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IWAMS: 2/10 Results and more…

IWA Mid-South Wrestling returned to the National Guard Armory in Salem, Indiana on Thursday night, October 2nd for “The Huss Man Cometh.” Here’s what went down…


1. BRAD BRADLEY def. “Britney Spears’ Boyfriend” CHUCKIE SMOOTH with a Canadian backbreaker in the opening bout.


2. MICKIE KNUCKLES def. CASH FLO (w/ Jim Fannin) in an intergender matchup with an inside cradle. The majority of the bout saw Cash destroy Mickie with chops. At one point IAN ROTTEN called for the match to stop due to the brutality of Cash’s offense, but Mickie demanded it be restarted as she wanted to continue. She finally got the victory after giving her male opponent a low blow.


3. CORPORAL ROBINSON def. “Metalhead” STEVE STONE and JAIMY COXXX in a three way dance when Corp pinned Stone following a Boot Camp off the 2nd rope.


4. BJ WHITMER (w/ Jim Fannin) def. ALEX SHELLEY when Shelley went to suplex Whitmer from the ring apron into the ring and Fannin tripped Shelley’s leg and held it down while Whitmer scored the pin. After the match, IAN ROTTEN told Fannin that he would not become a factor in the main event in the corner of his charge DANNY DANIELS, as Fannin was not going to be permitted at ringside during the Heavyweight Title matchup.


After intermission, DAVE PRAZAK conducted an in-ring interview with the returning BECKY BAYLESS. Prazak asked Becky what she had on her agenda after accompanying Nate Webb to his King of the Death Matches weekend matches, and asked if she had her eye on any other IWA Mid-South talent. She said that she did, but before she could say who it was, BJ WHITMER made his way to the ring. Whitmer said that even though he didn’t need a new manager because he already has Jim Fannin, he did need a new girlfriend. Bayless proceeded to turn Whitmer down, much to his dismay. Before Whitmer could cause any harm in reaction, JIMMY JACOBS hit the ring to stick up for Becky. Jacobs proceeded to tell Whitmer off and announced that Becky would be in his corner for his main event matchup against DANNY DANIELS.


5. “Spyder” NATE WEBB def. IAN ROTTEN with a backslide. The bout closely resembled Rotten’s matches with people like Chris Hero and Tarek the Great, featuring a lot of hard hitting submission wrestling. During the closing moments of the match, rookie referee HEIDI ROBINETTE was knocked down inadvertently by Webb. CASH FLO came to ringside and hit the Oh Shit legdrop on Rotten without Webb or Robinette seeing him. Webb then executed a tumbleweed off the top rope and went for a cover, only for Ian to kick out. Ian eventually fell victim to a Nate Webb backslide for the three count. After the match, Ian asked for Cash one on one Friday night at the show in Scottsburg, but Cash refused, saying he had other things to tend to on a Friday night. Ian told the fans that Cash is booked to appear on the next event at the Armory in Salem, three weeks from now on 10/23, and asked for a match with Cash on that show. Cash accepted, and agreed to Lumberjack Match stipulations for that contest.


6. TRACY SMOTHERS def. HY-ZAYA. After the match Smothers asked for a match against Brad Bradley on Friday night in Scottsburg. He was granted the match by IAN ROTTEN, and Rotten told Smothers he will be booked on any IWA Mid-South show from this point forward that he is available for.


7. SONJAY DUTT def. J.C. BAILEY in a Tables & Ladders & Chairs Match to retain the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship after Dutt hit the Phoenix Splash and scored the pinfall. At the count of two, Bailey had his foot on the ropes, but referee DONNIE BOWDEN didn’t catch it, and made the three count. Three tables were broken during the course of the bout, and two ladders came into play.


8. DANNY DANIELS def. “Barbaric Berzerker” JIMMY JACOBS (w/ Becky Bayless) two falls to one to retain the IWA World Heavyweight Championship. Daniels gained the first fall with a Rubik’s Cube (electric chair drop). Jacobs scored the second fall via submission with the Camel Clutch. During the third and deciding fall, Daniels pulled referee DONNIE BOWDEN in the way of a Jacobs big boot, knocking him down. BJ WHITMER took that opportunity to try to screw Jacobs & Bayless by hitting the ring and giving Jacobs an exploder suplex, but Jacobs kicked out of Daniels’ cover. Whitmer’s interference brought ALEX SHELLEY out to the ring, who went to hit Daniels with the title belt, but Daniels ducked out of the way and Shelley accidentally struck Jacobs, leading to Daniels’ second pinfall, to retain the title. Post-match Whitmer and Daniels got a hold of Becky, and gave her a spike piledriver off the second rope, laying her out. As the show came to a close, Bayless was stretchered out of the ring.


