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WWE NXT November 23, 2010 Detailed Results

One week before the Season Three Finale, the eleventh week of WWE NXT Season Three came to you from the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL. Only two Rookie Divas can enter the Season Three Finale and the competition will be narrowed to two as either A.J., Naomi, or Kaitlyn will be eliminated from NXT!

>>Match Results<<

  • WWE Trivia Challenge: A.J. def. Naomi & Kaitlyn
  • WWE Pro Vs. NXT Rookie Diva: Nikki Bella def. Kaitlyn by pin following the Bella Facebuster.
  • Last Sumo Standing Challenge: Kaitlyn def. A.J. & Naomi
  • A.J. def. Naomi by submission to the Octopus.

>>Detailed Results<<

Before another NXT Rookie Diva is eliminated later in the night, the show kicks off with the three remaining Rookie Divas, A.J., Naomi, & Kaitlyn, would compete in the WWE Trivia challenge where the Rookie Divas would be asked a WWE Trivia question and whoever answers correctly in the first round will receive 100 points and whoever answers correctly in the second round will score 200 points! The first question asked who won Season One of NXT and Naomi correctly answers that Wade Barrett won the first season of NXT! The second question asked who the first female Pros in NXT were and A.J. correctly guesses that Layla & Michelle McCool had that job! A.J. would then correctly guess the name of the immigration officer who threatened to deport Aksana and A.J. would follow that up by answering the fourth question correctly by answering that The Miz was the WWE Pro for then-Rookie Daniel Bryan! Round two would then begin with more difficult questions and first up was a question about where the first WrestleMania was held and A.J. correctly answers that the first WrestleMania was held in Madison Square Garden! A.J. would continue to dominate the challenge by correctly guessing that The Undertaker was responsible for ending Shawn Michaels’ career and that Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah once held the Women’s Title for an astounding twenty-seven years! A.J. would then correctly answer that Tribute To The Troops is the name of WWE’s annual visit to the troops overseas and brings the challenge home by correctly identifying “The Game” to be the moniker of Triple H! At the end of the challenge, A.J. scored a grand total of 1,300 points to beat out Naomi, who scored 100 points, and Kaitlyn, who scored 0 points! While this challenge did not wield a chance at immunity, will A.J.’s impressive knowledge of WWE Trivia keep her a part of NXT?

The first match of the night would see a WWE Pro go one-on-one with an NXT Rookie Diva as WWE Pro Nikki Bella would face NXT Rookie Diva Kaitlyn! In the end, it was Nikki Bella hitting the Bella Facebuster on Kaitlyn en route to picking up the win! Will this loss affect Kaitlyn’s chances of staying a part of NXT?

Then it was time for the NXT Rookie Divas to face off as A.J. would go one-on-one with Naomi! In the end, it was A.J. locking on her new Octopus submission move to force Naomi to tap out en route to winning the match! Can A.J.’s win and her challenge wins keep her from elimination?

Then it was time for the second challenge of the night as the three Rookie Divas would compete in the Last Sumo Standing Challenge where the Rookie Divas would compete in Sumo suits! With A.J. getting a bye into the Finals after winning the first challenge of the night, Kaitlyn would face, and defeat, Naomi in the Semi-Finals match to advance to the Finals against A.J.! In the end, it was Kaitlyn emerging the winner of the Last Sumo Standing Challenge!

Then it was time to find out who would be eliminated as either A.J., Naomi, or Kaitlyn would be sent home and have their dreams dashed! It would then be revealed that, in a shocking turn of events, A.J. would be the one sent home by the WWE Pros and WWE fans! After her surprising elimination, A.J. would thank everyone who voted for her and supported her before stating that the WWE needs a Diva to represent the WWE fans! A.J. would then vow that the WWE has not seen the last of A.J.! With only Naomi & Kaitlyn remaining for next week’s Season Three Finale of NXT, who will be named the winner of NXT Season Three to become the WWE’s next breakout Diva?