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Christopher Daniels Profile

Christopher Daniels profile

Trademark Moves– Last Rites (TestDrive), Angel Wings (Spinning Sitout Pedigree), Spicy Drop (As Curry Man, Reverse Fireman’s Carry into DDT)

Titles held
British Commonwealth Jr. Heavyweight Title (1)
APW Worldwide Internet Title (1)
EWF Heavyweight Title (1)
WCPW League Title (1)
WCPW Lightweight Title (1)
WCPW Middleweight Title (1)
WCPW Tag Team Titles (1, w/ Kevin Quinn) (1, w/ Mike Anthony)
WPW Heavyweight Title (1)
WWC Tag Team Titles (1, w/ Kevin Quinn)
ECWA Heavyweight Title (1)
MCW Tag Team Titles (1, w/ Jayson Reign)
UPW Heavyweight Title
ROH Tag Team Titles (1) (w/ Donovan Morgan)

Tournaments won
ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2000
APW King Of The Indies 2000
ROH Tag Team Titles Tournament 9/21/2002
Michinoku Pro Futaritabi Tag League 2002 (w/ Hayashi Rice Man (Super Boy) )

The US Indy scene is loaded with so many workers that quite often some amazing wrestlers are looked over by the big promotions. Christopher Daniels is one of these guys. Despite spending a decade in the business, and having worked for WWE, WCW, ECW and a ridiculous amount of indy promotions in the US and Japan, The Fallen Angel still isn’t a well known name with casual wrestling fans. There are few who play a heel better than Christopher Daniels, and it’s no surprise to see that he’s held his fair share of gold during the years he’s been wrestling.

Last year, Daniels managed to make it to number 57 in the PWI 500, showing that his talents have been recognised. Even if you’ve never seen The Fallen Angel working for Ring Of Honour, NWA:TNA or in Japan, you might be able to cast your mind back to the later days of WCW. During Vampiro’s “Higher Power” angle, Christopher was due to be given his big break at the Canadian’s cloaked master. However, the angle was dropped, and Daniels continued to be underused in WCW. One of the most memorable moments towards the end of WCW’s run was the Michael Modest Vs Chris Daniels match, which featured about 10 minutes of top class wrestling before a Scott Steiner run in ruined things. Before all of this though, Daniels was a superstar on the Indy circuit, even winning the highly acclaimed King Of The Indies crown in 2000. As with many indy workers, Daniels was a regular on WWE recap shows such as Metal or Shotgun, as he jobbed to workers who didn’t have an eighth of the talent that The Fallen Angel posses.

In Japan, Daniels is well known, but could probably walk down the street in broad daylight and not be approached by a wrestling fan. Christopher Daniels uses a different gimmick in Japan, decked out in a yellow mask and suit, he calls himself Curry Man, the spiciest wrestler in the world. Shaking off the Wrestlecrap-like gimmick, Daniels is still able to put on some great matches with other top class juniors.

These days, you’re most likely to find Christopher in Ring Of Honour or NWA:TNA. Only in these cult promotions is the Californian really appreciated, as he’s one of the biggest draws in each promotion. Due to his fantastic heel act, and the fact that he hates shaking hands with opponents (As is the rules in RoH), there are few wrestlers who could get booed quite as loudly as Daniels.

In his early thirties now, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Christopher Daniels in WWE nowadays. But that doesn’t stop fans of high quality wrestling enjoying The Fallen Angel putting on great matches every time he steps into the ring.

Recommended Christopher Daniels Matches

  • Christopher Daniels Vs Jerry Lynn and Amazing Red (NWA:TNA 7/05/03)

  • Christopher Daniels Vs American Dragon, Chris Daniels Vs Low Ki (RoH 30/3/02)

  • Curry Man, Tiger Mask, Minoru Tanaka and Jushin “Thunder” Liger Vs AKIRA, Black Tiger, Koji Kanemoto and Gedo (NJPW 7/6/02)