Upon examination after the event, Bayless was found to have compressed vertebrae, but nothing is broken. IWA management wishes Becky well in her recovery, and she has said she will be in attendance for Friday night’s event despite doctors’ wishes.


We return to the Salem Armory on Thursday night, October 23rd. On the card, Ian Rotten will take on Cash Flo in a Lumberjack Match, plus Mickie will battle NWA TNA’s Daizee Haze, and more to be announced during the coming weeks.


IWA Mid-South is at the National Guard Armory, located at 1015 S. Main Street in Scottsburg, Indiana TONIGHT, Friday, October 3rd. Bell time is 7:30pm Central, and all tickets are just $8.


Here’s what’s on tap for tonight’s card in Scottsburg…


***Tag Team Grudge Match***
DANNY DANIELS & BJ WHITMER (w/ Jim Fannin) –VS.– “Barbaric Berzerker” JIMMY JACOBS & ALEX SHELLEY (w/ Becky Bayless)


***Light Heavyweight Title Match***
[Champion] SONJAY DUTT –VS.– “Spyder” NATE WEBB


***Rematch from KOTDM***








HY-ZAYA –VS.– “Britney Spears’ Boyfriend” CHUCKIE SMOOTH


Plus, a rare IWA Mid-South BATTLE ROYAL!


Eight big matches in all. For directions to the venue, we suggest you visit and plug in the address of the Armory, 1015 S. Main Street in Scottsburg, Indiana.



All of this weekend’s events are being filmed by Smart Mark Video for home video release.


We return to the Oolitic Gym in Oolitic, IN for the first time since 1999 on Saturday night, October 11th.


IWA Mid-South will make its debut at the Lincoln Center, located at 2450 Lincoln Street, in Highland, IN (just outside of Chicago) on Friday night, October 24th. Bell time is 7:30pm Central. Tickets are $20, $15, and $12, and will be available at the door. Tickets for this event will go on sale at the venue on Monday, September 29th.


Already signed for 10/24 in Highland…




“Classic” COLT CABANA vs. “Barbaric Berzerker” JIMMY JACOBS







IWA Mid-South Hardcore Wrestling will present its second annual Ted Petty Invitational Tournament (formerly known as Sweet Science Sixteen during 2000 and 2001) on Friday and Saturday night, November 7th and 8th. This two night 24 man single elimination scientific wrestling tournament will take place at Salem High School, located at 700 N. Harrison Street in Salem, Indiana. Bell time each night is 7:30pm Central.


Confirmed thus far for participation in the tournament are: B-Boy, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Sabin, Jonny Storm, Trent Acid, AJ Styles, Danny Daniels, Sonjay Dutt, Nigel McGuinness, Truth Martini, Matt Stryker, JC Bailey, Alex Shelley, Dino Bambino, BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Rave, and Jerry Lynn. The remaining five tournament entrants will be announced in the coming weeks, as we are awaiting official word on their availability.


The official TPI hotel will be the Best Western/Scottsburg Inn in Scottsburg, Indiana, located on Route 56, just off Exit 29 on I-65. This is the same hotel that hosted IWA Mid-South for the King of the Death Matches weekend. Their telephone number is 812-752-5599 if you’d like to book rooms for the weekend.


For fans on the east coast, there will be another East Coast Bus Trip to the TPI events. For further information, visit, or E-mail for details.


We will be holding a Q&A session in the ballroom at the hotel (much like we did KOTDM weekend) on Saturday afternoon, 11/8, beginning at noon. Admission will be free to those who are a part of the East Coast Bus Trip group. For other fans who wish to attend, Q&A admission will be $5 at the door.


Tickets for TPI are currently available at all IWA Mid-South events. Ticket packages for passes to both nights are available at a cost of $50, $46, and $42 for the three seating areas. Single night tickets are also available at $35, $30, and $25. For ringside seats, that means you save up to $20 by purchasing the two night pass rather than buying each night at the door. If you are unable to buy your tickets in person at upcoming IWA Mid-South events, TPI tickets can be purchased via mail order. Send check or money order payable to Jim Fannin to: IWA Mid-South Hardcore Wrestling, PO Box 21476, Louisville, KY 40221-0476.


IWA has also added a show to the schedule for Saturday night, November 22nd at the National Guard Armory in Lafayette, Indiana, located at 5220 East 200 South. More information on the Lafayette debut will be made available during the coming weeks.


We will also be making an announcement very soon about the IWA’s return to the state of Illinois during the month of December.


You can call the IWA hotlines at 502-569-1701 in Louisville, or 630-585-3958 in Chicago for up to the minute event information.