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WWE NXT November 9, 2010 Detailed Results

One week after the second NXT elimination of Season Three saw Maxine eliminated from the competition, the eleventh week of NXT Season Three came to you from the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England. With the Season Three Finale of NXT just three weeks away, the final four remaining NXT Rookie Divas would be looking to impress the WWE fans and WWE Pros as A.J., Naomi, Aksana, & Kaitlyn would all be looking to achieve their dream of becoming the WWE’s next breakout Diva! Also, after slapping her new husband, Goldust, across the face immediately following their wedding last week and running off with the Million Dollar Title that Goldust had been holding on RAW, the fallout of this dysfunctional new couple would be felt on NXT!

>>Match Results<<

  • Arm Wrestling Challenge: Kaitlyn def. A.J., Naomi, & Aksana
  • WWE Pro Vs. NXT Rookie Diva: A.J. (with Primo & Brie Bella) def. Nikki Bella by roll-up.
  • High School Photo Challenge: A.J. def. Naomi, Aksana, & Kaitlyn
  • Naomi def. Aksana by pin following a leg lariat.

>>Detailed Results<<

The show was set to kick off with NXT Host Matt Striker’s introduction of the NXT Rookie Divas, but, after being slapped across the face by his new bride last week and having the Million Dollar Title taken away from him on RAW, “The Bizarre One” Goldust interrupts Striker to confront the issues surrounding his new wife and NXT Rookie Diva, Aksana, as Goldust states that he has repeatedly tried to call Aksana, but the Rookie Diva would not answer his calls! Goldust then demands an explanation from Aksana and calls his new wife and Rookie Diva to the ring and Aksana, with the Million Dollar Title in her possession, would come out! Aksana asks her new husband if he is heart broken before saying that she got her green card and can stay in the United States and told her new husband that, when they get divorced, then he can have “half” of the Million Dollar Title! Goldust responds by calling Aksana a “conniving Lithuanian witch” before saying that Aksana has her green card to stay in the United States, but they are in the UK so they should kick her out! This prompts Rookie Diva Naomi to come out and say that she does not think they should kick Aksana out of the UK before saying that she can see right through Aksana to her desire to be the “center” of the show before calling Aksana a “gold digger”! Naomi would then challenge Aksana to a one-on-one match and Aksana asks her husband, Goldust, for his advice and Goldust advises his Rookie Diva to face Naomi and get defeated! What will happen in the main event when Aksana goes one-on-one with Naomi?

Then it was time for the first NXT challenge of the night, but before the first challenge, NXT Host Matt Striker informs the four NXT Rookie Divas that, with the Season Finale of NXT coming up in just a few weeks, next week’s NXT will see another Rookie Diva eliminated! Striker then introduces the Arm Wrestling Challenge where the Rookie Divas would face each other in two rounds with the winner of the first round would face the winner of the second round to determine the winner of the challenge! The first two Rookie Divas to compete in the contest would be A.J. and Aksana with Aksana winning the first round! The second round would see Kaitlyn and Naomi face off in the contest with Kaitlyn defeating Naomi to advance to the final round to face Aksana and when Aksana had a hard time defeating Kaitlyn, Aksana would try pulling the hair of Kaitlyn to distract the Rookie Diva, which would result in a disqualification win for Kaitlyn!

With a newfound aggression boiling inside of her, WWE Pro Nikki Bella would go one-on-one with NXT Rookie Diva A.J.! During the match, Nikki Bella would try to get her twin sister, Brie, to assist her in getting the win, but Brie would refuse to aid her newly aggressive sister, leading to a confrontation between the sisters and, Primo would ultimately get involved in the argument, which would distract Nikki long enough for A.J. to roll up the WWE Pro to pick up the upset win! As Nikki Bella’s aggressive attitude continues to escalate, how will her sister, Brie Bella, respond?

Then it was time for the second NXT challenge of the night as the four Rookie Divas would compete in a High School Photo Challenge where A.J., Naomi, Aksana, & Kaitlyn would do their best to identify the high school photos of various WWE Superstars with the Rookie Diva with the most correct guesses being named the winner! After being shown the high school pictures of John Cena, Jack Swagger, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry, & John Morrison, A.J. would be named the winner of the challenge with the most correct guesses! With the next NXT elimination coming up next week, who will be the next Rookie Diva eliminated?

After being caught making out with Dolph Ziggler last week and after losing to Vickie Guerrero by controversial means on SmackDown, Kaitlyn would be in a confrontation with her WWE Pro, Vickie Guerrero, as the two traded insults before the argument turned into a brawl as the Pro and Rookie Diva fought in the back until WWE referees broke up the fight! What will happen next in this heated rivalry between Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn?

Then it was time for the main event as Rookie Diva and new wife of Goldust, Aksana, would go one-on-one with Rookie Diva Naomi, with both her WWE Pro, Kelly Kelly, and Aksana’s WWE Pro, Goldust, cheering her on! In the end, it was Naomi hitting a leg lariat on Aksana en route to picking up the win! As Kelly Kelly celebrates with her Rookie Diva over Naomi’s win, Goldust looks at his wife and Rookie Diva, Aksana, with a look of disappointment! What is next in this couple’s rivalry between Goldust & Aksana?