • Wedding Present Scramble: Kaitlyn def. A.J., Naomi, & Maxine

>>Detailed Results<<

The show kicks off with the first NXT competition of the night as A.J., Naomi, Maxine, & Kaitlyn (with Aksana being excused from the competition to prepare for her big wedding to Goldust later in the evening) would compete in an NXT Kissing Contest, where the four Rookie Divas would kiss the official Kissing Contest judge, Hornswoggle, with the judge deciding the best kisser! First up was Kaitlyn as Hornswoggle locked in a hard lip lock on the Rookie Diva, followed by Maxine who, given her history with Hornswoggle, refuses to kiss the little guy! This prompts “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, who was there for his brother, Goldust’s wedding to Aksana, decides to take Hornswoggle’s place in the Kissing Contest! After much primping and preparing by the former WWE Tag Team Champion, Rhodes would lock lips with Kaitlyn and would spray breath spray on Maxine, but only kisses the hand of the Rookie Diva! The next Rookie Diva to kiss Rhodes was Naomi, but Naomi refused to kiss “The Dashing One”, citing that she would not kiss Rhodes if he was the last man on Earth! Last up was A.J. as the Rookie Diva absolutely floors Rhodes with her kiss, prompting Rhodes to name A.J. the undisputed winner of the competition! With only two Rookie Divas actually taking part in the Kissing Contest, how will that weigh with the WWE Pros and WWE fans in terms of dedication when it comes to the second NXT elimination later in the night?

The WWE Pros would go head-to-head on NXT as Kelly Kelly would go one-on-one with former Divas Champion Alicia Fox! In the end, it was Alicia Fox missing the Fox Kick that would allow Kelly Kelly to take advantage by hitting the K2 en route to picking up the win!

Then it was time for the second NXT competition of the night as, in a special challenge for the wedding of Goldust & Aksana, A.J., Naomi, Maxine, & Kaitlyn would compete in a Wedding Present Scramble where the first Rookie Diva to find the flag hidden in one of the gift boxes would be the winner! Apropos to the name of the competition, the Rookie Divas would scramble to find the flag with Kaitlyn ultimately discovering the flag and becoming the winner of the Wedding Present Scramble! Despite an impressive array of challenge wins, Kaitlyn would still not earn immunity from the second NXT elimination as Naomi would have that honor!

Backstage, WWE Pro Primo and his NXT Rookie Diva A.J. search for a private place to talk and, after going through many rooms, including a room containing WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes (in attendance for his son, Goldust’s wedding) hanging out with WWE Pros The Bella Twins, a room containing Maxine kissing Hornswoggle and saying that she thought Hornswoggle was choking before finding a room where WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero’s boyfriend, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, and Vickie’s NXT Rookie Diva Kaitlyn are having some flirtatious fun, which prompts Vickie to march to the backstage area where Dolph and Kaitlyn try to explain what Vickie saw, but Vickie would shove Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn responds by throwing cake in the face of her WWE Pro to the horror of Vickie! What will be next in this increasingly tumultuous relationship between WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero and her NXT Rookie Diva Kaitlyn as the two women continue to butt heads over Dolph Ziggler?

Then it was time for the big wedding as WWE Pro Goldust would marry his NXT Rookie Diva Aksana with Goldust’s brother, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes there to support his brother, Goldust, and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes is there to support his son with Hornswoggle being the ring bearer! The groom and husband-to-be Goldust then reads his vows to Aksana as Goldust tells Aksana how their relationship has been bizarre and untraditional before vowing that Aksana will never forget the name, Goldust! Bride-to-be Aksana then reads her vows as Aksana expresses her thanks for Goldust allowing her to stay in America before saying how much she loves the USA! The minister then asks if anyone objects to the union of Goldust & Aksana before the minister states that he objects because everyone has a “price” before “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase & Maryse come out as DiBiase reveals that he paid off the minister not to finish the wedding ceremony! DiBiase then informs Goldust that, without the wedding being made official, Aksana would be deported back to Lithuania before DiBiase brings out the immigration officer, who has handcuffs with him! DiBiase then tells Goldust that there is a way for the wedding to continue without a hitch as DiBiase tells Goldust that, if Goldust hands the Million Dollar Title back over to him, then he will allow the wedding to continue to keep Aksana in the country! Goldust’s Hall of Fame father, Dusty Rhodes, then reveals that he brought in a Southern minister before revealing that minister to be none other than Ted DiBiase’s father, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, who is also an ordained minister! “The Fortune Son” Ted DiBiase asks his Hall of Famer father why he would betray his own son and “The Million Dollar Man” states that he did it to see the priceless look on the face of his son! With the Hall of Famer overseeing the ceremony, Goldust and Aksana would say their “I Do’s” and, with the wedding now official, Goldust would lean in to kiss his new bride, but Aksana would slap her new husband across the face before storming out of the ring! What was the reason for Aksana’s actions? Did Aksana just use Goldust to ensure that she stays in the country and in the NXT competition?

Then it was time to determine who would be the second Rookie Diva eliminated from NXT Season Three as either A.J., Aksana, Maxine, or Kaitlyn would be eliminated (with the most challenge wins, Naomi was immune from the second elimination) from the competition! The second Rookie Diva to be sent home was then revealed to be Maxine as her dream of becoming the next breakout Diva has been dashed! Maxine then delivers her parting words as the eliminated Rookie Diva states that it is hard for the WWE Pros and WWE fans to understand someone that is different since she is not the typical Diva before stating that she will still make sure that she is “on top”! It is now down to the final four as A.J., Naomi, Aksana, & Kaitlyn remain in NXT Season Three, so who will be the third NXT Rookie Diva eliminated? What will the four Rookie Divas do to avoid the same fate Maxine has suffered?