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CBlog IV- Cena, RVD and the WWE Draft
by Cassidy Haslett on 1 June 2007

I’m back with another blog, my first one for awhile. I haven’t really had much to discuss between the last blog and this one, but I have a few topics to touch upon.

Let’s start with this whole confrontation deal between John Cena and Ron Killings. For those of you who don’t know Cena and Killings aren’t exactly the best of friends. They’ve called each other out (allegedly) in the past. Well, recently they ran into each other in an airport in Charlotte, NC (Killings’ Hometown). They apparently had an old-fashioned stare-down and then they went their separate ways. Not a big deal, in my book, but apparently it’s a source of discussion. A post from Killings’ MySpace was released today or yesterday that “explains” the situation, the only problem is that no one knows what the f Killings is saying. They apparently have some sort of “I’m better than you” thing going. I could really care less. I hate Cena and I hate Killings, they both suck as rappers, but I side with Cena as I believe that his rap career is/was part of his gimmick (sure, he released a CD, but under the WWE moniker), not to mention he doesn’t rap on camera anymore, however, Killings still seems to believe that he’s a great rapper. Cena is probably making enough money (and enough friends, IE: Vince McMahon) to get himself out of a fight, even if he did get into it with Killings.

Now onto some discussion of WWE TV- Let’s start with RVD. I believe that One Night Stand 2007 will truly be RVD’s last WWE Match (at least for the time being), but rumours are saying that RVD and TNA have no interest in one another and that RVD may end up signing a WWE contract for a lighter schedule. In either case, RVD is an excellent coup for whoever gets him (whether WWE keeps him or TNA gets him). You have to respect Rob’s professionalism throughout this whole thing. He still goes through with selling injuries and staying in character and everything. When he could’ve pulled a “Sabu” and give WWE no choice but to let him go. On a kind of related issue, I am enjoying this new angle with Orton returning to being The Legend Killer. With the draft coming up (which I plan to discuss a little later in this blog), I wouldn’t be shocked to see Orton head to ECW, granted that would nix the whole idea for a Trips/Orton feud for the moment (I guess it could be inter-promotional).

Onto the draft, I am very thrilled about the return of the WWE Draft (June 11 at 8/7c on USA, if you haven’t heard). The draft is always exciting to me and WWE always manages to have some sort of surprise in store for them. Here are my predictions for the draft (featuring all of the WWE roster that will be eligible, in my mind, I didn’t include the “contracted jobbers” like Funaki, Nunzio, Balls Mahoney, etc. as it doesn’t really matter where they go and it’s likely they won’t go anywhere):

Armando Estrada- Although his status is really in question (not his job security mind), I imagine he’ll return to Umaga after the whole Team McMahon angle is over with. I see Estrada going where Umaga goes and that’s remaining on RAW.
Ashley- I see Ashley staying with SmackDown, there’s no real reason to move her to RAW, outside of contention for the Women’s Title.

Batista- I see Batista staying with SmackDown! for the time being. Although he probably still wants moved to RAW, I don’t know if he’ll get it or not. Truthfully, there’s no sense in moving him at all, although it’s hard to visualize him being outside of the main event picture (possibly feuding with Mark Henry again?)

Bobby Lashley- Yes, he is actually an ECW wrestler, even though he never appears on the show. I expect Lashley to stay with ECW, although moving him to RAW would be just a formality. But, given his rumoured feud with Snitsky, I say he’s staying with ECW (whether or not he appears on the show).

Major Brothers- I see the Majors staying together and on ECW. They are too fresh of a team to be split up or moved at this point. There the only tag team on ECW, I think, them and The New Breed. I wish WWE would bring back the ECW Tag Titles already. ECW needs some excitement.

Boogeyman- I see Boogey staying on SmackDown, there’s no reason to move him, really. Possibly to ECW since it is on the Sci-Fi channel.
Paul London & Brian Kendrick- With London & Kenrick’s feud in the tag team division on SmackDown!, I don’t see them being drafted or split up. Although they could make a serious run at The Hardys for the World Tag Titles.

Candice- I vote for her to move to ECW or SmackDown, as she has no business being in the Women’s Title picture.

Carlito- I think a move for Carlito could be a possibility, not to mention it might give him a title run on a new brand. Granted, I can only see him on RAW or SmackDown, as I don’t really see where he’d fit on ECW.

World’s Greatest Tag Team- Haas and Benjamin are kind of up in the air in my book. I think they would be more likely to win the WWE Tag Titles again, than the World Tag Titles, but I still think a move for the two to ECW or SmackDown is possible.

Chris Masters- I could see him moved to ECW, but I don’t think it’ll happen, not with his renewed push on RAW.

