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Five Star Flash Interview

This week I managed to talk to the young up and coming star in the UK Scene Mark Belton aka Five Star Flash. Mark is currently the AIWF-GBH Cruiserweight champion and is starting to make a real name for himself. I managed to get the low down on his so for short but eventful career in wrestling and to see what his aims are for the future.

This week I managed to talk to the young up and coming star in the UK Scene Mark Belton aka Five Star Flash. Mark is currently the AIWF-GBH Cruiserweight champion and is starting to make a real name for himself. I managed to get the low down on his so for short but eventful career in wrestling and to see what his aims are for the future.

How did you first get in to wrestling, where did you train and who trained you?

I was originally trained by John Kirkham (GBH) at K-Star wrestling. This is where I learned the basics and started out. In April 2001 I moved to GBH Wrestling in Stoke on Trent. There were many reasons behind my change of scenery and it’s a decision I have never regretted. When I arrived at GBH I learned so much about the business, and from working with guys like Chris Curtis, Samson Horn and Mikey Whiplash, I developed my own style instead of copying people like RVD. Now at the Camp of Pain I assist Chris Curtis with the training and we have some fantastic trainees there.

Wrestles are renowned for having a huge list of injuries how are you at the moment and what is the worst injury you have suffered in wrestling?

At present I’m okay, my knees are beginning to hurt even more and I purchased some knee supports for them today. The worst injury I suffered would be a chipped anklebone after 6 weeks of training. I had to wear a cast for 6 weeks, but mentally it was a huge blow because I was so excited to be wrestling, then all of a sudden I couldn’t. I have been fairly lucky with injuries, besides the aches and pains everyone suffers the main ones would be a torn shoulder muscle from Mikey Whiplash’s to rope Kryptonite Krunch, and I nearly broke my nose in a match with Chris Curtis, the following day I suffered from a mild concussion. Besides that I have been ok, however with ladder match against Johnny Fear coming up next week, I think the injury list may change.

You currently work for AIWF-GBH, many faces have changed as of late and there have been stories of AIWF-GBH falling apart what is it like on the inside from a wrestlers perspective?

On the inside everything is great, we have a group of lads eager to learn, trainees like Johnny Fear, Kid Kaos, Danny Legend and Dirk Feelgood have come such a long way in such a short space of time and are already really over with the crowd that is increasing. The severe roster change that happened in January was a blow at the time but Chris Curtis saw it as a kick up the backside and has worked even harder to prove people wrong. Last months show was fantastic and the heat we got was the best heat I’ve ever personally had. We have one show every month, and an extra one in May at the Highwayman, Cheadle (see for more details) if that takes off then we will be running there every so often. Chris is also looking round for more venues, so from the inside things are looking excellent.

You are currently AIWF-GBH cruiserweight champion what do you think of your competition and how hard was it to win the title?

The competition has always been good for the Cruiserweight Title, before and after the roster change. Before I had some fantastic matches with Samson Horn (most notably the ladder match) and some excellent battles with Mikey Whiplash. Since the roster change I did a fantastic fatal fourway with Dirk Feelgood, Johnny fear and silver shadow, and last month a Triple Threat match with Feelgood and Fear which I consider to be my best to date. On April 12th its the ladder match with Fear for the title and once again we will beat the hell out of each other and create a match of the year contender as neither of us will hold anything back, as is the stiff GBH style of wrestling. With guys like Kid Kaos, as well the competition is certainly at a strong point.

What has been your favourite UK event to work and why?

My favourite event is always the next one we work in Bidds for GBH. Every month I try to come up with new ways to get even more over with the great vocal crowd we have there, and getting more heat than last month will be difficult, but I think myself and Fear, and a few ladders will be able to do it.

Many UK stars seem to go touring other countries to wrestle these days, have you ever worked for any foreign federations or do you have any plans to in the future?

I haven’t worked abroad as yet but am sorting out a 3 week tour of the states with Mean Mark Manson in either June or July. In fact I sent the tape today. He says he can get me the work so its just confirming details and dates. Should be a great experience.

As well as AIWF-GBH what other promotions have you worked for any you want to work for?

I’ve worked for FWA, K-Star, W*ld, CSF, EWW, and Combat. I’m working for a new promotion called New Era Wrestling in July. There isn’t any specific promotions I want to work for, I’d just like to gain as much experience as possible. Working for Premier Promotions would be good though to work with some old school guys and be able to learn so much from them. Having Keith Myatt in our locker room is great, so being in a locker room full of old schoolers and watching the disciplined way they behave would be fantastic.

What is your next goal you want to achieve in wrestling?

Surviving the Ladder match on April 12th would be a great start.

Do you think being a cruiserweight in the UK scene is helpful or do you think it makes it harder to succeed?

I personally don’t think it makes much difference, most of the guys whether they like to believe it or not are cruiserweight, despite what style they try to work. I’m happy to be labelled a cruiserweight as it’s the style I have always preferred. The main problem is that there are small guys trying to work like heavyweights, or guys who cant work the mat, don’t understand psychology, and do loads of different flips thinking people are going to care. I’d much rather watch workers like Bobby Eaton who gets a reaction from a headlock that the spot fests (which I did used to do and now hate watching) that don’t get a reaction.

You are just starting your twenties so you have a long way to go yet in your wrestling career but what has been your proudest moment to date?

Being able to lace my boots up every month, and listening to the crowd in
Stoke chant my name even before my music has hit, it’s such a buzz, and getting mobbed by the kids after the match. It’s great to think that these kids look up to you. There’s one little girl who shouts at her mum if she makes a joke about me. Its great to be out there doing what I love and that’s what makes me feel proud.

Any final comments?

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Adam Sibley