Great Khali- I wish he would leave the WWE, but I don’t guess that’ll happen. He does decent at the non-wrestling part, but his wrestling is horrendous. Although a potential Umaga/Khali feud could be good.

The Hardys- With Matt being a SmackDown! star and Jeff being a RAW star, moving them would be weird and possibly complicated. Moving Matt to RAW would be just a formality, while moving Jeff to SmackDown or ECW just wouldn’t make sense. With Matt pushing for a singles career, I see things staying as they are (except for a potential Hardy split in the future).

J.R., “King”, Cole, JBL, Styles, & Tazz- I grouped all the announcers together, because I don’t see any of them moving, even though I would like to see Tazz and Cole reunited.

John Cena- I don’t see Cena moving from RAW.

Johnny Nitro- Nitro could potentially be moved, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

Kenny Dykstra- Same thing as Nitro, he could be moved, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch- Splitting this team up would be a mistake, but moving them to SmackDown! could work out.

Melina- I don’t see her leaving RAW.

Mickie James- James being the Women’s Champion again is almost a given, so I say she’s staying on RAW.

Mr. McMahon- I don’t see McMahon moving to another show. I mean he owns them all, him getting drafted wouldn’t make sense at all. Same with Shane.

Randy Orton- I could very much see Orton getting moved to ECW to feud with the ECW Originals, but I think he’ll be on RAW to feud with Trips upon his return.
Ric Flair- I could see him moving to SmackDown, but I think he’ll remain on RAW.

Torrie Wilson- Torrie might see more TV time on SmackDown. But, I have a feeling she may become Flair’s valet.

Umaga- He could move, but I don’t see it.

Santino Marella- He may not hold onto the IC Title much longer, but I don’t see him leaving RAW.

King Booker- I think it’s a serious possibility that Booker could be moved to RAW.

Triple H- I don’t see him leaving RAW, nor do I want him to.

Rey Mysterio- I’m still unsure where Rey will fit in upon his return, but a move to RAW is possible. I see him staying on SmackDown.

Mr. Kennedy- It would be great to see Kennedy on RAW, but I think a feud with Edge will keep him on SmackDown.

Chavo Guerrero- Yes, he is the CW Champion (as if it matters). I see him staying on SmackDown! in the cruiserweight division.

Jimmy Wang Yang- I see him staying in the CW division.

Chris Benoit- I would almost bet money on Benoit moving to RAW, but one has to wonder if he’ll be a main eventer on RAW or remain mid-card?

Deuce & Domino (and Cherry) - I see this tag team staying together on SmackDown!

Dave Taylor & William Regal- This is actually one of the few teams I think may get split up with Regal’s potential move to RAW, but him moving to RAW is still iffy in my opinion.

Edge- There is no way that Edge or the World Title are moving elsewhere.

Finlay- I don’t really think it matters what show Finlay is on.

Jillian- Staying on SmackDown, thank god.

Kane- Kane has always seem to be destined to be a RAW superstar, but I see him staying on SD and possibly getting a World Title shot down the road.

Kristal & Theodore Long- Although I don’t expect them to appear, but rarely, I think they’ll stay with SmackDown!

Mark Henry- Seeing as he just made his return, I expect him to remain on SmackDown!

Michelle McCool- The more I think of it, the more I think that McCool could be moved to RAW and be in the Women’s Title picture.

MVP- Montel isn’t going anywhere. I expect him to be the U.S. Champ for awhile.

Extreme Expose- I see Brooke, Layla, & Kelly Kelly staying together, although seeing them on RAW would be nice, I think they’ll probably remain on ECW.

CM Punk- I think Punk moving to RAW is a serious possibility.

The New Breed- I see Burke and Striker staying on ECW without a doubt, but I can’t help but visualize Cor Von being on RAW or SmackDown! Being a heel, he could be good on RAW.

Kevin Thorn- I don’t see him being moved from ECW.

Rob Van Dam- He may not even be on WWE TV after One Night Stand, but if he does, I see him staying on ECW.

Snitsky- With his monster push (I mean that in both ways) and his potential feud with Lashley, I see Snitsky staying on ECW (not to mention moving him back to RAW, where he was a jobber/Heat superstar, doesn’t make sense).

Well, that’s all for this blog, I will have another one up over the weekend (probably Sunday, after SNME but before One Night Stand) with my thoughts on SNME and my predictions for ONS and, as always, if you’re not down with that, I got two words for ya…

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One Response to “CBlog IV- Cena, RVD and the WWE Draft”

  • Snitsky-With his domination on ECW destroying superstars. He deserves to be on the Raw roster again but we will have to see how good he is with the new superstars that were drafted to Raw.

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